Common Reasons Why People Looking Funeral Caskets Online

Looking Funeral Caskets Online

Many of us depend on retail therapy for a bit of reprieve from the unending challenges that life has to offer. But! Not all shopping experiences are pleasant! Especially when you’ve got to buy a coffin or a casket for a loved one. It’s a difficult decision to pick out which casket would suit your loved one. You have to consider the price, styles, color, etc., and whether any of your picks would suit the deceased’s wishes.

When you start to consider all of those details, the task does become daunting. It can be challenging to pick the final resting place for your beloved during this difficult time while trying to accept their passing away.

Where can you purchase a Casket?

There are many places where you can purchase a suitable casket; you just need to know where to look. The funeral industry has become a vast enterprise, with many a company providing quality products with excellent features and details at an affordable price and free shipping. Here are some places where you can get the highest quality caskets at reasonable prices.

1. Funeral homes

The most convenient and common way to get a casket is to purchase one at the funeral home. They will have several caskets and coffins to choose from, and you’ll be able to get one, the main disadvantage is the price, which is usually way higher. You can also enlist the help of a funeral director if you’re not sure where to start. 

2. Caskets Retailers

a. Boutiques

If you want customization options to craft a personalized casket or coffin in memory of the deceased, you can pick a casket boutique. They offer services to create quality caskets or coffins as per your specifications, but the price may be much higher compared to average.

b. Wholesale casket retailers

Wholesale retailers like Costco or Walmart also have a vast collection of funeral caskets and coffins. You may need to take some time and browse through the options since they have a large selection. But, the price is reasonable. Sometimes you even can have a free shipping. Unfortunately, there are a couple of serious disadvantages here, first- you never know if the casket you choose is available in stock, because the casket inventory is never updated there. Second, if something goes wrong, like a delay in delivery or some quality issues, it is hard to contact the customer service to request to replace the casket. Because it takes several days to ship the original product back. In addition, these wholesale retailers are just a middle man between customers and casket companies, so the price can be better, and the customer service is not always that good, according to customers’ reviews. 

c. Online caskets

If you worry about going out to find a place to make a purchase, there’s always the option of buying your casket online from one of reputable casket company. Some online caskets sites like Trusted Caskets have overnight caskets delivery, we can deliver the casket of your choice almost everywhere across the USA. They even offer a free shipping to many locations in the US.

They have excellent service and a wide range of caskets to choose from with various colored caskets and handcrafted caskets with great details. It’s also the cheapest option available, this casket company offer “The Best Casket Price Guaranty”. If you’re worried about quality, you should check the reviews of its customers and visit reputable sites like Best Business Bureau, because Trusted Caskets even have the accreditation by them.

Types of Funeral Caskets

Online casket companies provide some of the highest quality white caskets that are customization to suit all customer’s requests and occasions. They have plenty of choices of the caskets in diferent colors, and designs. Here are a few of the top review products available online:

Wood Caskets

Congressman – Solid Cherry Casket by Trusted Caskets

This handcrafted solid cherry casket has a rich glossy mahogany finish with ivory interiors and couch matching pillow and throw. It has antique brass metalwork that elevates the look of the casket and comes with an adjustable bed. This is a perfect choice if you’re choosing coffins for a father or your dad. The average price is for the casket at the funeral home is about $6,500 but by buying the casket directly from casket supplier like Trusted Caskets you can have it for about half price. You also get a matching pillow for the head and a throw, the casket comes with adjustable resting bed for both head and foot. The company offers free shipping in many areas.

Heidelberg – Solid Mahogany Wood Casket with Beige Velvet Interior 

A Mahogany wood casket is one of the most popular and highest quality material choices. Unlike other wood caskets, its deep rich color gives off a luxurious finish. Paring this wonderful wood with a white lining and other details like a pillow for the head and throw of the same white finish gives it an elegant look. This casket is another excellent choice if you’re unsure what to get. This half-couch casket comes with an adjustable eternal bed, high-quality dark bronze steel furnishing and continuous welded construction. The standard free shipping within California is one to two days, with fast delivery offered to funeral homes. The average price for this model at the funeral homes is about $7000, but online casket company offer the best caskets price on this product as well. Although these aren’t all white caskets, the classy white interiors against the natural wood color combined with steel furnishings make these caskets some of the most popular choices amongst customers.

Metal Caskets

White Cross’ Lords Prayer Casket, with White Interior by Trusted Caskets.

This white metal casket is another excellent choice that customers often choose. The White Cross Lord’s prayer casket from Trusted Caskets made from 18 gauge steel and has an adjustable eternal rest bed for both head and foot which provides excellent support. It has gold accents that blend well with the white crepe interior and is embellished with an open Bible with the Lord’s Prayer to honor the deceased. This is one of the most popular casket in the USA. The casket is a half-couch casket with features like memory and record tube fits and a full rubber gasket seal. The continuous welded construction will ensure the bottom is completely sealed. You get free shipping, and the expected delivery for many locations will be in 1-2 days . The casket have matching pillow for the head. And the online casket company Trusted Caskets offers the lowest price for this casket.

The White Casket “Stanford” 20 gauge steel with White Interior by Trusted Caskets

This is one of the most popular white caskets online. This casket price is affordable for everyone, and it is made with 20 gauge steel. It’s a half couch with an adjustable bed for head and foot and a crisp white interior. You will also get a couch matching pillow and throw. It comes in standard size with free shipping with a standard delivery timescale of 1-2 days within California, Arizona or Nevada. 

Cremation Caskets

Elizabeth – Teak Wood Casket with Ivory Interior 

This full wood casket with small metal hardware is perfect for a cremation. The ivory interiors give it a plush look, and the matte finish provides a minimal and modern design. The casket is excellent for both burials and cremations. You’ll get a matching pillow for the head and throw, because for cremation purposes you can not use any large metal parts, this casket come with no adjustable eternal rest bed. Casket companies like Trusted Caskets also can deliver to a funeral home. 

Orthodox Jewish Casket “Daniel” with white interior.

The Daniel is solid wood with a glossy finish and a white interior. It’s a half couch and it is also perfect for cremations. The coffin is 100% eco-friendly and comes with a pillow for the head. It’s a beautiful casket with made high-quality materials and uses the best craftsmanship to give it a great finish. 

Alternatives to a white casket.


You can use white for the interiors of the casket if you want to add subtle tones of white. Many sellers will personalize your casket these days, so it won’t be hard to find a place to add your personal touches and add the final furnishings to the casket, like embroidery of prayers, verses, crosses, and even floral features.

Using a Pall

A Pall is a white cloth or shroud draped over a casket in Christian funerals. The pall is usually white and represents the resurrection and renewal of the soul and baptism. Once the funeral is done, you can have the pall cloth embroidered with traditional Christian symbols like crosses or prayers like the Lord’s Prayer in memory of the departed and gifted to the church. This is a great way to emphasize the faith of the person who has passed and a perfect way to remember your loved one.


There are different styles to consider while choosing a casket or coffin and the type of funeral you plan to have. Also, the location for the funeral service and burial site must be decided too. Going through images online and doing your research always helps ease the planning process. If you’re still confused about what to choose, you can always contact reputable casket supplier like Trusted Caskets with any questions about caskets for sale. One thing to keep in mind is the funeral rule while planning any funeral. The federal trade commission has specific regulations to protect customers and make sure the price and cost of funeral arrangements are regulated.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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