CashFi (CFI) and Nexo (NEXO) Are Two Coins You Want to Consider Finding Out More About

CashFi (CFI) and Nexo (NEXO)

Has the crypto world peaked your interest? With over 300 million crypto users around the world and an average of 18,000 businesses accepting cryptocurrency payments including countries such as the United States, Canada and others now accepting Bitcoin, you may be wondering if there are any good investment opportunities out there.

Will CashFi (CFI) Take Over the Crypto World?

The new generation of liquid staking is here with CashFi (CFI) predicted to take over the cryptocurrency market once it launches. It is designed to create an ideal ecosystem for providing top-tier liquid staking, synthetic asset services and NFTs.

By providing one to one pegged ERC-20 liquid staking representation tokens on Ethereum, CFI stake will be able to protect Proof of Stake platforms, allowing them to unlock liquidity for staked assets.

There is a fixed CFI supply of 200,000,000 with full transparency and accountability of the distribution of its assets shown on the website, however, only 60 million CFI tokens can be offered for sale.

Launching on September 26, 2022, there is a testnet and mainnet launch followed by an MVP launch, CashFi (CFI) stake development and the NFT marketplace. Many currencies will be accepted including BTC, ETH, XRP, BNB and many more. The coin has great potential to make a name for itself by overcoming the insufficiencies of decentralised finance.

The price of CashFi (CFI) stands at $0.0277 (at the time it was written) so make sure you don’t miss your chance to invest if it fits with your crypto horizon.


Is Nexo (NEXO) the Next Sustainable Solution in the Crypto Market?

Founded in 2017 by Antoni Trenchev, Georgi Shulev and Kosta Kantchev, Nexo’s mission is to build convenient, innovative and sustainable solutions in the lending market.

Possibly one of the most unique platforms out there, Nexo (NEXO) is a blockchain-based instant lending protocol where you can borrow a minimum of $50 and a maximum of $2 million, with automatic approval and no credit checks offering an easy user experience.

It was created so people have efficient ways to transfer or manage funds by all the assets being tokenized on-chain.

Nexo also offers $375 million insurance on all custodial assets with interest starting from 0% APR. Founded by crypto fanatics, the platform allows you to collateralize your crypto and borrow with Nexo’s credit lines.

Unlike other chains, Nexo provides users and investors with a card where without selling your assets it lets you spend their value on them. You can also gain the advantage of flexible repayment options while getting instant cashback on all purchases. The card is accepted by over 40 million merchants worldwide offering users no monthly, annual or FX fees.

The platform claims to have exquisite data protection, risk assessment and improved cybersecurity while providing military-grade security.

As seen on the platform’s website, Nexo is “empowering thousands of people to harness the value behind their crypto assets and live the future of finance today.”

The transparent process and global service create many opportunities for everyone.

Developers when they created the platform wanted inclusivity, transparency and efficiency which reflect in their fully-automated products.

If you are looking to invest in either CashFi (CFI) or Nexo (NEXO), they are both great tokens worth looking into.

Learn more about CashFi down below.

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