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Sarms Stack for Bulking and Cutting

SARMS stands for Selective Androgen Receptors Modulators, the concept of which is comparatively new to the one of anabolic steroids. Essentially, it is a type of therapeutic compound possessing comparable effects to steroids. However, its androgenic powers that signify the ability to generate male characteristics are way more limiting than those of steroids. Basically, steroids connect to androgen receptors in several tissues encompassing the body. On the contrary, SARMs connect to some specific ones in some particular tissues. Click Here to Buy Best ALL Legal Sarms Online

From the biological viewpoint, connecting androgens such as testosterone to turn on androgen receptors can produce mass and bones. Since SARMs connect to exclusive receptors, it can deflect unnecessary complications related to the tissues of skin and liver. At present, human trials have been conducted to assess its effects for muscle-wasting triggered by health-related problems like cancer, renal disease, HIV and osteoporosis.

The definite effects of SARMs are the production of muscles and bones. Hence, it is extremely common for mass gainers and gym-goers to consider and attain the substances as promoters. As said, SARMs are not as life-threatening as anabolic steroids. However, none can elude its potential to cause some degree of side effects including heart attack and stroke. Hence, Selective Androgen Receptors Modulators for recreational purpose and athletic performance is completely forbidden by FDA and WADA. In spite of that, there is an exception for people willing to acquire it for investigational or research purpose. In addition to side effects, the unapproved and illegal drug can be abused or worse, can cause addiction.

Brutal Force is one amazing brand in the performance-enhancing market that takes pride in delivering the natural alternative of SARMs. Essentially, the natural alternatives created by Brutal Force are no ordinary imitations. But ones that prove their efficacy through their unique set of natural ingredients.

These ingredients are rigorously investigated and tested in FDA certified, cGMP registered labs while third party testing has proven that their fusion can promote similar bulking, cutting, and strength enhancing effects. Every SARM coming from Brutal Force is 100% health-friendly, legal, and authentic in coming up to your respective expectations.

Some qualities of Brutal Force SARMs making it a better option against SARMs are:

  • The products come from a US-based, highly recognized company
  • It possesses a record of 98% customer satisfaction
  • The substances are 100% natural and safe
  • They are legal to buy and use for bulking, cutting, and strength
  • None of these causes side effects
  • Contain no preservative or artificial ingredient
  • These are manufactured in cGMP and FDA approved labs
  • There is no shipping fee for anyone anywhere across the globe
  • It comes with great discounts and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

BEST SARMS Review [Updated List]

Every SARM engineered by the experts of Brutal Force is an imitation of some very popular SARM. Hence, every product comes with a set of benefits including muscle growth, power output, fat cutting, faster healing and so. Essentially, these products are divided into three main categories. One is the bulking class. Second is cutting and third is strength.

Generally, SARMs that are equipped with the bulking powers also assist you with increased energy, strength, and endurance. However, its main focus is to pack on 9-10lbs of lean muscle mass in a matter of a month. Some most sought after bulking SARMs are RADBULK and LIGABULK.

Then there are SARMs that contribute to the chiseling and definition you need after your bulking cycles.

These products target the fat accumulated around your muscles while working to eliminate your water weight. It further protects muscle wastage and ensures well-paced recovery for those regular hard-core trainings. Some most demanded cutting SARMs are ABDALEAN and CUTSR9.

Last but not the least is the SARMs that exclusively work to enhance your strength and energy. These ones build your endurance to take your performance level to the height of roof! Some popular SARMs you will come across in the category are YKBULK and CARDALEAN.

SARMs that are highly popular and demanded in general are:



Mass gainers commonly resort to anabolic steroids and SARMs that offer them the power to grow big. These substances support the growth of muscles through copying the performance of the anabolic hormone testosterone.

Testosterone boosts neurotransmitters and the concentration of growth hormones in the body. This in turn, stimulates the growth of muscle tissue, causing an expansion in the capacity our muscle can engorge. However, since anabolic steroids and SARMs are dangerous, it’s always good to go the safer way.

