Flate Air Cooler Reviews; (latest Update) The official Flate Portable AC USA Report?

Flate Air Cooler

After several hours of consultation, analysis, personal experience, and reviews, we found out that Flate Air Cooler is rated 4.9 out of 5 from thousands of customer reviews found online. It is a strong, lightweight, portable space cooler ideal for cooling your personal space. Stay glued as we talk you on this honest Flate Air Cooler Review.

The summer is coming and it is coming fast. You don’t watch to be drenched in the hot sweat with regrets that you didn’t get a means to cool off and live in convenience during that time. It has been widely reported that the coming heat wave is going to be the hottest in a really long time, more like in decades. There has really been none other like this coming summer heatwave and not only do you have to be prepared, but more prepared than ever. This is the time you should get set and ready to live your best not time to sit back and watch what could possibly happen.

Allow me to take your minds back to a little history. This happened a while back when weathers were getting really extreme and unbearable for people to live in. A lot of countries complained about the excess cold during the winter, especially those countries nearest to the arctic pole. These states suffered what was referred to as the “21st century ice age” where they had to remain indoors for very long periods of time. Everything got to very low temperatures to the point that some countries declared a state of emergency.

People were advised to stay indoors to avoid having frost bites or other ailments that come with the extreme cold weather. Some even had everywhere completely covered in snow, with extra hail falling off from time to time. What even made everything worse was when certain houses started experiencing and seeing cracks in their walls. Yes, the cold was enough to do that and start seeing into homes, thereby making things unbearable for people. They were eventually forced to look back and wish they had made better decisions to make their lives better.

Now that is a very glaring and detailed reminder of what happened almost a decade ago when everything was really extreme. Think of an exact opposite and this is not to scare you but let you know that you have to be as ready as “ready” can be. You must be thinking of running of to go search for traditional air conditioning units if you didn’t have any and thinking of the amount of money you have to spend getting one, installing it and maintaining the electrical bills throughout the summer. Don’t lose hope yet because that’s where this interesting piece of portable device comes in.

The Flate Air Cooler is your go-to portable air cooler ready to get you chilled in no time. It is more of a personal device that you just place beside you on your desk while you work or enjoy your sleep. This is not the time to start running out your savings on the regular air conditioners because those cost a lot of money and that’s by a very far mile honestly. You don’t have to do all that when the heat period is going to be really long and it would be difficult to sustain such bills for that period of time without running out of money at some point in time.

Moreso, think of a device you can take with you while you go wherever you want to rather than being stuck on a wall all day. That’s not what you want for a device that expensive and definitely not during this time. You can go to your office with it, enjoy a camping ride, summer breaks, holiday hangouts and many more just by getting a piece of this personal and portable air cooler, or as many as you want. 

What Is Flate Air Cooler (Flate Air Cooler Reviews In The USA)

Flate Air Cooler

The Flate Air Cooler is a personal and portable air cooling device that is designed to help you pull through the summer without breaking through your savings or into a bank. The producers confirmed that the Flate Portable AC is built to be lightweight and compact so you are able to carry it around wherever you want to go without stress or worry. Hardly will you even realize that you are lifting anything. Flate Air Cooler even weighs less than one kilogram and simple with its operation. To be more specific, it weighs 900g/2.18lbs with a package size of approximately 200 x 195 x 190mm (7.87 x 7.67 x 7.48inches)

All available Flate Air Cooler USA reviews disclosed that within the package when it finally arrived, it contained one piece of the portable Flate air cooler and one piece of the USB Cable. This piece of charging cord has a USB charging port that can be plugged into a stable and strong power source, a laptop or even a power bank. This makes it much easier for you to carry it around. Instead of just having it plugged to the wall, you can connect it to your laptop and have it just beside you. This way, the cooling effect reaches you much faster and better, you can’t even feel the heat within the surrounding air. 

To make this even better, while you are on the train or bus going to work or wherever you want to go, say shopping or the grocery store, you can take the Flate Air Cooler with you really comfortably and in an easy fashion. You can simply have your Flate Air Cooler plugged into your power bank and move around with it as freely as you want. 

