Factors Affecting the Costs of CNC Machine Parts

When looking for custom CNC machine parts, most managers are put off by the awfully high prices of the parts. Even when doing the part productions in-house, the costs are still quite high. This makes most people wonder, what affects the price of CNC machine parts?

And the truth is, there are a lot of factors that manufacturers consider when setting prices for CNC parts. This includes but isn’t limited to their production time, materials, environment and complexity.

Below, we’ll look into a few of these factors.


1. Material of the parts

Different materials take longer machining time compared to others. For instance, steel and its alloys may take longer than copper during machining. This means that the manufacturer spends more resources machining steel than copper.

As such, the price for steel parts will be higher compared to that of copper. Ideally, the harder the material is, the higher its price becomes.

Moreover, the availability of the material also plays into the cost. Harder-to-find materials are generally more expensive and take longer machining time, hence adds up the cost.


2. Equipment used in production

The machines used in the production of different parts determines how much a manufacturer will sell it. If the manufacturer doesn’t have all the required machines, he/she will also include the costs of outsourcing part of the work on the price.

Moreover, if the process depreciates the machine, then that cost is also accounted for in the final price. This is why some small parts tend to be quite expensive.


3. Part complexity and size

The complexity of a CNC machine part increases the time used in its production. This, in turn, increases the costs incurred in production. Carving out some designs and shapes also utilizes more machines and processes. This complexity also makes it harder to complete the part inspection,

Therefore, the manufacturer increases the part cost, with an increase in the complexity.

Additionally, the size of the production part also accounts for the costs. The larger the part, the more material will be used, and the longer it takes to complete machining. Large parts may require more machines to complete the finishing, and this increases their cost.

Therefore, a small machine part is likely to be much cheaper than a larger part. 


4. Number of parts produced

One of the easiest hacks to getting CNC machine parts at a lower price is by ordering bulk productions of the part. This is due to the fact that production is cheaper when producing large volumes than when dealing with individual parts.

With more parts, machines can be set on automatic, and the labor costs will be drastically slashed. However, small orders may require manmade production, and this increases the costs involved.


5. Tolerance required

Precision Is the aim of every CNC machining process. However, this process comes at a cost. Manufacturers typically increase their prices with regard to the tolerance level you need.

If you need higher precision, say +/- 0.001mm, the manufacturer may need to use a different set of equipment and tools. He/she may also take a lot more time to come up with the accuracy required.

This automatically translates into higher costs for the part.  Higher precision with unique finishing and designs also adds up on the cost for a part- regardless of how small it is.


6. Additional Manufacturing costs

Alongside the material, quantity, labor, and quality of the parts, numerous external factors affect the price of a CNC part. This includes the tax charges on the specific materials and the finished product.

There might also be shipping costs, management costs, among other miscellaneous expenses, which might add up along the way. Remember, the manufacturer also has to make a profit from the entire process.


Final Thought

The price of a CNC machine part is determined by a lot of things. And even if you opt for in-house production, you’re still likely to face these same hurdles. So, instead of wondering where you’ll get CNC parts at throw-away prices, you need to be smart.

Find a quality manufacturer who provides you with quality, and is transparent about their costs. This way, you’ll have quality parts at reasonable prices!


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