Edmonton Oilers Tickets, Game & Schedule

Edmonton Oilers Tickets, Game & Schedule

Can’t wait to watch the Edmonton Oilers in action? Well, the wait is over. The NHL 2021-2022 season will be kicking off soon in October 2021. It won’t be long before ice hockey fans are engrossed in the thrill of the sport get to root for their favorite teams. Score your Edmonton Oilers tickets today to make sure you get to watch the team play in person.

The Edmonton Oilers have been a part of the NHL’s Pacific Division since 1993. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, the NHL bigshots have had an impressive total of five Stanley Cup wins since the 1983-84 season. And anybody who knows anything about ice hockey will tell you this is no minuscule feat. The Oilers are rightly one of the leading teams in the NHL and the sport in general. They’ve won 7 conference championships, 2 President’s trophies, and 7 division championships.   

Edmonton Oilers game tickets can be accessed through multiple ticket sites online. You can also find details on seating plans on the official NHL website online. There is an exclusive page on there dedicated to the Edmonton Oilers with complete information of whole and split season seating plans and payment options. To be able to buy tickets from the official website, you’ll need to register to the site. 

Being one of the strongest teams in the NHL, Edmonton Oilers tickets begin selling immediately after the sales are announced. It makes it hard to find tickets, especially during a general sale. What you can do to surely score seats is either sign up on the Oiler’s NHL registry for a whole-season seating plan or participate in presales. Edmonton Oilers presale tickets can ensure that you find tickets ahead of time, so you don’t have to sit out your favorite matches. 

Sometimes, depending on how the sales go, lucky presale participants can land cheap Edmonton Oilers tickets early. Other ways to find affordably priced tickets are by comparing them across a bunch of trusted ticket sites. You could also depend on apps to do the work for you. Usually, tickets that cost less are for average seats. But considering you’ll get to see one of the best teams on the NHL play it out on the rink, it’s a total win-win. 

The 2021-2022 NHL season is going to be yet another thrilling saga with the present Edmonton Oilers roster. It’s a star-studded team with ice hockey heavyweights like Tyson Barrie, Connor McDavid, Miko Koskinen, Leon Draisaitl, and Zack Kassian. You wouldn’t dare turn a blind eye on this season with such a terrific lineup. So, if you can still spot Edmonton Oiler tickets, make them yours before someone else does. 

Consider getting Edmonton Oilers VIP tickets if you want to have a premium quality experience of the thrilling sport. There’s no debating. It’s going to be money well spent with the fantastic games you’ll be witnessing. It’s comfort, style, and excitement all packed in one. VIP tickets will grant you access to the best seats in the house, a chance to meet the players, and even get discounts on Edmonton Oilers’ merch.  

There are also VIP packages that afford the absolute top-tier experience at NHL games. These packages could get you Edmonton Oilers box seats and even Edmonton Oilers luxury suites. It’s extravagant, absolutely cozy, and a lovely way to have a memorable time. With these tickets, there’s no way you’re not going to have fun. It’s the kind of event you deserve to pamper yourself with at least once in a while, especially if you’re a die-hard ice hockey fan.

Before purchasing Edmonton Oilers tickets, have some idea of the team’s stats, matchups, and the games you’d like to attend. Also, keep in mind a list of seats you’d like to get the tickets for. This way, when the sales go live, you’ll be able to get your tickets quickly. Always keep payment details at arm’s length to secure tickets. There’s a ton of NHL fans out there clamoring for the chance to watch the Edmonton Oilers games live, so you better get your best ticket-buying game on. 

Always look for dependable sites to get Edmonton Oilers tickets. Do not rely on fan-to-fan unauthorized and unverified resales. A deal gone wrong could get you scammed. Imagine having to sit out on a crucial playoff because you got terrible tickets. That would be a real bummer indeed. 

