Football Betting Types – Analyze the Basics


Before considering football betting strategies, you need to know their classification. Next, we will consider the main types of bets offered by bookmakers for football matches.

A single is not a specific market or outcome. This is the name of the bet on one event. That is, the player chose the outcome of the fight and bet a certain amount of money on it. This format is strongly disliked by novice bettors: the coefficients are relatively small, therefore, the winnings are also.

Given the opinions and advice of professionals, this type of football betting carries minimal risk to the bankroll.

Express rates

Inexperienced players are simply crazy about parlays. Single betting, according to their reasoning, is not the most profitable strategy. Express is a combination of several outcomes, the quotes of which are multiplied. The final odds get bigger, which attracts the attention of newcomers who are hungry for victories. You can see an example of an express in the picture below.

Quotes of three events from the accumulator multiplied, which gives the total odds. 9.92. Beneficial, right? However, this tactic has one significant drawback – if at least one outcome loses, the bet is completely canceled, regardless of the outcome of the remaining matches. That is why the pros prefer to use singles format gaming strategies, as the risk of losing is much lower.

Double outcome

As you know, a football match can end with the victory of the first team, a draw, or the victory of the second. Bookmakers also offer betting options where two outcomes must be selected. For example:

1X – victory of the home team or world;
Х2 – away team win or draw;
12 – victory of any team, match without a draw.

Bettors have developed many systems designed for this market. A striking example is the strategy of betting on 12, the essence of which is to search for matches where the winner will be clearly determined.

Total over/under

This type of bet provides for the choice of the number of expected goals/cards/fouls/corners/offsides and other statistical indicators during the meeting, half, a specific period of time. Also, bets on the total are accepted on a specific team, player or when comparing their performance (some offices offer to compare the performance of teams/players from different matches).

The standard value of the match is the total of 2.5: the player must choose whether the teams will score less than 2.5 goals (TO 2.5) or more (TO 2.5). The decimal format excludes a draw – the bet will either win or lose.
Under 2.5 – these are all outcomes in which 2 or less goals are scored: 0:0, 2:0, 1:1, 0:1. Total over, on the contrary, means at least three goals scored during the match: 2:1, 4:0, 2:2. When a notorious favorite and an underdog meet in a duel, the total value increases to 3.5 or even 4.5 goals.

Handicap (handicap)

A handicap is usually called a pre-established advantage of one of the teams. Let’s simulate the situation: Bayern host Cottbus at home. Pre-match quotes are as follows – W1 (f. 1.15), X (f. 6.00), W2 (f. 12.00). On the favorite, the bookmaker always gives a negative handicap, on the outsider – positive.

The handicap (-1.5) for Bayern is equal to the odds of 1.65. That is, to win the bet, the Munich team needs to beat their opponents by at least two goals. On the contrary, the handicap (+1.5) on Cottbus per kf. 3.2 means that before the starting whistle they already have an advantage of 2 goals (score 0:2). The bet will play if the difference as a result of the match does not exceed 2 goals.

In addition to the match, the handicap can also be taken on various statistical indicators – possession of the ball, the number of corner kicks or yellow cards.

Live bets (live)

Betting on football in Mostbet az live mode is in great demand among players. Live contains almost all the markets available before the start of the match, but at the same time new ones are being added. For example, in case of a draw, you can bet on the team that scores the first goal.

Real-time betting offers many benefits. Pre-match analysis is one thing, but during a match, teams can behave quite differently. For the convenience of users, each bookmaker provides live statistics, which allows you to make the right decision. By the way, you can’t hesitate in live, because quotes change at lightning speed: you will catch the best odds only if you place a bet quickly.

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