Chiefs vs Steelers: Odds, Predictions, and Insights


Experts anticipate the big break for the Kansas City Chiefs in the following Wild Card round against the Pittsburgh Steelers on January 16, 2022. 

Just about three weeks ago, the Chiefs swept the board in the regular season matchup against Steelers, who are currently considered “the least deserving” easy touch in the NFL Wild Card Round. So, the Chiefs were predicted to blow the competition away, at least, this time with the Steelers. Along with this, NFL public betting lovers are ready to take a chance. 

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The Chiefs defeated the Steelers, 36-10, in Week 16 behind an efficient offensive performance. The Kansas City offense put up 36 points against Pittsburgh’s defense and only 10 points for Ben Roethlisberger and company.

Although Steelers won twice afterward to qualify for the postseason, those victories neither appeared impressive enough nor were considered unexpected as their competitors within the AFC North experienced the obvious decline in their playing strength. Yet, even in this situation, the Chiefs should not take any rivals lightly. But if there is room for more confidence during playoffs, this is the right moment.  

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Chiefs vs Steelers: Recap

The victory in the matchup against the Baltimore Ravens brought the Pittsburgh Steelers to the playoffs. On the other hand, they benefited from the Las Vegas Raiders’ win over the Los Angeles Chargers. As for now, although the Kansas City Chiefs do not top the list of Super Bowl favorites in the AFC, they have a chance to win hands down, according to experts’ predictions.

The devastating loss on December 26 in the matchup against the Chiefs made Steelers generally recognized underdogs. They were beaten 36-10. The main reason that there is so much hype surrounding this matchup is the fact that the Steelers were embarrassed by the Chiefs just a bit less than a month ago. But is there room for some maneuvers or a game-changer for the Pittsburgh Steelers on January 16? 

Yet, one loss does not guarantee the same scenario even in the case of the Chiefs and Steelers rematch. According to some enthusiastic predictions and NFL playoff scenarios, if Pittsburgh can get back to running the ball and not making mistakes, there is a tiny chance they can win. The Chiefs don’t have many outstanding strengths on defense, but they also don’t have many notable weaknesses. A couple of turnovers or a few big plays could theoretically swing the game against Kansas City. A big matchup will be the time of possession – if Pittsburgh can control it, they will force Kansas City to make mistakes. Although it is hardly possible, taking into account the Steelers’ limited offense, it is not out of the question.

Could the Steelers replicate the success of Marshawn Lynch and the Seahawks? As they say, the dice comes up the wrong way. 

NFL Betting Odds in the Wild Card Round Chiefs vs Steelers

The Chiefs and the Steelers make a history of the season as two teams with the most notable odds difference within the playoffs. According to CloudBet – a reputable crypto betting platform – the Chiefs are ranked as 13-point favorites. That is why experts bet big on Kansas City in this rematch. The latest Steelers’ crushing defeat during the first meeting with the Chiefs undermined the assurance in their competing ability sufficiently. 

In light of this, the odds may be unexpectedly high. Here is some information for those who aspire to bet on this game:

Spread Chiefs -13
Moneyline Steelers +500

Chiefs -700

Over/Under 46.5

The information above is based on
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Chiefs vs Steelers: Prediction

Chief vs Steelers

Taking into account that the Chiefs dominated Pittsburgh just three weeks ago, it is difficult to envision the Steelers overcoming their faults and facing Kansas City successfully enough to win at Arrowhead Stadium against the defending AFC leaders. Experts foretell the epic disappointment on the Steelers’ side as they barely made it to the playoffs. It is certainly shocking to see how far down the team has gone in a short time, being the one (apart from Raiders) having a negative scoring margin in the postseason. 

In this game, the Chiefs have an enormous offensive advantage as Ben Roethlisberger appears to be out of trim. He seems to be unable to drive the ball downfield and stifles the Steelers’ offense completely. Herewith, getting the ball to their top receiver, Diontae Johnson, has been a challenge. 

The Chiefs should continue to prosper relying on Patrick Mahomes and Co. and the defense’s sneaky potential. The debate is not over who will come out on top in this game; it is whether the Chiefs have enough “firepower” to cover a near-two-touchdown spread.

Prediction: Chiefs – 27, Steelers – 13

Betting Trends

This season, both teams faced difficulties against the spread (ATS), having 8-9 records throughout the regular season. The spread has shown mixed results for Steelers throughout the year. They witnessed victories and defeats during 7 consecutive weeks. Yet, the team ended up in a spectacular fashion when they shut out the Ravens after defeating the Browns in Week 17.

The Chiefs’ season has been up and down. They played 8 consecutive games successfully before losing to the Cincinnati Bengals. After that, they fell to another ATS loss against Denver this past week.

The Chiefs’ offense proved effective in the latest games, producing 28 points or more in five straight contests. For this period, they have scored 35.4 points per game on average, having a +72 point differential.

The Reasons for Concern

The very first matchup during the regular season brought the Pittsburgh Steelers a devastating defeat: Kansas City won with the final score of 36-10. Plus, the Chiefs were doing unexpectedly well from then onwards. And these are good grounds for concern, taking into account Pittsburgh’s unsatisfactory performance. Yet, here are some more reasons to stake against the Steelers:

  1. The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in their first game, despite the fact that tight end Travis Kelce was inactive, they still defeated the rivals. This week, Kelce returns, leaving the Steelers limited chances to stop him.
  2. The Steelers have the only opportunity of scoring on offense – establishing the run. Anyway, things will depend a lot on Harris and his injured elbow along with his capacity to deal with a significant workload in the following matchup. If it is not for Harris, the game will probably get out of hand fast.
  3. The Chiefs, by all conceivable metrics, are superior especially compared to the Steelers. Pittsburgh has a significant edge in only a few units. The Kansas City Chiefs have already decimated the Pittsburgh Steelers this season, and despite the fact that the Steelers’ defense is doing a bit better, we cannot ignore a significant difference between the two.

According to N1Bet expert prognosis, this game is expected to be a disappointment for Steelers’ fans but a great opportunity to capitalize on the most lucrative NFL betting odds for bettors. While NFL sports betting has always been a big chance to make a scoop, it is worth prioritizing trustworthy and reputable platforms like N1Bet, Stake, CloudBet, ensuring fair odds, bonuses, and sports betting calculators.

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