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CSGORoll is one of the world’s most popular CS:GO gambling platforms and P2P skin marketplaces. Not only users can easily onboard and have fun with games like CS:GO Roll, Plinko, Crash, Dice, and case openings.

The platform has a well-established reputation as a generous gambling site, especially their massive giveaways and tournaments. Read on for a full walkthrough on CSGORoll’s 500k Tournament Giveaway.

What You Need to Know About CSGORoll’s 500k Tournament Giveaway

The CSGORoll 500k Summer Giveaways was a special event held from July 25 to August 21, in which players had loads of fun with four different promotions:

  • CSGORoll’s Summer Tournament Community vs Staff Games
  • Coconut Leaderboard
  • 300K Jackpot
  • Collect Special Golden Coconuts

The promotion was so generous that players got chances of landing big prizes just for watching the tournament’s live streams. Please note that the platform’s regular promotions did not stop during this period, such as CSGORoll referral codes and other long-standing benefits. 

CSGORoll Summer Tournament Community vs Staff Games

All streamed live, this special tournament was a fierce CS:GO battle between 16 teams of CSGORoll’s staff members and selected fans competed in 5 vs. 5 matches for the final prize.

To get a chance to participate, gamblers could express interest using the open poll hosted on the website between July 19 and 21. The staff selected the luckiest players and contacted them for further details.

Please note that the selected group only had a handful of fans selected to participate in the 5 vs 5 competitive stages, which featured an amazing prize of 12,000 coins. All matches were hosted on Faceit and all players were required to install the Anti-Cheat System.

The Knockout phase took place between July 30 and July 31, which was followed by the Quarterfinals on August 7. The Semi-Finals were held a week later (August 14) and the Grand Final took place on August 21. 

Coconut Leaderboard

One of the highlights of this special event was the Coconut Leaderboard. Coconuts were special tokens distributed to players as they wagered on Crash, Plinko, Roulette, Case Battles, Dice, or Coinflip. 

For every round played, players got Coconuts. The more Coconuts one collected, the bigger the chance to win a percentage of the event’s jackpot. Also, collecting as many Coconuts as possible helped players to climb up the rankings to stay at the top 10 of the Leaderboard.

All the time and effort invested by players to collect these tropical-themed tokens were rewarded in the form of special giveaways given to the top 10 players on the leaderboard.

This massive giveaway took place on August 21 and rewarded the top 10 players with a specific amount of coins. Respectively, the first to 10th players received: 

  • 50,000 coins
  • 22,500 coins
  • 12,500 coins
  • 6,000 coins
  • 3,500 coins
  • 2,500 coins
  • 1,500 coins
  • 750 coins
  • 500 coins
  • 250 coins

300k Jackpot

Players also had the option to spend Coconuts to open cases on CSGORoll. This way, they could receive Jackpot tickets in exchange. The system was not hard to understand:

  • Players would play games and open cases to get Coconuts
  • These Coconuts could be used to open Coconut Cases and collect jackpot tickets

Every Coconut was equivalent to one jackpot ticket, which greatly favored those who focused on collecting and spending them on Coconut Cases. For instance, if a player spent 300 Coconuts on Coconut Cases, it would automatically give back 300 jackpot tickets.

If a player decided to collect 1000 Coconuts and go through the same systematic, the result would be one thousand jackpot tickets – as simple as that! 

During Twitch live streams, the luckiest ticket holders were randomly picked and given a share of the 300 Jackpot. Only ticket holders connected to the live streams held on CSGORoll’s official channel on Twitch were selected on July 31, August 7, August 14, and August 21.

Special Golden Coconuts

An additional feature available during the whole event was the Golden Coconuts. Every Golden Coconut was worth the same as 500 standard Coconuts, which gave lucky players the chance to get more Coconut Cases and win a massive amount of Jackpot tickets.

These literally golden prizes were distributed through CSGORoll’s regular weekly jackpots, drop parties in the website’s roaring chat, and giveaways available during weekly live streams.

CSGORoll’s 500k Tournament Giveaway – Summary

Undoubtedly, CSGORoll’s Summer Promotion was the wildest promo event held in any CS:GO gambling site in 2022. Most importantly, all users were paid out their due prizes and no occurrence of scams/fraud was registered before, during, or after the tournament was held.

Were you not lucky enough to win at least a minor prize during CSGORoll’s 500k Tournament Giveaway or have not you even taken part in it? Worry not. All you need to do is follow CSGORoll’s official blog and stay updated to participate in the next major event.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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