Brokeree Solutions Earns “Most Reliable Copy Trading Platform” Award at FinanceFeeds Awards 2023

Copy Trading Platform

Brokeree Solutions, a technology provider for multi-asset brokers, was highlighted at the inaugural FinanceFeeds Awards 2023. The event, which started in June, recognized leading industry players across four prominent categories: Brokers & Exchanges, Institutional, Crypto, and Fintech & Payments. The results were announced on the 3rd of August.

Serving as the turnkey technology provider for multi-asset brokers, Brokeree Solution participated in the Fintech category, where it was named the provider of the most reliable copy trading platform for its’ Social Trading solution.

Brokeree’s Social Trading is a comprehensive copy trading platform that extends brokers’ offers and levels up signal-sharing services. With its intuitive UI, the platform offers users multiple copying modes, flexible filters, and robust risk-management tools. Thus, the solution provides investors the flexibility to accurately configure their investment strategies, whether they’re acting as followers or signal providers.

One of the key advantages presented in the solution is its cutting-edge cross-server functionality. This functionality allows brokers to introduce real-time sharing of trading signals across various trading servers. This up-to-date feature overcomes technological barriers, brings together all of a broker’s clients into a united investing pool, and guarantees a smooth copy trading process for all stakeholders.

Ensuring convenient management for brokers, Social Trading also provides dedicated portals for administrators and other members of the brokerage team. These portals enable easy monitoring and configuration of trading conditions for symbols, groups, and specific accounts, all through a user-friendly interface.

“Winning the FinanceFeeds Award for the ‘Most Reliable Copy Trading Platform’ is an exciting milestone for us, as it highlights the forefront players in the industry and recognizes innovative thinking. We’re thrilled to have received this recognition, and it reinforces our pride in our product suite, tailored to transform broker operations. Our solutions are designed to streamline management and offer exceptional flexibility for traders on the go, showcasing Brokeree Solutions’ integrative approach. We’re truly honored to have our efforts acknowledged in this manner.” – stated in the Brokeree Solutions press release.

As the FinanceFeeds Awards 2023 concludes, Brokeree Solutions is a leading technology company specializing in turnkey solutions development, trading platform servicing, and consultation for multi-asset brokers. With a strong customer-centric approach, the company is renowned for its flagship, multi-server Social Trading and PAMM investment platforms.

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