European Online Casino Regulations: What We Need To Know

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If you are a gambler based in Europe, you’ve likely noticed the rapid advance and changes in the online gambling industry that has happened in recent years. The newly implemented regulations and legislation have attracted many new players to this industry, forming a stable base for further innovations. Considering these impending changes and how they shape the framework of the industry, we’ve written this article. In our piece, we will introduce you to basic yet vital information about online casino regulations. We’ll cover some of the European countries where gambling is prevalent.

United Kingdom

Great Britain is one of the first few countries that have pioneered this industry. With its early-adopted legislation, more precisely the forming of the Gambling Act 2005, which created the foundation for any of the next legislation.

This act is the framework the country needs for licensing and properly regulating its online gambling industry, ensuring a certain standard for all online gambling sites.

In the United Kingdom, all online casino and bookie activities are licenced and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. An authority that oversees the whole industry, aiming to safeguard the players. This regulatory body ensures responsible gambling by looking into the advertising and promotion of responsible gambling practices. The UKGC oversees the adherence to fair operator terms, ensuring the safety of all players. It also aims to protect and prevent illegal and dangerous gambling activities. However, for players seeking alternatives, UK casino not on Gamstop provides options outside the UKGC’s purview, offering a broader selection of gambling experiences.


Malta is a popular country among gamblers, in particular those who prefer online betting. It’s the home of one of the best regulatory bodies – the Malta Gaming Authority that exists to ensure a favourable gambling environment.

The MGA is second only to the UKGC, ensuring stringent regulations of the overall gambling within the country, including offshore casinos and bookies. Its purpose is to assure players’ safety in a fair gaming environment and to prevent any form of fraudulent activity. It’s a regulatory body that licences all gambling sites, enforcing stringent standards and maintaining high integrity and security. For those interested, Malta also hosts various gambling sites non Gamstop, providing a diverse range of options not restricted by the UK self-exclusion service.


Sweden is relatively new when it comes to online gambling regulations. In fact, the Swedish Gambling Authority (SGA) opened the markets to international gambling operators in 2019.

This authority aims to maintain stringent regulations by issuing licences to online betting sites that compile each casino to keep a certain level of standard. With a primary focus on consumer protection, the SGA regulatory framework aims to promote and ensure responsible gambling while combating illegal gambling operators. Sweden’s open approach allows players to explore slots not on Gamstop, catering to those looking for more variety and less restrictive gameplay.


GlüNeuRStv – a newly introduced State Treaty on Gambling that aims to form a regulatory framework for the online gambling market in the country.

The creation of this legislation holds the purpose of battling illegal gambling sites and ensuring that all players are protected in a secure gambling environment. Under the new framework, all gambling sites must be licensed by an authority body, be they bookies or casinos within Germany. These gambling operators must further comply with all regulations like responsible gambling by including deposit limitations, restrictions on advertising and the availability of preventive measures for addiction. Germany’s evolving online gambling scene also paves the way for non Gamstop casinos, offering international platforms for German players.


In Italy, you’ll see the Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies or AAMS. It’s a newly implemented online gambling regulatory system that aims to regulate online casinos within the country. All gambling sites in Italy must have an AAMS licence if they plan to operate legally within the country.

The AAMS regulatory framework aims to protect players and promote responsible gambling. It’s a measure to fight illegal gambling practices by ensuring rigorous licensing procedures. These often involve background checks and examination of available anti-money and responsible gambling practices. The Autonomous administration of State Monopolies also maintains strict control over all forms of gambling advertising. It does it to minimise any harm to vulnerable players potentially.


When it comes to laws, France’s regulations are well-established, overseeing online gambling activities and ensuring that they’re fair and up to a standard. Within the country, all sorts of online casinos are overseen by the French Online Gaming Regulatory Authority (ARJEL).

As with most countries, in France, the only existing operators can be licensed ones that keep up to a specific standard. ARIEL’s primary purpose is to ensure uncompromising licensing procedures. The authority assures player protection, fair gaming practices, and the promotion of responsible gambling. When it comes to money laundering and various frauds, France utilises its centralised monitoring system. By enabling it to track players’ actions easily, authorities are able to prevent such fraudulent activities.

Bottom Line

As you can see, online gambling regulations within Europe somewhat reflect the different approaches taken by specific countries. Some aim to address a fair gaming environment as a priority, while others to battle illegal gambling or fraudulent practices. Overall, a common goal of all European countries is to ensure a balanced, fair environment of gambling where players can enjoy a safe and enjoyable experience.

Gambling and the Addiction Hazard

While gambling offers entertainment, it also harbors the hazard of addiction. This is an important caution for every gambler. If you or someone close is suffering from gambling addiction, reaching out for help is a necessary step. For support, here are some resources:

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