Empowering Women through Sustainable Economic Growth

empowering women

Women play an integral role in the progress of humans and the development of society. Living in a modern era, women of today are strong, independent and equal to their male counterparts at all fronts. However, women have constantly been undermined and deprived of equal opportunities, especially in their careers. This is primarily the reason that today women empowerment is one of the most emphasized topics throughout the world.

Today, women empowerment is considered as a top priority, and many activists advocate the rights of women for equal opportunities in every walk of life. In this regard, the financial independence of women is considered to be the most significant step. With the beginning of the next decade, it is high time to make big strides in order to address the issues of inequality, and financial abuse of women. These efforts will go a long way in transforming the social and economic culture of different parts of the world.

Breaking Social Norms and Changing the Mindset

The misconception about the social roles of women has been the major reason for them having limited opportunities. The developing countries have undermined the idea of working women, and this gender discrimination is the root cause of the problem. Studies have shown that by promoting women in the workforce up to the same level as men can boost the GDP of Japan by 9% and India by 27%. This shows the economic significance of the role of women in the modern world. Women, all over the world, fear income insecurity and financial mismanagement.

Opportunities for Women in the Modern World

Women deserve to have equal opportunities as men to thrive for a successful career and a better living standard. The percentage of women in developed countries is increasing with every passing day. Women can be seen as part of major companies and businesses. From the position of CEO to employees seats are filled with women. However, the under-developed countries have a long way to go in this field. The promotion of women in these countries will also result in an improvement of their economic conditions. Fortunately, in the 21st century, there are several opportunities for women to make progress in their careers.

Women today can opt for a career of their liking. However, they may face different challenges throughout their career as unequal pay and gender discrimination at the workplace. But they have to be smart in their financial management, savings, insurance and investment plans. As women tend to live longer than men, they also have to devise a more comprehensive saving strategy for the later years of their lives.

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