In addition, it makes a really good addition to your packaging when you want to go camping or on your numerous summer adventures. All you have to do is make sure you carry your packaged power bank and any other device alongside the Flate Air Cooler. While you sleep at night under your camp bed or during the hot summer, just have a really cool breeze while you have fun chilling or sleeping out the day’s stress without worries whatsoever.

Specifications (Flate Air Cooler Reviews)

  • Power: 10W
  • Wind Distance: Five feet
  • Blowing angle: 90 degrees’ perpendicular
  • Maximum speed: 80CFM (2.4-3m/s)
  • Speed modes: Three
  • Noise level: Less than 68Db
  • Water capacity: 500mls
  • Lighting: 7-colour LED
  • Package Weight: 900g/2.18lbs
  • Package size: 200 x 195 x 190mm/7.87 x 7.67 x 7.48 inches

Notable Flate Air Cooler Features (Flate Air Cooler Reviews Canada)

Flate Air Cooler

The built and specific design of the Flate Air Cooler is basically constructed with top notch and state of the art engineering. The official Flate Air Cooler Reviews disclosed that this air cooler has a lot of add-ons that make it easy to operate, use, clean and serve you really comfortably without hitches along the way. The Flate Air Cooler is just what you need to pull through the summer.

Vegetable Fiber Curtain: This is one of the main components of the Flate air cooler that most customers are fascinated with. This is a simple and replaceable piece of ice curtain. It is very thick which allows you it to absorb much water. The water absorbed usually comes through the water tank and is being retained for long periods. Evaporation then takes place through this thick fiber curtain and does so for longer periods of time. Due to its ability to retain water longer, it means that the user will get prolonged cooling effect from the air flowing out instead of rapid cooling effect that ends within minutes.

Atomizer: The atomiser is basically a simple part of the Flate Air Cooler that works on Bernoulli’s principle. As much as that sounds like a complicated term, it is pretty much easy to understand. When high speed of horizontal air passes through the vertical tube, it just helps create a very low pressure. This pressure then sucks the air and liquid inside the vertical tube upward. This atomizer has a nozzle which then causes the liquid to break up into small drops and mix it evenly with the air. This is one of the basic mechanisms it uses to push out not only cool air but moisturised one that has favourable effects on your eyes and nasal passages.

Ultraviolet-C Technology: A somewhat basic but very important part of the Flate Air Cooler that aids in purifying the air which you are breathing. One very important thing most people suffer with continuous use of the traditional air conditioning units is the irritation that comes with it. Regular air conditioners emit very dry air through the mechanical cooling which renders it very harmful to people who already suffer from ailments such as hay fever or asthmatic conditions. The dry air affects the mucous membranes of the nose, eyes, upper airways and even the lungs. This ultraviolet light gets rid of those particles so you can only breathe clean and purified air all through the summer, and without side effects whatsoever.

LED Lighting: The Light Emitting Diodes are not complicated or scary pieces of words to understand. In the simplest terms, they are essentially pieces of materials that cast sufficient light when power is applied to it. They are very cool and refreshing. As really good mood enhancers, you can have them on while you work and they make you feel at ease or really comfortable while performing whatever duty you are carrying out. The Flate Air Cooler also function really efficiently while you are asleep, and they make you enjoy your night sleep without disturbing your eyes or sleep pattern. Sweet, simple and easy, they say.

Adjustable Fan Speed: You see that the more this article progresses, you are enjoying the notable features of this device even without knowing it. The Flate Air Cooler that serves you just like any other cooling device you know. Now you just realised that it can act like a regular fan with very adjustable fan speeds. It can be put on different speeds depending on how heated the surrounding air is or maybe when you come back from your tasking campouts. You just put it on ad set the required speed. The Flate Air Cooler will cool you almost immediately and in no time, all that dripping sweat is gone and you feel cool, refreshed and energetic once again. It blows at 80CFM or 2.4-3m/s

Large Water Tank: This is where you turn in the water in order to make use of it and enjoy the rapid cooling effects. This method of cooling is what is called evaporative cooling but then it can only function because of the water tank feature and availability of water within that tank. It has a 500ml capacity which means you don’t have to fill it every time you need to use the Flate Air Cooler but just once in a very long while. And if you are concerned about the water dripping, just try not to pass the 500ml mark and you would not have any of the water pouring out at any point in time.