Brutal Force possesses a powerful set of bulking agents that choose a very natural and convenient way to grow muscles. In place of mimicking the effects of testosterone, the legal alternatives stimulate the natural production of testosterone, fat oxidation, synthesis of the neurotransmitter Acetylcholine, and metabolic activities for the results you seek.  

Some Bulking SARMs by Brutal Force worth giving a shot are:


RADBULK is the natural counterpart of the most sought after SARM, Testolone RAD-140. Essentially, people admire Testolone RAD-140 for its extreme muscle building effects. And so, RADBULK has been meticulously engineered keeping the effects of the SARM in sight.

The mass gaining formula comes forward with its fast-acting nature to help you get into your perfect beast mode. It assists bulking far beyond your natural tendency while ensuring your body burn sufficient amount of fat to look define. More to the denser gains, it fastens up recovery to add to the training quality and frequency on a whole.

The dietary formula works by enhancing fat oxidation to unleash that raw form of energy. It further stimulates synthesis of the neurotransmitter Acetylcholine that aids in sharpening up your focus towards your goals. The ingredients also rev basal metabolic activities to flush off the fat covering the muscles and hiding their magnetism!

RADBULK is an absolute composition of natural ingredients like Acetyl-l-carnitine, choline, and wild yam that do not cause any complication. It has been thoroughly tested and found effective in creating effects that are highly comparable to that of Testolone RAD-140.

Some benefits associated with the use of RADBULK are:

  • Solid, fat-free muscle growth
  • Supports better pumps
  • Higher fat burning
  • Increased strength and endurance
  • Vascular, chiseled body
  • Breaks growth Plateaus
  • High paced post-workout recovery


Another hit and most in-demand bulking SARM by Brutal Force is LIGABULK. LIGABULK, as the name suggests, is the natural alternative of Ligandrol. Hence, you can surely expect massive muscle growth, crazy strength levels, and necessary fat loss from it.

LIGABULK steps with its hulk-like muscle building powers. The recipe promotes a clean muscle growth while paving way for the energy and strength you need to survive during those hardcore trainings. It further brings down the fat levels, heals bones, and controls muscle fatigue to improve workouts and their frequency.

The bulking tool works through fueling up the production of testosterone and growth hormone in the body. Increased amount of testosterone and growth hormone make size expansion and fat loss much easier and faster. Besides, ingredients in LIGABULK also hold anti-inflammatory qualities, utilizing which; the formula goes a long way in relieving joint pain.

Every ingredient added in the formulation of LIGABULK like Ashwagandha, L-Leucine, vitamin D3, and Methylsulfonylmethane(MSM) are 100% natural. Thereby, there stands no chance of the dietary supplement turning against your health. It is a product made in FDA approved lab meeting all the safety and quality standards of the administration.

Some benefits associated with the course of LIGABULK are:

  • Rock hard muscle growth
  • Significant reduction in fats
  • Intense energy and strength
  • Higher endurance for longer workouts
  • Relieves joint pain and discomfort
  • Reduced recovery duration
  • Reduced muscle exhaustion
  • Quick healing of bones and tendon


OSTABULK is another quality and valuable addition in the category of Brutal Force Bulking agents. It is a natural alternative of Ostarine MK-2866 that has proven its efficacy in the muscle and strength enhancement department. OSTABULK is all about gaining quality muscles like its synthetic counterpart. What adds to its worth is its ability to end the cycle safe and sound with the results you seek.

OSTABULK upgrades your muscle building game to an intensive height. At the same time, it ensures intense strength and energy push your training limits far and beyond. Interestingly, the effects of this Ostarine alternative are not restricting to muscle enlargement and strength enhancement. It further helps to drop the fat levels on the scale for the mass gainers and athletes to develop that striking ripped look.

The dietary formula is a mix of ingredients proven to support the production of testosterone in men. Within weeks, it pulls the levels of testosterone to the amount demanded by your body to amass. Besides, it supplies essential nutrients like vitamin B6 to encourage the making and absorption of amino acids. Other ingredients in the formulation also work to improve bone density to strength them and lower the risk of fractures.

