Gold and Other Currencies in Online Games – Its Role and Ways of Earning

Gold and Other Currencies in Online Games

Regardless of which online MMO RPG you start playing, you will quickly understand the true role of gold in them.

Equipment and weapons are bought for gold, amplifiers and various services are paid for, potions and other auxiliary items are prepared.

Far from all projects, developers provide an opportunity to actively earn gold to cover basic needs, and then donate comes into play, but there are fewer such games.

game currency

What is game currency

These are the main funds that are obtained in games in the classic way – through a system of quests, grinding and trading, and are needed to perform basic operations and pay for services that are provided on the game servers.

game gold

Ways to earn in-game gold

  • Quests
  • Grind
  • Trade
  • Purchase


These are the main story elements that allow developers to advance the main storyline while introducing the player to key mechanics and rewarding him with gold and primary items that should make the starting gameplay unique.

Quests are orders from local NPCs that are desirable to complete in order to quickly progress and move to new locations, where there will be more opportunities to get good equipment and farm much more gold.

In addition to the main quests, there are also auxiliary or additional ones that have the most diverse rewards, but if your goal is to farm gold, then it is better to ignore them, except when they are performed in locations where the main narrative is.


Grind is more profitable in terms of earning gold due to the potential to smelt rare materials and extract the resources needed for professions in order to have additional income from selling them to blacksmiths and other artisans.

Grinding is about hunting for experience and rewards, which is essentially a good alternative to the quest system.

The main requirement for such activity is the ability to quickly destroy large groups of monsters and collect loot from them, otherwise it is better to concentrate on the quest system.


Trade should be understood not as the usual purchase and sale of resources, but as a full-fledged sale of all the excess that was obtained during the hunt.

These can be materials, resources, equipment and weapons if they managed to get it.


You can always buy game gold from other players, or professional services to solve your financial problems in the game, or purchase the necessary equipment and equipment.

You can go to the site to view a list of offers for the sale of gold in your game on the desired server from top services and choose the best option in terms of delivery speed, price and reviews.

Unlike ordinary players, services always guarantee your safety and no intervention by the game administration in the subject of the transaction.

Buying in-game gold from regular players

You need to understand that game gold and its sale is a prohibited activity, which, according to game developers, harms the game economic system and is a violation of the rules and is punishable by the seizure of gold, or a temporary or permanent account ban.

That is why the buyer always risks to a greater extent, since all the consequences will fall on him. Moreover, ordinary players rarely bother with issues of stealth.

Ordinary players always shout about their sale, which is no longer safe and buying gold from such players is fraught with fraud, or the imposition of game sanctions, and the player himself is unlikely to return anything to you or get in touch.

Buying game gold from professional services

All services have their own approach to the sale of game gold, which involves several stages of disguising the transaction from the attention of the game administration.

The fact is that project management almost always sees transactions for the transfer and sale of gold, but without solid evidence, this can turn into a witch hunt and an outflow of players from the project simply because of a series of bans with or without reason.

Ways to transfer game gold:

From hand to hand – trade is the easiest way to transfer, but it is important that the exchange process is mutual, even if it looks doubtful. Trades of a few thousand gold for a worthless item are more likely to go unnoticed than just the fact of a donation.

Through the system of commission trading – most projects have their own automated market, which is what services for the supply of gold use. It is only important to set the correct lot and understand what exactly this position was put up by the client, and then the transaction will go as it should. Players decide for themselves which items and for how much to exhibit, and no one forbids exhibiting trinkets for expensive on the principle of a fool.

Sending via in-game mail – there can be two options. Sending by regular mail with additional items attached, or forwarding by paid mail when the client sends an item for a cost equal to the gold purchased.

Services are always on the side of clients and value their name, reputation and want the client to come to them again and again, so even if there are problems with the game administration, you will not be left alone with your problem.

Are the risks of getting banned for buying game gold high?

There is always a risk – this is the essence of RMT transactions with the purchase of something of value.

Not a single service will give you a 100% guarantee, but it is possible and necessary to bring it closer to such a value.

You must give the gaming administration a really weighty reason for sanctions, and most likely you will get off with just a warning, since many modern projects literally fight for every player.

Frankly, impudent also should not be, but they are also afraid of a ban. Often the first ban is temporary, or they will simply get by with the seizure of game gold.

Another risk is the purity of the gold you are purchasing.

Purity refers to the way it is obtained and the likelihood of withdrawal.

If the gold was stolen or earned using bot programs, then the probability of confiscation is very high.

Services do not allow themselves to come into contact with such things, but ordinary players do.

Game Gold Conclusions

Buying currency from ordinary players or from services is your own business, but the risks are higher when interacting with ordinary gamers.

The smaller the purchase amount, the less likely it will be noticed, but there is always a risk.

If the gold is obtained dishonestly, then the chance of its withdrawal is very high.

Try to make sure that the transaction always looks natural and looks like an exchange between players, and then you will not have problems with the game administration.

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