USB Cable Charging: This is more like the modern method by which almost all devices are charged. This enable two things to happen. First of all, it makes the Flate Air Cooler very fast to charge. These cables are able to charge Flate Air Cooler very fast and allow those batteries last for a long period of time even when not plugged in. 

But second of all, you can easily use Flate Air Cooler with any device that allows you to plug in a USB cord. This ranges from laptops to power banks to solar chargers and even a stable power source with a charger head or extension. The Flate Air Cooler just sets you to have convenience of use in every way possible with no elements of stress and very easy use with its features.


Why Should I Buy Flate Air Cooler (Flate Portable AC Reviews)

Flate Air Cooler

The Flate Air Cooler is an air cooling device designed to be more comfortable and affordable than the conventional air conditioner. The traditional air conditioning costs a fortune and is also energy-demanding compared to the Flate Air Cooler that’s cheap to purchase and maintain.

The home air conditioner is produced to evaporate moisture from the room, leaving the air in the room dry. This effect of the home air conditioner leaves the skin, eye, and nasal passages dry and may even cause nose-bleeding if the air is critically devoid of moisture. 

The Flate Air Cooler has been a game-changer; it has improved in areas where the traditional air conditioner had limitations. The Flate Air Cooler adds moisture to the air rather than wet it down till moisture is eliminated. 

The benefits of the air cooling system can be enjoyed with recent improvements in the Flate Air Cooler without the disadvantages and discomfort associated with using the traditional air conditioner.

What Are The Amazing Qualities That Set Flate Air Cooler Better Than Similar Products?

With the features just listed above, you must be rest assured that the qualities delivered by the Flate Air Cooler is second to none other. They are able to serve you with no regrets during or after the summer. Very interestingly, you can even use it during every other weather. But even at minimal strength, it gives you just the necessary effects even the regular and wildly expensive traditional air conditioning units cannot offer you. They include;

Quadruple Functions: Have you ever thought of a device that contains a lot of functions which four different devices would offer you. Now you don’t have to bother about getting all that and running your savings out but instead you enjoy the benefits from just the Flate Air Cooler. The official Flate Air Cooler Reviews confirmed it has the ability to refrigerate and produces really rapid cooling effects just the way you want it. It is also very good at humidifying the air. So during the summer, instead of having to worry about the heated and dry air, The Flate Air Cooler cools and moisturises the air so your eyes and nasal passages don’t have to take a beating from the dryness and subsequent irritation. 

Also, after my personal experience with Flate Air Cooler, we found out that the Flate Air Cooler serves as an air purifier to get rid of all those air particles and fine dust within the air, which it does through the vegetable water curtain to ensure that you are taking in breathable and clean air at all times. And finally, the Flate Air Cooler serves you very good aroma that you need to just seat and enjoy the environment without breaking a sweat.

Excellent and Rapid Cooling: This is where the major need that the Flate Air Cooler serves you comes in. Many Flate Air Cooler Reviews confirm it has a very excellent rapid system that takes place through an atomiser as earlier explained during the earlier parts of this Flate Air Cooler Review. It helps to mix the air with liquid and does a perfect moisturising effect to complement allowing you have a fine and soft skin. More importantly, this takes place in a very rapid fashion so shortly after the Flate Air Cooler is switched on, you don’t have to wait for long to feel the cooling and chilling effect, Very easy, rapid and excellent.

Easy to Use and Operate: Come to think of it, do you know how expensive it is to not only purchase an air conditioning unit but also to install it. That is a lot of money. This is even without what your electrical company is charging you for using it. Whenever you also need to have the curtains or filters cleaned, you have to call in a technician to help you with that and that costs your money too. That is stress you don’t need for an already heated period. The Flate Air Cooler is very simple and easy in all ramifications. Just have it on your table, plugged in and turned on. You will enjoy its cooling effect alongside every other feature.

