GamStop – One of the Tools Used by Many to Stop Gambling


There are heated debates all over the world around the full legalization of gambling. The hottest, of course, are in Europe, where they have already said “A” for a long time, but in no way dare to pronounce “B” out loud.  Both sides of the discussion offer a lot, but most of all I like the Gamstop program, which, although not fully, will help solve the problem of addiction to the game.  At least, it seems to me so, and not only to me.  She has enough enthusiasts and fans.

The UK Remote Gambling Association that does not stop at issuing appeals and instructions to operators of the gambling industry and consumers of their services. The Association scrupulously instructs bookmakers and their staff on how to identify fraudsters and gamblers, bombarding their offices with circulars and memos.  Moreover, the organization actively argues with its European colleagues, insisting on a tough fight against dishonest operators who do not pay attention to the growth in the number of people dependent on the game. This information is published according to the site

The Effectiveness of a Program

It’s no secret that gamblers sometimes find an eclipse, often in the process of betting, when it is no longer possible to stop yourself. A little time passes – and the person cools down, realizing that he was too wound up and made irreparable mistakes. But you can’t return time back, as they say, the stakes are made, gentlemen.

And at this very time, the self-exclusion program can show its effectiveness. In order to avoid the following gambling impulses, the player asks the Gamstop resource to block it for a while.  And he himself will choose which one.  All online operators connected to the program will have to prevent the bettor from betting on cannon shot.  It should be said that some bookmakers limited access to accounts and, accordingly, the ability to play at the client’s request.  But not everyone did it and, of course, reluctantly. And of course on the Internet – players can find many gambling sites without Gamstop Self-Exclusion and play without any restrictions.

It reminds me of the case of Homer’s Odysseus, who asked his comrades to tie him to the mast for a time when his ship would pass by the island of sirens, whose sweet-voiced singing could ruin a man.  So he escaped, but his ears, unlike the members of the rest of the team, were open.  What am I doing?  So the bettor, knowing that he could theoretically play, remains out of the bets until he cope with his inner demons.  Perhaps he will return more calculating and restrained.  And, perhaps, he does not need this at all, and he will take off his bettor’s armor forever.

Note, that to register on the website you need to give such information:

  1. full name;
  2. date of birth;
  3. mobile numbers;
  4. email addresses;
  5. home address.

Full State Support

The government fully and strongly supports the Gamstop program.  The only pity is that the register of players that will contain this resource is filled only by users of bookmakers licensed by the Gambling Commission.  If reputable bookmakers registered somewhere in Malta or Curacao could also join Gamstop, then the state’s problems with dependence on gambling would inevitably decrease.

Closing Word

I have no doubt that the Gamstop program will prove to be an effective means of combating gambling addiction.  Prohibitions have never brought a positive result, because the forbidden fruit is sweet.  It’s just that both the bookmaker and the players need to restrain themselves a little.  Let everyone take a step towards each other.

But it seems to me that this is more and more lyrics.  But the new project Gamstop, designed to allow players to limit themselves, looks very promising.

The online gambling industry is turning into a perverse space for everyone. While the industry is constantly experiencing new milestones and successes, it is forced to focus on related issues.

Gamstop was officially launched last year in the UK Gambling Commission, Gambling Association, about problems in the new system. This is a concern as it could result in problem players being bombarded with promotional material after choosing the self-exclusion option.  This, in turn, can lead to more serious problems, as well as temptation and struggle for the problematic player who chose help.

While there are many problems with the new Gamestop system, it is already showing positive results:

  • it is believed that about 99% of UK agents have already joined the scheme, with more to follow soon if they do not want to lose their licenses;
  • the program has just been launched, it has already been confirmed that tens of thousands of users are using Gamstop.

It is clear that there are still some problems related to the program, but we hope that they will be solved soon.


Real Life Example

In early 2017, a Scottish footballer contacted the office of the major British bookmaker Ladbrokes with a request not to allow him to place bets if he suddenly turned to her.  According to the bookmaker, the footballer is quite famous, but he cannot independently cope with the passion that periodically engulfs him.  Having filled out an application and signed it, this footballer was out of betting for a year.  Perhaps this will help him.  A laudable decision if you have long been stomping on the edge of the abyss.

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