Factors To Consider for Optimal CMM Maintenance

Factors To Consider for Optimal CMM Maintenance

A coordinate-measuring machine (CMM) offers several advantages to various businesses, especially in manufacturing. This specialized equipment uses coordinate technology to make precise measurements in three dimensions.

The accuracy of CMMs makes them ideal in the quality control and assurance stage of industrial manufacturing. Industries requiring high precision include electronics manufacturing, aerospace, defense, automotive, and medical equipment manufacturing, among others.

A CMM is a significant investment for any business. Once you have bought one for your shop, it’s important to perform preventative maintenance for performance and longevity.

Below, we discuss the benefits and factors you need to consider when maintaining your CMM.

Benefits of Preventative CMM Maintenance

Any machine requires maintenance to ensure that it works well and lasts as long as possible. Preventative CMM maintenance includes various practices to ensure your device stays in good condition.

Below are some significant benefits of performing preventative maintenance on your coordinate-measuring machine.


Proper cleaning, lubrication, and other maintenance practices keep your machine running smoothly.

Routine inspections and maintenance ensure that the machine lasts longer without significant repairs. These practices also alert you of possible issues so you can address them immediately.

Better performance

A clean, well-oiled, and well-maintained machine performs much better than a neglected piece of equipment. Cleaning your device and regularly checking its hardware and software helps your CMM do its job well.

Reduced repair costs

Neglecting to address more minor problems with your portable or bridge style CMMs could cause them to build up over time. If you perform regular CMM maintenance and inspections, you can find and fix issues before they worsen.

Minor repairs and replacements are easier and cheaper than trying to address a significant machine breakdown.

Less downtime

Prompt maintenance and repairs help ensure that your CMM doesn’t experience frequent and significant breakdowns. Less downtime also means fewer manufacturing interruptions. Reduced downtime can help you stay on track with operational quotas.

CMM Maintenance Factors

A CMM has several moving parts that require careful attention. You can work with an experienced engineer or CMM operator to map your machine’s maintenance processes and schedules.

Below are some key factors you should pay attention to in ensuring your CMM stays in top shape.

Machine location

A CMM can be very accurate. However, many CMMs require a stable, quiet environment to perform well. Vibrations and shakes from the shop floor could affect the CMM’s ability to make precise measurements.

For more sensitive CMMs, placing them in a separate laboratory is best to protect them from environmental disturbances.

Software maintenance

Aside from hardware maintenance, it’s essential to pay attention to your software. Your machine’s software provides real-time data in the measurement process. It translates the machine’s motions into readable information you can understand.

Regular software maintenance from a professional metrologist helps you get the latest software and address possible issues.

Electrical supply

A CMM is a powerful machine that needs sufficient electricity to work well. Energy fluctuations could cause machine problems and affect the CMM’s efficiency and accuracy.

When purchasing a CMM, you should also invest in a battery backup system or power conditioner. These devices help protect your machine from damage caused by insufficient or irregular power.

Air supply

Many modern CMMs use air bearings for several reasons. Air bearings are often more accurate, generate less heat, and are less likely to wear down from friction.

However, they also require proper maintenance to ensure they don’t cause any problems. Using a refrigerant air dryer for CMMs with air bearings is best. Good air quality helps prevent condensation and moisture that could affect machine accuracy and cause it to short-circuit.

A CMM is a powerful machine that offers many advantages to any manufacturer that chooses to use it. Proper and regular maintenance is essential to ensure it stays accurate and efficient for as long as possible.


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