Cash Advance is a Real Catch When You Need Money

Cash Advance

If a bank refuses to grant credit, or you do not want to waste time trying — you can immediately turn to a microfinance organization. These companies give loans with bad credit history online to all U.S. residents.

Even if you paid back a bad credit loan last week and already want to take out a new one, it won’t be a problem. Credit history is one of the main indicators that any organization, which lends money, pays attention to.

It contains information about all previous loans, and even more importantly, about how the client repaid the loans.

The cash advance at Instant Cash Advance taken from microfinance companies have several advantages:

  • It is as easy as ABC to take an online loan — it requires fewer requirements and much less money;
  • Has hundreds of times fewer expenses;
  • It gives out only small amounts, which means less risk;
  • It grants only short-term loans, which means that delinquencies are quickly detected and can be acted upon quickly.

For the same reasons, companies are ready to work with other categories of citizens, who are often refused by banks: seniors, students, young people aged 18 years and older, mothers on maternity leave, officially unemployed.

Conditions on which you can take a loan with a bad credit history

Even if you have a bad credit history — you will be given a loan on the same terms as a person with a good credit history.

To receive the credit you must be over 18 years old, have USA citizenship, a passport and TIN, and a bank card to transfer money. The only restriction is if you have overdue loans, which have not been repaid yet. If you have one – most likely, you will not be able to approve the application.

How to apply for a cash advance with bad credit history round the clock?

Step-by-step instructions for those who haven’t yet applied for an online loan:

Create an account using your cell phone. A code will be sent to it, which you’ll need to enter to confirm your registration.

  • Log in to your profile, and fill in all the items in the form.
  • Attach photos or scans of your passport to the application form. You can take them even with your smartphone, as long as you make sure that everything is clear and understandable.
  • Attach your bank card to the application form. The main rules: the card must be issued only under the same name as the registered profile
  • In an online calculator choose the amount and number of days and create an application.
  • Next, the created application is sent for verification. Companies check your credit history, documents, and send a decision by SMS and email. Usually, it takes up to 20-30 minutes at any time.

When your application is approved, your credit agreement comes by email immediately. Open it, read it, and send an SMS code to confirm your approval. After that, in your personal account on the site will appear information about the taken loan, and the money will be transferred to the card in the next few minutes.

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