Can You Monetize Bitcoin (BTC) Without Selling It?

Monetization of Bitcoin

You will not need to sell your cryptocurrency or bitcoin assets if you need cash. If you want to start your own business or are starting with a small business then you will need money for this. You can use your cryptocurrency and also take a loan as collateral. Whenever traders feel that they need it a lot, they can sell their favourite coins. Let us tell you that the most interesting thing is that loans are considered to be such a powerful tool using which the trader can earn more profit. As Robert Kiyosaki says, if a businessman has any kind of debt, then they can be very useful because it helps you to become rich, and there is also a bad debt that makes you poor. Check out the most prevalent cryptocurrency scams if you’re interested in bitcoin trading.

Let Us Know What A Crypto-Backed Loan Is, And How It Works?

It is a brand-new financial product when it comes to crypto-backed loans. Cryptocurrency is used by all the traders in the world as collateral and gives us full permission to receive cash in different local currencies such as instant. Talking about a traditional loan, you can borrow money, and then whenever you have money, you can return it with interest within some time, that too with full payment. Alternatively, we can settle our loan at the same time and make a lump sum payment. As you know, BTC  is not controlled by any central bank.

Now Let’s Talk About How Crypto-backed Loans Work.

  • You have to decide which coins you have to use as collateral and for how many months you have to take the loan, then you can take the loan for 2 months, 4 months, or 6 months.
  • You can deposit at least $100 worth of crypto from your YouHodler Wallet.
  • When it comes to the loan tenure, in the end, you can pay the interest and the loan and you get your crypto or bitcoin back at the same time.
  • You get cash in local currency with withdrawal options via bank transfer or credit card.

There Are Benefits And Some Risks To Taking A Bitcoin Loan.

With this, we can get some bitcoin-funded loans which can be somewhat risky. Since it requires a lot of you to transfer your bitcoins in favor of someone else. Hence the trader has to rely completely on the crypto platform to keep his crypto assets safe. This simply means that you have no control over your bitcoin which is considered to be zero. And you always have to remember one thing you get your coin back only when you repay the loan with interest. If we can never lend for any reason, we could lose all of our collateral, leaving you with nothing. If you are still wondering why you should take a bitcoin loan, then let us tell you that crypto-collateral loans are a great solution for all those traders who want to HODL their coins for a long time while spending cryptocurrency. Commit to keeping it for the time being.


So, all we want to say is that you should not sell your bitcoins and get a cash loan is easy and possible if you join YouHodler crypto loan. If we ever feel that we are in urgent need of cash as well as cash, it is considered very simple and easy to use as it allows us to do online trading as well. On the other hand, when it comes to coins sitting in your wallet and earning nothing, you can deposit your crypto into a YouHodler savings account and earn interest.

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