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Director and producer Jon Turteltaub announced in May 2008 that the film’s creative team will take their time crafting another National Treasure sequel.

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer announced in September 2008 that a third picture is in the works, with a story being developed in November. Bruckheimer said in May 2010 that the first draft of the script had been finished. During the development of the picture, Nicolas Cage said in May 2016 that it was still undergoing rewrites and fact-checking their historical correctness. Bruckheimer announced in September 2017 that a script had been written, but Disney was unhappy with the story. Turteltaub stated again in July 2018 that a script was “near,” but that Disney was still not on board with the idea. A third film was officially in development in January 2020, following years of development hell, with Chris Bremner contracted to create a fresh story.  Bruckheimer stated in May that the intention is for all of the original cast members from the previous films to reprise their roles.

National treasure 3 Page 47:

What is on page 47 of National Treasure 2’s President’s Book of Secrets? The solution may create a narrative for the long-awaited National Treasure 3. National Treasure, which was released in 2004, was a promising film that had the potential to become a long-running, profitable franchise for Disney. Nicolas Cage, Jon Voight, Diane Kruger, and Justin Bartha feature in the film. National Treasure featured characters Ben, Abigail, and Riley on their quest for a long-lost historical treasure based on a map discovered on the back of the Declaration of Independence. With the high-concept adventure and a strong cast, the sequel, National Treasure: Book of Secrets, was released in 2007. Following the publication of Book of Secrets, plans for National Treasure 3 were put in action. By 2010, it was announced that authors Carlo Bernard and Doug Miro had been hired, and a script was in production at Disney. In 2013, however, things were slowing down, with producer Jerry Bruckheimer simply claiming that National Treasure 3 was still in the works and that the script was being developed. Turteltaub commented on the status of National Treasure 3 in 2018, not necessarily confirming that it was not moving forward, but rather that development had stalled due to concerns about paying people fairly despite a limited budget and Disney’s priorities on expanding and developing other projects in the pipeline. There is still painfully little known about the narrative of National Treasure 3, which is still in the script-writing phases, but it would be a decade-long letdown if the third installment chose to move on from the contents of page 47 of the President’s Book of Secrets without explanation. From page 47, National Treasure: Book of Secrets gave the right mystery content for Ben Gates to investigate next, so hopefully the scriptwriters won’t keep fans wondering for much longer.


Meteoritic for Rotten Tomatoes

National Treasure has a Cinema Score of 46 percent (179 reviews), 39 out of 100 (35 reviews) grade A

Book of Secrets is a national treasure 3.

36 percent (130 reviews) 48/100 (26 reviews) 36 percent (130 reviews) 36 percent (130 reviews) 36 percent (130 reviews) grade A


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