Essay Writing Services: How to Choose the Best

Essay Writing

A student will agree that college education today has too many expectations from students. Students are required to create time for study, be available for class lessons, do exercise, socialize, and do assignments.

On the other hand, assignments have close deadlines that a student must meet without delay. A lot of pressure is put on students to deliver quality content yet they are still learning most basics for writing. The only option is for students to seek help from online writing services but it’s not always easy to choose the best.

How to Find the Best Website to Write an Essay

Before a student engages in an online professional essay writing service, there are various things they must look into. The expectation of every student is a high-quality essay that will earn them good marks. This kind of essay can only be produced by essay writing services with experienced writers who understand student limitations and need.

To evaluate the top essay writing services, a student needs to know where to check for information and the kind of information to look for. Some of the best places to check for the best essay services are reviews by other students because their comments, complaints, and recommendations will likely be honest.

Other good places to check for top essay writer companies are reviewing websites such as Sitejabber, Quora, Reddit, and search engines. Beyond reviews, a student should consider other important aspects such as the experience of writers and the cost charged by each site.

A student should also consider the range of services offered by each best essay writing service site to be sure their need will be met. Their paper quality must be high and they should offer competitive discounts, guarantee refund, security of student information, and speed of delivery. If a student feels satisfied that their writer of choice has qualified in all these details, they can confidently hire them to write their paper.

List of The Best Essay Writing Services – Most Reliable Essay Service offers a wide range of academic writing services to students from the USA, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. Students can order and pay an essay writer to write their paper within a three-hour deadline.

This kind of top essay writing service is made possible through its pool of over 600 experienced writers. With a satisfaction rate of 97.5 percent, this online service has proved itself as a reliable writing service provider.


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The assignment writing service has a high score of 9.7 out of ten based on over 16 thousand essay writing service reviews due to the high rate of satisfaction by students. With over 20 years of assignment writing services experience, the company is offering some of the most unique top essay writing services in various areas.


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The writing service offers various types of discounts to students. First-time students and repeat orders get lifetime discounts at 5% for orders up to 50 pages, 10% for orders up to 100 pages, and 15% for orders above 100 pages. – Affordable Essay Help is a writing service trusted by thousands of students as one of the best essay writing services in the academic field. The company has a large pool of professional essay writers. Students get the best essay writer services when they order through this company.

The site is parent-friendly and parents who want to order essay writing services for their children get assisted fast. The website is full of essay samples written by the best essay writers for students to learn from. Students are guaranteed high grades and quality papers from this best essay writing company.


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Students can order for essay writing service at highly reduced costs starting from $19.99 per page. If it’s their first time to order a paper through them, students get a 15 percent discount using the discount code RUSH15. Repeat orders get a 5 percent discount. There are other discounts like free plagiarism check, free formatting, and a title page.


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  • US toll-free telephone number – Best For College Students is one of the websites that write essays for students at very reasonable rates and hiring an essay writer is a smooth process here. Students can order for essay writing service for as low as $19.99 and get the best quality paper. Most students use this essay writing service as their best essay writing service because of its attractive discounts, reasonable pricing, and experienced writers.


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This range of essay writing services is supported by a 100% quality guarantee from qualified essay writers with either masters or Ph.D. Degrees. The paper writing service completes and delivers over 100 college papers daily and gives quality customer support 24/7.


Students get various types of discounts starting from 5 percent for orders not exceeding 50 pages, 10 percent for orders not exceeding 100 pages. First-time orders get a 15 percent discount using the discount code offer 15.


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How Essay Writing Services Reviews Can Help

Daily, students seek help from online essay writing services but they cannot differentiate between a genuine essay service and a scam. To them, all they want is to hire an essay writer regardless of their experience or integrity.

Many students end up losing money to a dubious essay service and they classify all essay services as a scam. The essay writing services reviews are done by professionals to help students choose the best service and avoid getting poor quality paper or scams. The essay writing reviews help students in many ways.

Avoiding scams

Many online essay writing services call themselves the best essay writing service to lure students to hire them for their academic papers. Most genuine students trust them blindly and trust that they are the best writing service that qualifies to write their paper.