Low Energy Consumption: A very shocking realization is that your regular and common air conditioning unit uses up to 200 to 300 watts of energy. Now can you take a quick guess how much the Flate Air Cooler consumes. Let me save you the stress. It is just 10 watts. Isn’t that really unbelievable. Like that’s a whole lot less and saving you all the money you would have to pay for electricity bills at the end of every month. Don’t put yourself and your money through all that, while you can simply get this powerful, portable and personalised Flate Air Cooler.

Desktop Operation: It is very simple and easy to use Flate Air Cooler. All you have to do is place it on the closest desk to you and enjoy the comfortable, cool and refreshing breeze emitted. It spreads the cool breeze as far as 5 feet away from the desk which is very much within reach of anything you want to do. You can absolutely enjoy the Flate Air Cooler even while you sleep or perform any other function just a desk away. No need to worry about installation fees or anything extra with it. You can also get the Flate Air Cooler in multiples and still not have to worry about how much energy it consumes. Get just as many as you need and enjoy the effect comfortably.

Low Noise Operation: This is technically one of the best parts of the Flate Air Cooler. You can have it placed just beside you while you work or sleep without having even the slightest disturbance. Sit back and enjoy the cool breeze while you work all day and all night. You can also place it right by your side when you sleep and even in your children’s rooms. The family can enjoy this device at very little cost and in its best serving ability. It emits noise levels less than 68dB

Lightweight and Portable Design: This is just another outstanding feature not a lot of devices have. The Flate Air Cooler is compact, lightweight, sturdy and portable. You can take it with you while you anywhere you can think of. This could include you riding on the bus, in your car, on a boat, in your office, from room to room and basically anywhere else. If you are an explorer, you can take it with you to other hot countries around the world and still enjoy it’s cooling effect. This doesn’t reduce the efficiency of the Flate Air Cooler or affect any part of it.

Does Flate Air Cooler Really Work?

This is unlike the mechanical air cooling used to chill the surrounding air or heated temperatures of the summer. The Flate Air Cooler works through the process of evaporation. The basic nature of its operation revolves around taking in gusts of air through the vents and then combining that hot air with the liquid flowing through the water curtain, which then aids to cool it down. This liquid then evaporates into the atomiser which them combines both of them evenly and in equal proportion. The air is then released through the air vents which go on to produce that cooling effect within the room.


Who Needs Flate Portable AC?

Flate Portable AC is marketed toward anyone who wants an easy and comfortably effective way to stay effective throughout the summer. Flate Air Cooler isn’t designed to cool an entire home, but rather it is an ideal choice for small spaces like dorm rooms, offices, bedrooms, and small apartments.

Below are lists of people who can use this ideal air cooler:

  • Is anyone interested in avoiding the cost associated with installing a whole-home air conditioning?
  • Individuals who want an excellent place of work, desk area, or other workspaces while working from home.
  • Individuals in small apartments are preparing for their comfort during the coming summer.
  • Anyone was trying to avoid the dryness and dehumidification associated with traditional air conditioners.
  • Students wanting a cool dorm,
  • Someone who doesn’t want to be irritated on their skin, eyes, and nasal passages due to traditional ac.

Whatever reason the Flate Air Cooler is being used, the device is designed to keep its users cool all day long.

How To Use Flate Air Cooler In The United States?

These are pretty much very easy steps. Usually, the Flate Air Cooler does not come with an instruction manual so pay close attention to how it is being used. 

  • 1. When the package arrives, slowly unwrap the Flate Air Cooler and take it out of the package.
  • 2. Find a cool and dry table, then gently lift it and place it on the table
  • 3. You can take your time to admire it at this point if you wish and locate all the parts in its different places as described above.
  • 4. Then take the vegetable water curtain measuring 48 x 100m
  • 5. Gently put the water curtain under hot or warm running tap water and place it back inside its case.
  • 6. Then take a 500ml jug and fill the water tank just before use.
  • 7. Take out the USB cable and plug it in to a power source at one end and the other end into the Flate Air Cooler. There is an indicator that should show that the Flate Air Cooler is charging and when it gets filled.
  • 8. Turn on the power button and enjoy the rapid cooling effect.