The NHL preseason matches are scheduled in September, the regular season in October, and the Stanley Cup Playoffs in April. Get ready to have a blast in the coming months by securing tickets to the Edmonton Oilers games. Keep yourself posted by signing up for the team’s newsletter on their page to make sure you don’t miss out on any crucial developments. You may also be interested in other articles.

Edmonton Oilers Ticket Prices

You can find Edmonton Oilers tickets starting at $30.00 and $40.00. The more expensive end of tickets may cost up to a couple of hundreds or even thousands depending on the nature of tickets. However, irrespective of your budget, you’re sure to find a ticket that’ll work for you. So, dig in your heels and begin the search.

Cheap Edmonton Oilers Tickets

There are cheap Edmonton Oilers tickets available for a number of games. You can look for the Oiler’s NHL schedule for the 2021-2022 season. It’ll help you find out which of the matches you’d like to attend. You can then find tickets and compare prices to find the best deal for you. 

Where Can I Buy Edmonton Oilers Tickets?

You can buy Edmonton Oilers tickets on ticket sites online that cater to sports events. They provide all the essential details required to help you find the tickets you need, including dates, venues, and seating charts. You could also crosscheck information on the NHL website for Edmonton Oilers to make sure you get the correct tickets. 

How Much Do Edmonton Oilers Tickets Cost?

The prices for Edmonton Oilers tickets depend on what team they’re playing against and the date of the game. For instance, tickets for championship playoffs will be more expensive than regular season tickets. You can find all details for matchups, matchup dates, and seating prices on ticket sites and the NHL website. 

Edmonton Oilers Game

Catch an Edmonton Oilers game between September 2021 to April 2022. The NHL star team is set to begin their preseason matches with opponents Calgary Flames, Seattle Kraken, Winnipeg Jets, and Vancouver Canucks.

NHL typically schedules 6-8 preseason matches for teams in the league right before the regular season. This season the Edmonton Oilers have eight games lined up with two games against the mentioned teams. 

After the preseason follows the regular season with a total of 82 matches, the Oilers will be competing against all the 32 teams on the NHL with at least two games against each. Half the games will be played on home base and the other half on the road.

Set a bunch of dates aside and make sure you attend an Edmonton Oilers game this season. It’s going to be fantastic from the onset with Edmonton Oilers pitted against team rivals Calgary Flames, Vancouver Kanucks, and Winnipeg Jets in the preseason itself. Hockey fans couldn’t ask for better matchups than these.

Come watch an Edmonton Oilers game and show your support for the team in person. Ice hockey is a hazardous and demanding sport. And it would be fantastic not only to witness but actively cheer for your favorite team live. Wouldn’t it be amazing to be a part of the Edmonton Oiler’s journey to the playoffs for the Stanley Cup yet again? Any Oiler ice hockey fan would agree!

Edmonton Oilers Schedule

The Edmonton Oilers have their first preseason match scheduled on September 26, 2021, against Calgary Flames at Calgary, Alberta. It is their first match of the 2021-2022 NHL season. The Calgary Flames are Edmonton Oiler’s biggest rivals, and it’s a match you just can’t miss. It’s bound to set the atmosphere for the rest of the games. 

As for the regular season, Edmonton Oilers will play their first match on October 13 against Vancouver Canucks at Edmonton, Alberta. You can get the Edmonton Oilers Schedule for the entire season on NHL.com. It includes details for the preseason, regular season, and playoffs.  

You can also find details on the Edmonton Oilers schedule on ticket sites that cater to sports events. They’re regularly updated to keep eager fans notified of any changes. Another option is to sign up for the Oilers’ NHL newsletter. That’s how official NHL news on any developments in the Edmonton Oilers schedule will be sent directly to your email.

Now that you know where to find Edmonton Oiler tickets for the current NHL season, hurry on to grab them before they’re gone. The five-time Stanley Cup champions Edmonton Oilers are all prepped for yet another phenomenal season, and you don’t want to miss out on the action. 

Grab your Oilers jerseys and show up on the game day for an unforgettable ice hockey experience.


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