OSTABULK is an amalgamation of natural extracts obtained from Mother Nature like B vitamins, zinc, and D-aspartic. Owing to which, it is too mild or say, natural to produce side effects generated by the synthetic SARM, Ostarine. Hence, feel free to embark on the cycle as well as repeat for short and long-term muscle building goals.

Some sure-fire benefits of using OSTABULK are:

  • Development of powerful muscles
  • Increasing strength and endurance
  • Melt away unnecessary fats
  • Break plateau and accelerate progress
  • Deliver record breaking performance
  • Enhance bone density
  • Add to your vascularity


YKBULK is a prominent name in the field of bulking SARMs by Brutal Force. It is a natural alternative of the popular SARM called YK11 MYOSTATIN that is generally sought to add mass. However, while it does mimic the positive effects of the latter, it is not composed to mimic its aftermaths.

YKBULK has a strong influence on the growth of mass. And hence, it largely functions to help you get jacked in weeks. In addition to the growth and development of muscles you seek, it also promotes higher strength to push extreme weights. The formula decreases muscle fatigue and contributes to faster recovery as a plus. Overall, YKBULK is a great pick to multiply muscle building effects and break the training plateau, if any.

To expand your potential to enlarge, the performance enhancing drug enhances your power to make Testosterone. Testosterone, being the game changer hormone then empowers your body to grow and build strength levels within weeks. Moreover, YKBULK also improves blood circulation to all your body muscles. Through an approach this essential, it goes all the way favoring your strength, sex drive, energy and more.

YKBULK is a product made of natural ingredients like puncture vine, bulbine natalensis, acetyl-L-Carnitine, Muira Puama, and Longjack. Therefore, nothing in the formulation can cause side effects for you. Not only that, it is free from any preservative, paraben, GMO, or anything that can trigger a reaction.

YKBULK is associated with the following set of benefits:

  • Elevated growth of muscles
  • Prevention of fat accumulation
  • Higher stamina and endurance
  • Boosted sex drive
  • Prevention of muscle fatigue
  • Faster and better training recovery
  • Impressive athletic performance


In addition to the size enlargement, SARMs are equally wanted to flush off the unnecessary fats covering up the muscles. Bodybuilders and mass gainers develop piles of unwanted fats owing to their bulking requirements to meet 40% of carb from their complete caloric consumption.

Moreover, fitness freaks also follow the SARMs cutting cycle to fit in the body mold, they find perfect for themselves. But since SARMs are unapproved substances highly discouraged by the health experts, one must always look for the safer alternatives.

In this case, the ones that act as the ideal alternatives are the cutting range offered by Brutal Force. These agents equip the powerful fat melting effects through ingredients that are proven to augment metabolic engines. They break down fats, limit fatty tissues, ensure optimum thermogenic capacity, and enhance insulin sensitivity for increased metabolization of macronutrients.

However, the quality that makes them an absolute assistance for your cutting goals is their protection for your muscles. Yes, the cutting formulas are specifically premeditated to remove fats but protect your muscles at the time of action. These formulas are further supplemented with powers like increase in strength and shorter recovery period between every workout.

Some cutting SARMs you must not miss by Brutal Force are:


ANDALEAN is an extraordinary fat burner that offers similar effects as one of the prominent cutting SARMs Andarine S-4. The formula focuses on melting away the unnecessary body fats while paying special emphasis on the ones around your muscles. Similar to its synthetic counterpart, it also supports the strength and muscle enlargement. However, it does not carry the health threats that generally accompany the use of Andarine S-4.

As said, the natural alternate of Andarine is associated with tremendous fat loss. Through its amazing set of fat burners, it targets and addresses fats while guarding the muscles from any unnecessary wasting. ANDALEAN also regulates the blood sugar while its amino acids further work to slapping on size. It enhances energy levels and stamina to a point you find weight lifting and longer workout hours easier and effortless.

The formula cuts out the water weight for the muscles to look defined and highlighted. It manages blood sugar and prevents its increase to stop the accumulation of fat and help you dispose the excess. Moreover, ANDALEAN encompasses a patented ingredient ElevATP that has been found to multiply cellular ATP along with its powers to regulate phosphocreatine system for the increase in the making of ATP. The increase in cellular ATP favors your energy, physical power, endurance, and muscle production.