Are Flate Air Cooler Any Good?

Flate Air Cooler

The Flate Air Cooler was created as a low-cost alternative to the traditional air conditioning systems. This new invention allows people to enjoy the cool air and save the money and energy employed in buying and installing the traditional window-based air cooling systems.

The traditional air conditioner removes the moisture from the air, leaving the air inside the room dry. Traditional air conditioners have noticeable effects on the skin, eyes, and nasal passages.

The Flate Air Cooler adds moisture to the air while still cooling the room and is believed to be an excellent alternative. As a result, homes are suitable to enjoy all the advantages of a standard air conditioner without worrying about dryness or other downsides.

Pros (Flate Air Cooler USA Reviews)

  • Flate Air Cooler has a really rapid and excellent cooling effect
  •  It has a very low noise operation
  • It has mood enhancing lights in seven different colours
  • Flate Air Cooler is very safe to use even for children.
  • It is environmentally friendly
  • Flate Air Cooler is very easy to use operative ability.
  • It has multiple functions; humidifying, cooling, air purification and aromatherapy

Cons (Flate Air Cooler Reviews)

  1. Flate Air Cooler exists in very limited quantity
  2. Flate Air Cooler Can only be purchased directly from the manufacturer.

Flate Air Cooler  Reviews Consumer Reports

We have sourced around for customer reviews of flate Air Cooler, checked on amazon, quora, Reddit, and the company’s website – all reports we got confirm that Flate Air Cooler was the most selling portable ac since its launch last year. Flate Air Cooler reviews Reddit and Quora have members who testified that the ac saves them money and brings them comfort during summertime. Below are a few customer reviews of the Flate Air Cooler:

“It keeps me so comfortable at night. I usually had a hard time before I could sleep, but now I can get a good night’s rest. “Wow, that’s unexpected,” Jeremy T. reviewed.

“It was too noisy for me to sleep with a fan next to my bed! The breeze always bothered me if I was going to be reading ahead of time. When it comes to cooling my home, the Flate Air Cooler unit is what I’ve been looking for. It’s wonderful.” Geoff L. reviewed.

“I first bought it for my mother, who is a reclusive single woman who dislikes having to turn on the air conditioning while she is alone. She loved it so much that she said the humidifier feature even helped her sleep better! As a result, I purchased one for myself, and I appreciate how effective it is as a humidifier, a fan, and chiller air. Goodbye, insomnia and chapped lips!” Michelle K. reviewed.

Where To Buy Flate Air Cooler In The United States and Canada?

The Flate Air Cooler can only be purchased directly from the manufacturer through the official website. To successfully make purchase to the Flate Air Cooler, you would have to fill the form containing certain specific details and specific information, then select your mode of payment through PayPal or you can pay with credit card depending on which you choose, with a guaranteed safe checkout. 

Your information provided will be kept safe by the manufacturer and not shared with any third party for any reason whatsoever.

You will be required to fill a shipping form to allow the manufacturers deliver the Flate Air Cooler straight to your home and without hitches.


How Much Does Flate Air Cooler Cost In The USA, CA and UK?

  • 1 FLATE AIR COOLER costs $89.99
  • 2 FLATE AIR COOLERS costs $161.98
  • 3 FLATE AIR COOLERS costs $215.98
  • 5 FLATE AIR COOLERS costs $314.97

Final Words: (Flate Air Cooler Reviews)

The Flate Air Cooler is your top notch personal and portable air cooler set to serve you through this coming summer heatwave. It is a very light and portable air cooler which you can take with you wherever you are going and without hitches whatsoever. The Flate Air Cooler is very easy to operate and use without stress of installation or complicated use. It has a very low energy consumptions ability and runs with minimal noise to the environment. The Flate Air Cooler is your go-to air cooler and you should get it as soon as you can.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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