Unfortunately, no scammer will ever tell a student they are out there to scam them because they will lose business. They create very attractive websites, post fake samples or plagiarized ones, and claim to be the authors.

They insert faces of non-existent writers and try to offer the best customer service, but it’s only on lip service. When a customer places an order with them, they take money fast but they will never deliver. If a student tries to follow up, they block them or write a very poor, fully plagiarized paper and send it to the student.

Thousands of students have lost money through scams who promised them high grades in vain. By just visiting an essay writing website and making an inquiry, it can never be enough because a student might never meet with the website owners or know their location. Reviews are what can save a student from losing money or getting poor quality work.

Best quality papers

Some other websites are not scams but genuine academic paper writers competing with other established companies to become top writing services in the market. Such companies will not steal money from customers and they will deliver the promised service.

There is a problem though because they will not deliver the best quality paper. There are several reasons why they cannot achieve the best. The first is because the company is young and cannot hire highly experienced writers because they cannot afford to pay them.

As a result, they will hire uneducated, inexperienced writers most of whom are not native speakers. Unfortunately, they will not tell their clients and the disappointment they will get is a poor quality paper that cannot earn them good grades.

Reviews help students know which companies have the most experienced writers and which one delivers the best quality papers. A student is entitled to get the best quality paper for the sake of good grades.

Compares prices

Each essay writing company is independent and charges differently from its competitors. They charge depending on the complexity of papers, writer qualifications, number of pages, and paper urgency. To the student, although they want to get the best paper quality, they also want to save money as much as they can.

Most of them get support from financially struggling parents back home and they must save at every opportunity that presents itself. If a student only visits one writing company and places their order, they might realize later that they lost an opportunity to save money because another company could be charging less. Students might never get to enjoy such opportunities unless they read the reviews.

Get qualified writers

Writer qualification differs and paper quality differs depending on writer qualification. Some writers have one degree only while others have postgraduate degrees. Some papers, especially dissertations, require highly qualified and educated writers and if a student hires any writer they come across, they might get a poorly written paper.

Essay writing services reviews will help a student get information on which companies have the best-qualified writers and which ones give them the freedom to choose their preferred writer. If they want a writer with a Ph.D. to write their paper, that’s what they will get. they will get quality, plagiarism-free papers and probably enjoy the discounts.

Are Essay Writing Services Legal?

Some sources continually publish articles claiming that the essay writing services students use are illegal. Anything is declared illegal when there is a law prohibiting its use. The non-genuine publishers who claim essay writing services are illegal cannot provide any evidence to ascertain their claims.

It is not true that students who get help from an online writer cheat and do not submit an original paper. A student is free to buy papers from the UK, Canada, the US, or Australia and submit original papers to their teachers.

What is illegal is to plagiarize a paper and universities treat plagiarism as a very serious offense that cannot be tolerated. Essay writing companies submit to students only original papers and they can never have issues with their teachers.  

Are Essay Writing Services Worth Your Money?

In the academic field, essays form a crucial part of the learning process because they help measure student progress, improve skills, and resilience. Despite their importance, students do too much work that requires their attention and it becomes impossible to handle every academic work.

Online essay writing services help with part of that load by writing papers on their behalf so that they can have more time to attend to other academic work. Custom essay writers provide a guarantee of confidentiality and do not disclose student information to third parties. A college can never know if a paper was written by a writing company or the student.

When a student hires an essay writer, their academic work is handled by professionals who have different qualifications in various fields. They have been to college and graduated either with an undergraduate or postgraduate degree. The money a student pays gets value through quality services provided by holy qualified writers.

The writing companies write unique papers that are attractive to the reader and they have quality check teams who confirm a paper is of the best quality before submitting it to a student. It’s scanned for plagiarism, edited using the latest tools, and it’s submitted within the agreed time. It is worth it for students to use essay writing services.

Final word

When a student is choosing the right company to write their paper, they should read reviews before they commit their money to the company. They can get reviews from reviewing websites, students, and other platforms. The best essay writing companies have friendly prices, offer customer service 24/7, have a wide range of services, and write original papers. It is worth using a writing company to produce high-quality original papers.


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