ANDALEAN consists of natural ingredients like Soy Protein Isolate, whey, BCAA and Wild yam powder taken from premium sources. Due to which, it lacks the potential to turn against your health anytime. It is a complete, safer route that you can take anytime for your fat loss and weight loss success.

Andalean is associated with the following set of benefits:

  • Higher fat loss
  • Dip water weight
  • Control blood sugar
  • Develop lean muscles
  • Ease muscle soreness and weariness
  • Promote muscle regeneration
  • Intensify energy and stamina
  • Prevent DOMS while upgrading or switching workout intensity


CUTSR9 is the most widely approved natural alternative for the cutting SARM, SR9009 STENABOLIC. Essentially, the formula is an amalgamation of ingredients that largely support the stabilization of metabolism to deliver powerful cutting effects. Besides burning your fat like butter, it adds to your stamina, power output and muscle regeneration like SR9009 STENABOLIC. However, when it comes to safety, CUTSR9 proves to be far more different from the detrimental nature of SR9009 STENABOLIC.

The legal substance prevents your body from storing any unneeded fats while provoking the process of fat burning. All the way while keeping a check on your fat levels, it heightens up the stamina and endurance levels for you to outperform in the gym. The formula helps with recovery in between training to give your muscles the boost they need to build and strengthen.

CUTSR9 works through a science that is highly effective for the removal and prevention of fat storage. Basically, it limits the sum of glucose that is generally amassed as fat by the body. It also activates metabolism and thermogenesis to put off fat storage, which consequently leads to raising the intensity of energy. CUTSR9 possesses anti-inflammatory properties. Through which, it boosts mitochondria activity on top of restricting the potential damage of the previous one. The effects come in the form of faster recovery, muscle regeneration, and size expansion.

CUTSR9 comprises natural ingredients like chromium, potassium, cocoa powder, green tea, and evodiamine extracted from quality sources. These ingredients turn the performance enhancing supplement into a comprehensive cutting formula with the missing element of side effects.

The definite array of benefits associated with CUTSR9 is:

  • Intensive fat loss
  • Higher energy, stamina
  • Super endurance and faster recovery
  • Extreme physical power
  • Removal of water weight
  • Promote muscle growth and muscle protection


IBUTALEAN is all about taking your bodybuilding goals to one step further. It is primarily a natural alternative of the SARM, Ibutamoren MK-677 that encourages the growth of leaner muscles. The natural performance enhancing formula is very convincing for the growth and development of a defined physique while it tends to scores full when the question pertaining to its safety arises!

IBUTALEAN pays a heavy emphasis on the production of new muscles as well as the removal of fats. It enhances blood circulation, oxygen, and nutrients to the muscular system for the muscles to build higher strength and endurance. With its anti inflammatory powers, the performance enhancer goes a long way in preventing soreness and joint pain after workouts. IBUTALEAN works ideally when you count it to reduce your recovery timings and actively participate in your performance.

The legal alternate of Ibutamoren supplies a powerful set of amino acids for the body to make Human Growth Hormone. HGH is an extremely useful hormone that facilitates the growth, maintenance, and healing of the muscle tissues. HGH also contributes to fat loss that makes it one great tool to slash the excess pounds. Besides, it includes antioxidant compounds called polyphenols and nitric oxide that deliver effects like anti-inflammatory and boosted blood circulation respectively.

IBUTALEAN is a natural formulation based on ingredients like Maca Root, Hawthorn Berry, and L-arginine among others. None of the ingredients part of the fusion is artificial or illegal in any way or form. Hence, the supplement is powerless enough to cause any mild to extreme level of side effects. Because of the effectiveness and safety, you can confidently consider it for your short or long term fitness needs.

