Games Take on the Role of Educating People about COVID-19

In this era of global pandemic novel coronavirus spread, everybody is making their bit of contribution in helping people stay strong and healthy. The governments are taking the harsh step of putting a whole country under lockdown. The doctors are giving it all to save the lives of the infected, putting their own lives at risk. Companies and organizations all around the world are bearing losses to keep their invaluable employees safe at home. These are some small ways that help in making the world a liveable place. Although it’s sad to say that this is not the normal state of the world, at last, the world seems like a unified place to live in. A place where everybody is trying their best to get over this pandemic situation. 

The gaming industry too has the role of educating people about COVID-19 through its innovative ideas and large audience. The gaming industry is one of the biggest industries of the world, both economically and crowd reach. 


How is this a significant step?

Gaming industry as we mentioned earlier is huge in many terms. Hence, any advertisement or broadcast of coronavirus related information can reach a huge population of the world at once. Moreover, the current situation of the world has put a major percentage of the population behind the closed doors of their homes. Since the people cannot move out of their houses to seek for fun, the best way to find entertainment is to play games. Family games like Cards and Bingo are back in trend with the game being available online to play on the best bingo sites UK. Online casino games are also witnessing a never before rise in traffic at the site. Arcade games have also managed to gain the attention of the youth.

Hence, if these games can be used as a tool to spread coronavirus awareness, it can be of great help. Fortunately, some of the biggest game developers of the world have taken this educating job in their hands with full responsibility and are stepping up with innovative ideas. 


Some top game developers that are on the roll

Three of the world’s most played games have already started to include it within or above their game screens. The ideas they have come up with of including them is what makes the gaming industry stand out of the rest. 

  • Dirt RallyDirt Rally is one of the most played racing video games of all time. The developer, Codemaster, came up with the idea to include corona related banners on the side of the racing tracks of the game. So while you concentrate on the track to ride your thrill, you cannot miss on looking at the banners. 
  • Candy Crush Saga – Everybody’s favourite pastime mobile game also joins the league by posting in-game ads to educate its large audience of players. This is a huge step as the players for the first time will not see unnecessary other games ads and learn something from it.
  • Sniper Elite 4 – A game by the company Rebellion has gone a step ahead in providing this information by keeping a seperate space for the government’s campaign. A player can click on that option just like any other menu within the game.

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