Grigory Berezkin – A Success Story

Grigory Berezkin

Scientifically and reasonably approach the solution of any business issues – this is what a businessman doe,s and Grigory Berezkin, whom Forbes regularly adds to its lists, is no exception.

If it were not for his desire to delve into every detail and thoroughly study every new investment area, Berezkin would hardly have become such a successful person. Thanks to his ability to get to the root of the problem and see the benefits where others pass by, he earned his first million dollars and was able to multiply it many times over.

The beginning of the journey

It all started in his student years when the Berezkin family needed money for a car. Grigory decided to help his relatives and earned the necessary amount by creating a cooperative to produce industrial IT systems. Then, in his biography, Grigory Berezkin was involved in the cable processing business for the petrochemical industry, for which the entrepreneur was often paid with raw materials. Thus, already in the 1990s, this young man, with the support of several foreign banks. The sphere turned out to be very profitable, and Berezkin completely switched to what was, for him, a new industry.

“Science is an interesting world, but it is introverted, not social, and business is a very social process, it is communication with people, business trips to distant lands, a challenge, excitement.

There is the spirit of the expedition in this, which Grigory loves very much,” that is how his classmate reflects on the beginning of Grigory’s career.

In addition to the excitement, there was something else: the research spirit forced the young Grigory to explore business development opportunities. The industries with which Berezkin worked are diverse; among them are:

  •   retail;
  •   recycling;
  •   oil trading;
  •   energy;
  •   mass media;
  •   innovative technologies.

Berezkin thoroughly studies the prospects for developing the chosen direction and only then decides whether it is worth investing money in a particular industry.

Investing as a way to get rich

Grigory Berezkin – successful entrepreneur and winner of many prestigious awards. He s not a classic investor who invests money and receives dividends. Berezkin sees an exciting field for himself, approaches it with scientific interest, and initiates positive changes. This is a business for him – participation in the processes taking place in the world.

A striking example of such a dynamic approach is Berezkin’s work at KomiTEK Holding, which was founded based on Komineft. The company had to solve an extensive range of tasks: the holding included local banks, an airline, and electric power assets. During this period, Komineft became one of the largest companies in terms of production volumes in the country. The businessman’s team also cooperated with the largest foreign oil corporations, such as Elf, Total, and Neste.

One of Grigory Berezkin’s principles in business is to refuse any loans because the entrepreneur believes they do more harm than good. If you want to lend money to any partners, then it should be done through venture investments by buying out a share in a promising company.

A separate area of the entrepreneur’s interests is the media business, which is profitable and promising in terms of orientation to market development trends. “Media is a large microscope that allows you to see everything down to the deepest details,” Berezkin believes. He currently owns the RBC media holding.

Biography of Grigory Berezkin

He was born in 1966 and had a Higher Education Candidate in Chemical Sciences. His main areas of business interest are energy, media, and venture investments.

The business started in the late 1980s. He went from being an ordinary entrepreneur to owning large companies, one of the top managers and venture investors. His fortune is estimated at more than $750 million.

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