Coinjoin and Beyond: The Evolution of Crypto Mixing Technologies

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The two main principles of any cryptocurrency are anonymity and transparency. However, in reality, one excludes the other. All transactions are recorded on the blockchain, and although sensitive data is hidden, enough information is provided to determine the identity of the sender. That’s why coin mixers and techniques like coinjoin have been around for a while, becoming increasingly sophisticated over the years.

Development and struggle

The first crypto mixers emerged some time ago and claimed to support complete anonymity. However, in reality they had many shortcomings, due to which it was still possible to link the operations.

Previously, it was impossible to use as many flexible settings as now. Thus, a database was created that linked mixer’s crypto addresses to completed transactions.

Cryptocurrency mixers operated in a straightforward manner. The user transferred funds to the so-called “pool”, where the coins of other participants were stored. After this, the tokens were mixed and sent to different addresses. Techniques such as coinjoin played a role in evolving the efficiency and security of these processes. There was a high risk of receiving some of your own coins. In addition, based on the commission, transaction time and its size, it was easy to find out the further path of the operation. This led to the development of a new generation of anonymous bitcoin mixers.

These advanced versions offer flexible settings, making transactions harder to trace. Thanks to the huge number of crypto addresses of the mixer, it is extremely difficult to find out whether an operation was carried out through it.

How Mixers Operate: Key Aspects

The very essence of mixers is simple – mix all the coins in a common “pool” and distribute them to the specified addresses. At the same time, the system makes sure that the user does not receive the same tokens that he deposited. Some BTC mixers split and then combine coins. In this way, new tokens are obtained that are in no way related to those that were deposited.

However, as mentioned above, mixing can be tracked using the transaction size, commission, and departure time. Therefore, services such as use additional functionality:

  1. Involving several levels of security.
  2. The ability to split a transaction simultaneously into several crypto addresses.
  3. Postponement of sending the transaction for 24 hours.
  4. Change in commission size.

As a result of this approach, the user receives completely untraceable coins. You can use cryptocurrency mixers not only to your own wallet, but also when transferring to crypto addresses of other network participants.

Maintaining Anonymous Bitcoin Transactions: Why Use a Bitcoin Tumbler?

Cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, are completely digital assets. Therefore, in reality, it is quite easy to steal them if you have certain skills. A hacker just needs to find out the user’s crypto address and personal data to start the hunt.

The security of funds on a crypto wallet depends solely on the user’s literacy and anonymity on the network. It is worth remembering that all transactions are public and a hacker can easily find out how many tokens are in the account of a certain address.

Afterwards, it is enough to use phishing or social engineering to gain access to a private address. From there he can easily withdraw money to his account.

Therefore, users must ensure their own privacy. Coin tumblers such as, which have a high level of security and flexible mixing settings, allow you to maintain anonymity at the highest level. Mixers like, which incorporate elements of the coinjoin technology, offer a high level of security and flexible mixing settings, ensuring maximum anonymity.

Is using a Bitcoin tumbler legal?

Today there are big problems with the regulation of cryptocurrencies. Most countries in the world have failed to pass final laws regarding these digital assets and services associated with them.

While the use of Bitcoin mixers is legal in some countries, in others it may be prohibited or regulated, so it’s always recommended to familiarize oneself with local legislation before using them.

Some people believe that crypto tumblers are evil, since money can allegedly be laundered through them. However, in reality, 90% of users use them precisely to maintain anonymity.

Therefore, they can provide law enforcement agencies with information they are interested in about crypto addresses and transactions.

In reality, decentralized exchanges are more often used for money laundering. They work on blockchains and smart contracts and do not require KYC or provision of personal information. Therefore, scammers and hackers use them much more often.

Crypto mixers can maintain user anonymity, ensuring their privacy and security. Reputable crypto mixers do not engage in illegal activities.


When choosing a Bitcoin tumbler, it is important to consider its honesty and transparency. Look at the reputation and reviews online, study the functionality. Try with small amounts first.

Having chosen and made sure that the service is good, use it constantly. Maintaining your anonymous bitcoin transaction ensures security, especially if you often use cryptocurrency to trade on the stock exchange or pay for goods.

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