Frequently Asked Questions- CSPO Certification

Starting a business venture is easy, sustaining it takes real effort. Companies are always looking for new ways to keep up with the trends and gain an edge over their competitors. And product development platforms like Scrum and Agile go a long way in helping brands gain more visibility.  

The market is no longer ruled by a few big shot companies. There are new brands and enterprises entering the market every other day. In such a case, it is the CSPO training which oversees giving the product the much-needed oomph and appeal.  

Now, candidates have a lot of questions about Scrum and its relevance in modern-day business holdings. Scrum-alliance is the platform where you will get all the information about the courses, certification regarding product development.  

Here is a short list of frequently asked questions answered for your convenience. I hope this comes of some assistance and clears a few of your doubts.  


What is a CSPO certification? 

The CSPO certification acronym stands for the Certified scrum product owner. This is a course that teaches you the basics of product development and presentation. The entire curriculum is covered in a span of 2 days. And the classes are conducted virtually.  

With the CSPO certification, you can upgrade your skills and even apply for a higher or mid-level position in the organisation. The course is quite affordable, has a shorter duration and is easy to crack.


What are the eligibility criteria for CSPO training? 

There are no perquisites to getting the CSPO training. You don’t need any academic or technical degree to be eligible for the Scrum platform. And anyone with a basic level of coding skills and an understanding of product management can apply for this.  

The CSPO course is recommended to product managers, developers, software engineers, and IT experts. You can apply for the CSPO course online and pick and choose your classes. It also allows you the flexibility to choose your exam dates as well.  


How long does the CSPO course last? 

The CSPO course is quite short and convenient, contrary to what people usually think. It might come as a surprise to many that that course lasts only for two days. The entire curriculum lasts only for 2 days. You can literally complete the course over the weekend!  

Note that there are other advanced groups in the Scrum-Alliance platform. There are courses that take more or less time as well. I suggest that you check the website for details as there you’ll get the authentic information. 


How can I apply for the CSPO course? 

Getting into the CSPO training is simple enough. There are no manual classes or classrooms to complete your syllabus. All you must do is go to the Scrum platform and register. It takes a few minutes to sign in, create an account, and then apply for your membership.  

The CSPO certification takes but two days to complete. The syllabus is a good mix of technical and practical topics and concepts as well. You can take an exam online, and it takes but a few hours.  


What is the benefit of the CSPO course? 

There are multiple perks of the CSPO course. For instance, CSPO improves your job prospects and promotional chances. Also, there are studies that reveal how CSPO professionals after 1-4 years of experience have a chance of getting a 96% increase in their salaries.  

Another benefit you have is that CSPO gives you a chance to network and build your contacts. It also improves your leadership skills as you have a team of developers to supervise. You also get to pitch ideas to investors, collaborators, and marketing gurus.  


What is the role of a product owner? 

The product owner is one of the few positions that you can apply for with the CSPO course. The product owner is basically someone who works with the scrum master. The scrum master overlooks the technical aspect of product development. The PO looks after the distribution and business side of things  

The Product owner also forms the link between the internal and external product development process. They are the ones who create a list of product requirements and then develop backlogs on the same. The developers work on these backlogs and send it to the string for further processing.  


What are the job prospects of CSPO certification? 

There are other job prospects of the CSPO certification. You can become a product developer, scrum product owner, and the scrum master with enough experience. And with the time you can even complete the other advanced level courses by Scrum and apply for the position of marketing experts and business analysts.  


When can I take the CSPO exam? 

The CSPO exams occur within a week of completing your courses. Note that you have to complete all your payments and get a Scrum membership by then to be eligible for the exam. The exams are conducted online and are mostly objective based questions.  


Do I have to renew my CSPO certification? How can I do that? 

The CSPO certification is valid only for two years. This is because the Scrum platforms constantly introduce new updates and bug fixes on their interface. The user must keep up with these changes and adapt to the trends of the industry  

Therefore, candidates who have the CSPO license must renew it after two years by completing an exam on the same. You don’t have to register again through or pay the sign-up fee. For more details, you can check out the Scrum website or Scrum-Alliance platform.   


The bottom line  

Any form of skill up-gradation is always a welcome change. And with the CSPO certification, you can open new doors of job opportunities and success. However, this course is still relatively new, and it is obvious that you have some questions  

I hope I have covered some of your queries and answered them to the best of my ability. You can find the rest of the details on the Scrum-Agile platform. Good luck!  


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