Some benefits associated with IBUTALEAN are:

  • Extreme fat loss
  • Leaner muscle growth
  • Well shaped physique
  • Elevated strength
  • Rapid recovery
  • Prevent joint tenderness and pain


The last in the category is CARDALEAN that serves as the natural stand-in for the powerful cutting SARM Cardarine GW501516. Essentially, it is the fat loss assistance you need to deal with your fat levels systematically and safely. Similar to other SARMs alternatives produced and delivered by Brutal Force, CARDALEAN too, has been proven effective and safe.

The cutting agent focuses on the fats keeping you from a perfectly, sculpted body. It maximizes your workout capacity through unleashing the strength and power you need within you. The formula is further designed to prevent muscle tiredness while help you heal faster from those intense and tiring trainings. Overall, CARDALEAN ensures vascularity through eradicating the excess fat, pumping up muscles, and enhancing those crazy veins in your arms.

CARDALEAN brings down your fat levels through employing its extremely helpful amino acids that strengthen the efficiency of metabolism. It generates the power of ingredients that have been found to enhance the retention of nitric oxide by the arteries. Essentially, nitric oxide is favorable for increased supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles undergoing the pressure of training. Thereby, its increase leads to higher pumps, extended endurance, efficient recovery and an absolute set of vascular muscles. Moreover, the amalgamation of ingredients also boosts blood supply to the muscles, which largely adds quality to your trainings.

CARDALEAN is blend of natural ingredients like Wild Yam, Ginseng, L-arginine, and Acetyle-L-Carnitine. The dietary formula has been kept absolutely organic and free from any content that is artificial in nature. For this reason; CARDALEAN is powerless in generating health-related complications that are caused by Cardarine.

Benefits that are sure to come your way through CARDALEAN are:

  • Intense fat loss
  • Protection of muscles
  • Removal of water weight
  • Higher strength and endurance
  • Prevent muscle soreness and pain
  • Delay muscle fatigue
  • Pace workout recovery
  • Imposing vascularity


When it comes to the natural alternatives of SARMs, there is no level defined by the experts restricting their use. This means, you are free to follow the course of Brutal Force SARMs at any fitness level you stand at. Yes, from beginners to pro, Brutal Force SARMs promises to deliver the desired bulking and cutting without any harm.

Now generally, beginners are inexperienced enough to determine the formula that is more suitable for them in the given time. Therefore, they are the individuals that often question more and end up with some inappropriate substances.

Essentially, our experts always suggest the use of RADBULK to anyone about to embark on the bodybuilding journey. RADBULK is the ideal bulking formula that facilitates the growth of mass through its extremely absorbing and highly effective nature. As stated, RADBULK further supports strength and endurance you need the most in the beginning!


Time has gone when performance enhancing substances were restricted to the use of men and were highly discouraged to women. The advancement in research has come up with options that are not only effective for women, but safer as well.

Well, it all comes down to the natural alternative of SARMs that are equally inviting for women as for men. The formulas by Brutal Force are smartly constructed to perform as convincingly as the synthetic SARMs but with the exception of being safe for the health. However, the natural SARMs best recommended for women are RADBULK for bulking cycles and ANDALEAN for cutting cycles. RADBULK is a tool for bulking and strength while ANDALEAN is the agent that takes away fat and promotes recovery.


Buying SARMs for the novice bodybuilders can be one confusing task. Especially, when the internet is flooded with the proclaimed dietary formulas working as powerfully as the original SARMs. Of course, not everything we come across on the internet is true. As a matter of fact, many of these pack the content of synthetic SARMs that may be labeled as ‘nutritional formulas’ but are highly dangerous as well as illegal.

SARMs buyer guide that is sure to land you safely on your desired bulking or cutting SARM are:


SARMs are the initials for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. In general, it is referred to a particular compound or a mix of two. What makes these compounds different from others is their similarity with the androgen receptors. Basically, these are the receptors that provoke anabolism (the growth of muscles) and contribute to faster recovery. While the substances are often mistaken as anabolic steroids, the man-made ligands connect to the androgen receptors of selective tissues and not the tissues all over like the anabolics.


