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A Lesson In Extreme Negotiation: Negotiating With Kidnappers

By Kandarp Mehta and Guido Stein This article is a case analysis based on real events. The case analyses how a young British man who...

Soft Leadership for Millennials

By M.S. Rao The purpose of this article is to explore soft leadership to meet the rising expectations of the millennials globally. It unfolds the...

How to Negotiate Effectively with Multiple Parties?

By Guido Stein and Kandarp Mehta Soft skills, like negotiating, have become increasingly important in creating personal relationships and fostering opportunities for your business’ long-term...

GLOOM vs. BLOOM OF THE FUTURE OF WORK: Can We Chart A Positive Roadmap?

By Mario Raich, Simon Dolan, Dave Ulrich, and Claudio Cisullo As the digital era is continuously in its process to ripen, discussions of destructive unforeseen...


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Leading in an Age of Disruption

AIM for a Thriving Planet

AIM for a Thriving Planet