CNC Machine Buyer’s Guide: What to expect and What to Avoid!

CNC Machine

A CNC router, the computer-controlled device for cutting, boring, drilling, as well as milling an array of different materials has become very popular among manufacturers. Being able to work with lighter materials, at a faster speed, these devices ensure precise results without much effort. One can easily create softer and low-density parts made with aluminium and other metals. And, all one needs is to pick the right machine, packed with favourable features.

However, before you go ahead and choose the expensive one, or the cheapest one, there are certain parameters you must consider to assess the machine. It is imperative that you buy the CNC router that is closest to your needs. Definitely buying your first CNC machine is a daunting task. But knowing what to expect and what to avoid beforehand could ease the overall purchasing process.

So, let’s navigate through the comprehensive guide to help you find the CNC machine that fits right with your goals and applications.

What to Expect from Your CNC Router?

CNC Router

Well, buying the best CNC router can assist you in many ways. However, like every other machine, it has its limitations. Either in terms of material compatibility or design possibilities. So, let us find out what all you can expect from your CNC machine.

Offering high speed along with unmatched precision, these machines can enhance your overall production capacity exponentially. You can expect it to cut down the purchase costs 30%. This not only ensures high performance but also speeds up projects, without compromising the quality.

In addition, these computer-controlled machines are mostly automation, reducing considerably the operational as well as processing costs. Moreover, compatible to work with different kinds of materials from softer to harder ones, CNC routers find their place across diverse niches. From woodworking to aerospace to advertising and more.

What Are the Important Considerations When Buying CNC Machines?

CNC Machines

The perks offered by CNC routers are certainly amazing. Therefore, it is often that users select the latest machine without worrying about the important factors. For instance, budget, size of the machine and many other considerations.

However, you must not make the same mistake. Or else, you may find the best machine available in the market but won’t get the results as expected. Hence, avoid making decisions in haste and take time to figure out which CNC router would solve your specific problems.

What is Your Budget?

Either you are an entrepreneur or a hobbyist, figuring out the expense you can spare for an equipment is very crucial. The budget becomes an even more significant concern considering the price of the CNC routers. These machines come for anywhere between $2000 to $200,000. Some can cost even more.

As it’s the case in 3D printing technology, the price range will differ depending on the machine’s make, configuration, specifications, size and more.

So, never forget to perform cost analysis while calculating the ROI, and quantifying the value the machine is capable of driving. This approach will help you decide the budget range suitable for getting a CNC router solving your specific issues.

CNC Router Capacity

When talking about the CNC router’s capacity, users must assess their project’s size and requirement.

In other words, the projects concerning beginners would differ considerably from an experienced woodworker. Hence, if you are an entry level operator or a college student or someone with a small-scale manufacturing plant can go for medium sized machines. On the other hand, larger enterprises can invest in expensive and larger industrial CNC routers.

Not to forget, always check the space available in your workshop to place your machine.

Check the Duty Cycle

The duty cycle provides the details of the hours your CNC router can operate in a stretch.

For instance, for 20 minutes, a 40 % duty cycle implies that the purchased device would only run for eight minutes. While a 100 % duty cycle means that you can run your machine for the complete 20 minutes.

Hence, check your project goals, needs, delivery timelines, as well as the number of hours you plan to use the device. This will tell you the needed duty cycle of a suitable CNC machine.

Type of Machine

Depending on your application, you must choose the machine that offers the matching sets of features. You can select from Benchtop CNC, Mini CNC router or desktop CNC machines. You can also base your decision depending on the material choice, axis preferences and more.

The Conclusion

A lot of buyers find themselves unsatisfied with their purchase. This is only because it takes more research than it seems when investing in expensive equipment. Hence, you must consider the important aspects before you plan to get your first CNC machine. Do not forget to check the quality of customer assistance provided by the brand you choose to go with.


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