SARMs are potent and can be damaging to health. Like anabolic steroids, they have their own set of potential short to long term side effects with some being lethal. Therefore, the use of SARMs is highly discouraged by the health experts that state to take a safer road instead. In a situation like this, SARMs that are produced through 100% natural ingredients, safe, and legal come in handy. These SARMs are manufactured by one of the most reputable companies in the US, called Brutal Force.


Now determine your level. For example, if you are a novice bodybuilder, you are advised to begin with a single natural SARM. If you fit into the pro category, you can safely opt for the stack (combination of different SARMs for advance bodybuilding) option. Set your goals to settle on the type you need. For example, SARMs have two categories. One for mass gaining (bulking) and other for fat cutting (fat loss). Setting your goals will help you decide the category you must look for the one offering more to your goals


There is a natural SARM for almost every popular SARM known to us. Now since you know your category, finalize the one you wish to order. While every SARM is ideal for your bulking and cutting goals, don’t forget to dig into the one you chose. Look for the mechanism and ingredients to check your tolerance


Only the official website of Brutal Force possesses the authentic recipes of natural SARMs. Hence, try your best to avoid any unnecessary third party involvement. Generally, you can grab a single month supply of your desired SARM for a reasonable price. However, if you wish to name some discount, can order two bottles and entitle yourself to a FREE third one


Now there are some important considerations that you need to ponder when buying a SARM.

For example:


There is a dosage set for every formula. The natural alternatives of SARMs are provided in some oral, highly absorbing, easy to swallow pills to take with liquid. The manufacturers have specifically detailed about the dosages of every SARM along with the timings they work more effectively at


Check for the price to see if they fall within your range or demand you to expand your budget a bit. Luckily, natural SARMs are an affordable affair for the majority. Others can pick the offer encompassing THREE for TWO deals for any SARM they wish to buy


Q1. Are SARMs legal?

SARMs are illegal to sell and purchase for recreational purposes. Thereby, the encapsulated form sold to the public directly or through the name of dietary supplement creates a legal mess. For a legal access, you can purchase the ones sold as research chemicals online.

Q2. Do you need Cycle Support for SARMs?

Since its effects and mechanism are somewhat relatable to anabolic steroids, it is always advised to do the needed. That is, use a cycle support together with the synthetic version of SARMs.

Q3. What is the best SARM for building muscles?

There are a plethora of options falling under the very category like YK-11 and Ostarine MK-2866. But when it comes to the best for muscle building, our choice is Testolone RAD-140.

Q4. Which SARMs can you stack?

It is common for people to stack SARMs to enhance their progress and obtain their goals faster. However, not every combo is worth stacking. However, the ones you can use in synergy to enlarge your size are Testolone RAD-140 and Ligandrol LGD-4033.

Q5. Which is the best RAD 140 Stack?

Experts suggest that you combine Testolone RAD 140 with Ligandrol LGD-4033 to jack up muscle gains. They further advice incorporating some supplement that can enhance GH secretion like Ibutamoren.

Q6. What is the best LGD 4033 stack?

Ideally, you can fuse its use with Endurobol and Ostarine mk-2866. The combination of the three serves as an ideal mix for muscles growth, fat loss, and strength enhancement.

Q7. Can RAD 140 and Cardarine stack?

You can easily mix and benefit from stacking the two, owing to the latter’s non-hormonal nature and inability to influence androgen receptors. When used in conjunction, the two can take your athletic performance and fitness towards the up.

Q8. Can you stack SARMs with steroids?

If you are a beginner about to step on your fitness regimen, we discourage stacking these two potentially dangerous substances. Even if you are on an advance level of your fitness and have followed their individual cycle in the past, we will point towards the lack of research on the mix for you to better judge.

Q9. Can you stack SARMs with testosterone booster?

SARMs have the potential to curb endogenous testosterone along with impairing a plethora of natural functions in your body. Therefore, one can follow the mix simultaneously on a cyclical basis if need be.

Q10. Is RAD 140 stronger than testosterone?

RAD 140 lacks androgenic powers but possesses relatable anabolic powers in comparison with testosterone. Owing to which, it can expand your natural tendency to make protein synthesis essential for muscle growth.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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