Gold Coast Travel Guide for First-Time Visitors


The Gold Coast in Australia is located east of Brisbane and it’s a unique place filled with fun in the sun, surf, and sand! It’s famous for its pleasant subtropical climate, gorgeous beaches, rainforest outlands, surfing and wild nightlife.

For most first-time visitors, coming to the Gold Coast means enjoying Surfers Paradise, the most famous city in the area that offers plenty of surfing in the sun and partying. However, this area has a lot more to give once you get out of the city itself. There are still amazing beaches, great cafes and restaurants, local spots and opportunities for having fun at cheaper prices.

This Gold Coast travel guide is here to help you decide where to go, what to see, and what to do to make your stay memorable.

Best time to visit

The ideal time frame to visit the Gold Coast is between April and May as this is the period when the temperatures are the most relaxing and pleasant, and the rainfall is very low. The prices around this time are cheaper as well since this is not the time of the school holiday period.

You might also decide to visit during the hot months of December to February when you can get a great tan and book some surfing or jet-skiing lessons. Just make sure you stay well hydrated and don’t forget to apply rich layers of sunscreen.

Things to do – locals’ tips

Sunshine and great weather isn’t the only attraction of the Gold Coast – this place doesn’t stop shining even after dark! From great cuisine to amazing music venues and unforgettable Gold Coast strippers, there’s infectious energy streaming down the coastline you can only experience from dusk till dawn.

With a huge array of exciting new restaurants all along the coast such as Hyde Paradiso, Rick Shores, Restaurant Labart, and BKA Vegan, you’ll never get hungry, and their impressive menus will make you feel as if you’re dining at one of the more cosmopolitan, world-class Australian establishments.

The Gold Coast is also famous for having some of the best craft brews in Queensland. Make your way to Balter Brewing, where pro surfer Mick Fanning serves beers ranging from XPAs to fruity IPAs and anything else in between.

Burleigh Brewing Co is the embodiment of beach culture, famous for its Twisted Palm brew and a fabulous range of merchandise with its signature designs. On the last Thursday of every month, they put on an open-air cinema, so you can enjoy some of Hollywood’s brightest under the starry Aussie sky.

Always ready to shine under the spotlights, the Gold Coast’s music scene is hotter than ever! Spice up your stay with great gigs by multi-talented musicians and industry professionals from all over the globe who congregate at the Gold Coast all year round to present and witness what’s the best and latest in Australian music.

Places to visit

There are many great places to visit on the Gold Coast, all of which give visitors an insight into the rich heritage of the country.

One of such places that top the list of must-see spots is Springbrook, a part of the worldwide heritage national park. It’s the home of the strangler figs, epiphytes, exotic plants, vines, fern groves, rare birds, and mushrooms which glow in the dark. It is also part of the Gondwana Rainforests so it boasts one of the richest animal and plant diversity that has been practically unchanged from ancient times. Springbrook Mountain dates back millions of years ago, and it is still unspoiled by modern civilisation.

SeaWorld is not only famous as a theme park but also as an oceanarium and marine mammal park. There are numerous animal exhibits promoting wildlife conservation by educating the visitors about the species, and they also participate in rescuing and rehabilitating animals that are sick, injured or orphaned. While there, take the opportunity to try out their rides and attractions which include the Jet rescue, storm coaster and the Sea World Monorail System. Kids can enjoy battle boats, sky climb, Beach break bay, the sky fortress, and many more at the Castaway Bay.

Surfer’s Paradise Beach is certainly a place not to be missed! It’s a truly eclectic scene famous for nightlife spots, lively atmosphere and international events. The Gold Coast Airport is located about 20 kilometres from the Surfer’s Paradise, and the 777 bus will take you there in no time. Once you arrive, you’ll find an amazing beach for surfing, and if you want to do some shopping, the Cavill Mall is your best option.

Gold Coast is surely a destination not b to be missed out on, particularly its natural spots, all the beaches, surfing and nightlife it has to offer. If you’re planning your first vacation to Australia shortly, make sure you visit this amazing place!


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