Everything You Need to Know About Firewall Penetration Testing

Everything You Need to Know About Firewall Penetration Testing

Firewall penetration testing can be used to assess the strength of a firewall and identify potential weaknesses that could be exploited by hackers. But what is Firewall penetration testing? We’ll see what it is and why It is important to conduct regular firewall penetration tests to ensure the security of your network and protect your data from unauthorized access. In this article, we will also discuss different types, different techniques for performing firewall penetration testing, and some of the best firewall penetration testing solutions available on the market.

What is Firewall Penetration Testing?

A firewall penetration test determines how effectively a company’s network is protected against unlawful access. It’s a type of security testing designed to assess whether a firewall is capable of stopping illicit traffic.

In order to test the firewall, various methods are used to try and access the network from an external location. Port scanning and packet sniffing are two methods that attackers use to break into networks. If the firewall is working correctly, we should not be able to access the network in the first place.

A firewall penetration test can be done manually or through the use of automated tools, whichever you prefer. Manual testing takes more time and expertise, but it can cover more ground.

Why do You Need to Conduct Regular Firewall Penetration Testing?

A firewall penetration test is an essential security measure to help you identify weaknesses and the likelihood of a future attack. By mapping out your network externally, you can get an idea of where there might be gaps in your defences.

The first step in defending against a cyber attack is to understand where traffic enters and exits your network. By performing this test, you can find any openings in your network an intruder could use to get inside. For example, you need to know the location of your wireless Access Point (AP) if it is accessible through the Internet.

3 Distinct Kinds of Firewall Penetration Testing

  1. Man in the Middle (MiTM): A MiTM test, used by security researchers to find vulnerabilities, involves intercepting and changing traffic between a firewall and the clients attempting to connect to the network. This type of testing is often done against remote users because it allows an attacker easy access to hijacking their traffic and thus getting onto the network without detection. Once in, the attacker would then have complete control over all remote user data.
  2. Direct Traffic: A direct traffic test is where a security researcher essentially “hacks” into web and application servers to explore the internal network for any vulnerabilities that could be exploited to gain access to sensitive information. An attacker uses this method to test an organization’s security when it comes to employees who work there. It’s a form of “internal reconnaissance” testing.
  3. Spoofed Traffic: A traffic spoofing test is where an attacker employs a tool to send out fraudulent network traffic that closely resembles a remote user attempting to access the internal network. The attacker can access the entire internal network if the connection is successful, similar to an “internal reconnaissance” test.

Firewall Penetration Testing 3 Different Techniques

  1. Black Box Testing: In black box testing, the tester runs tests from the outside of the system and has no understanding of how it works.
  2. White Box Testing: With white box testing, the firewall tester has complete knowledge of how the system works and tests it internally.
  3. Gray Box Testing: Gray box testing is done by pentesters who know a little about the firewall system being tested, and this person tests it from an external perspective.

To ensure the efficiency of your firewall, it is essential to conduct penetration testing. This will give you a complete overview of any potential weaknesses in your system so that you can address them accordingly.

Top Firewall Penetration Testing Solutions on the Market

Astra Security

Astra is a firewall penetration testing solution that aids in the detection and repair of possible security flaws in your firewall configuration. With Astra’s simple online interface, you may quickly and easily check the security of your firewall and get detailed reports on any vulnerabilities.

For years, Astra’s firewall testing solution has been the go-to for leading organizations worldwide who want to secure their network. Utilizing a tried-and-true methodology, their team of experts are always updating their software to include the latest vulnerabilities so you can be sure your network is protected.


Detectify is a Firewall penetration testing system that keeps you up to date on security threats. This means you’ll be able to receive notifications about vulnerabilities and have them fixed before they are exploited.

Detectify’s cloud-based scan service allows you to test your web applications and APIs in the cloud. You can also run manual or automatic tests against your web services.


By using Intruder, you can discover and fix any vulnerabilities in your system before a hacker does. With this program, not only will you comprehend your security risks better, but you’ll also be able to manage them more efficiently by taking a strategic enterprise-wide approach.

No matter your company’s size or industry, Intruder is a scalable solution that can be customized to meet your organization’s needs.


Invicti is a company that specializes in application security testing. Invicti’s mission is to break down the barrier of security from the road of innovation by offering rapid and accurate application security testing. With widely recognized performance statistics, Invicti is an excellent penetration-testing firm.

Invicti provides some of the most comprehensive security testing available, with features like graphical representations of vulnerability analyses and compliance assistance.


Conducting regular firewall penetration tests is essential to the security of your organization. By testing the efficacy of your system, you can identify and fix any vulnerabilities before they are exploited. There are many different ways to conduct firewall penetration testing, but the most important thing is to find a solution that works for you. With so many options on the market, it’s important to do your research to find the best fit for your organization.


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