Dubai Desert Safari: Adventure That You’ve Never Done Before


The Dubai Desert Safari is part of a clean area with a lot of historic buildings and characters that keep it safe. In reality, you can’t separate the exciting Emirates’ culture, history, and traditions from this unique part of the country. There’s no better way to see the area’s timeless beauty than on a desert safari. Check out the information below to learn more about this off-road trip that will be a welcome break from the busy streets of modern Dubai.

Different kinds of trips to the desert

First thing in the morning, an adventure in the desert

There can’t be anyone on Earth who doesn’t like to see the sun come up. And in the Middle East, they can do magic. On a desert safari, you can see the sunrise over the vast, rolling sand dunes.

On a safari, you can spend the night in the desert.

Enjoy the beauty of Dubai’s desert at night. Under the starry Arabian sky, you can relax your mind and body with various desert-themed activities, eat hearty meals, and watch traditional performances.

Dinner in the desert

This is an alternative to a typical desert safari in Dubai if you want to avoid high-adrenaline activities but still enjoy the natural beauty of the desert. You can have a great barbeque dinner in the middle of the desert and then do a bunch of things that honor the ancient Bedouin culture and traditions.

Taking a trip to the red dunes

On a safari, you will go far into the desert to see the burned-red dunes of the Lahbab region. It has an unmatched natural beauty. The whole place looks like a bright piece of art that has come to life.

How would you describe a typical trip through the desert?

A Dubai desert safari is the perfect mix of activities that get your heart racing, cultural experiences that teach you something new, and delicious food. Depending on your chosen route, the following could be the best parts of your desert safari.

Getting stuck in the sand dunes

When it comes to desert safaris, this is where things start to get interesting. Drive a strong four-wheel-drive vehicle over and across the dunes’ unexplored paths, like a Hummer or Land Cruiser. When you use this drive, it will be exciting to go through the golden dunes. On average, it takes 45 minutes to dune-bash. Don’t forget that sunbathing on a dune might also give you the creeps and make you nervous.

Trips on camels

This bumpy but exciting trip may give you an idea of how early settlers and Bedouins got around in the Arabian Desert.

Sandboarding and quad biking

Try a quad bike, which is easy to use and great for first-timers, for a more exciting way to see Dubai’s desert.

You could also try sandboarding instead. Keeping your balance as you roll down steep sand dunes is an actual test of your credit. Just put your feet on a good sandboard and let the dunes take you where they want.

Check out a Bedouin camp.

Enjoy the usual warm welcome and hospitality of the Emirates in a relaxed, low-key setting. The chairs here are so comfortable that you may want to slouch for a while while you eat your barbeque.

Getting to know other cultures

Every desert safari ends in a tent, a treasure trove of cultural experiences. The list is pretty long and exciting. It includes henna tattoos, smoking shisha, falconry, and pictures of people dressed in traditional Arabian clothes.

During holiday, most people eat grilled meat and vegetables

You might get a full meal when you go into the desert late at night. But the dishes on your dinner menu depend on your service provider’s quality.

Entertainment at Evening Desert Safari

Evening desert safaris are more fun than ever with acts like mind-boggling fire shows, amazing belly dancers, and mind-boggling Tanoura shows. Take some time to chill out and take everything in. They are very entertaining.

Where to go and what to look for on a desert safari.

  • Before you book a spot on a safari, you should consider your budget, the services you’d like to have, and the time of day you’d like to see the desert.
  • A morning safari is your best bet if you don’t have much time. An evening or overnight desert safari is best for people who have been there or like to try new things.
  • Remember that the price of a safari through the desert can vary greatly. The cost of your safari will depend on a number of things, such as the type of vehicle you rent, whether you want a shared or private ride to and from the desert, and how many extras you want.
  • Find a reliable service provider before you go on your long-awaited desert adventure.

Expert advice for a desert adventure

  • It’s a good idea to plan your safari ahead of time. Always keep an eye out for coupons and other deals on the Internet.
  • Choose a guided desert safari with round-trip transportation so you can sit back and enjoy the sights without worrying about getting there or getting around.
  • Wear clothes that are loose and easy. Wrap yourself in something, or if you have to, wear a cardigan. Your outfit will look great with sporty shoes, sunglasses, and a cap.
  • If you’re going to be here when it’s cold, ensure you’re well dressed. Some nights may be very cold.
  • Be sure to ask if you want vegetarian and non-vegetarian options at the restaurant.

 Book Safari:

You should start right away.

It’s time to plan your trip to the desert in Dubai. Traveling through the beautiful landscape of the Arabian Desert is a sure way to have a vacation full of exciting new things to try. This classic thing to do in Dubai will quickly become one of the best parts of your trip.

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