Bovada is The Only US Online Casino That Takes MatchPay

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There are many reasons why Bovada is the most popular betting site of USA. One of them is, for sure, Bovada financial services, which provide gamblers with many convenient deposit and withdrawal methods. 

Recently, it was announced in Bovada news that a brand-new deposit option was available for bettors, allowing them to use Paypal, Venmo, Zelle and Cash up to make fast deposits.

We are talking about MatchPay a new peer-to-peer credit trading marketplace that automatically matches buyers and sellers and allows them to make trades quickly and securely through common payment methods, such as PayPal. 

What is MatchPay?


MatchPay is a peer-to-peer payment service that allows buyers and sellers to easily trade through virtual payment methods they already used. That is exactly what makes it different from another payment methods.

With MatchPay you will be able to move funds from any of the most used payment methods in the world, such as PayPal, CashApp, Zelle or Venmo and make deposit into your online casino account. 

Availability of MatchPay

Bovada is the only casino in the United States that is accepting MatchPay deposits. Anyway, not all players can actually access this benefit. When signing in at Bovada, you should check in the available payment methods list if MatchPay is actually an option for you. 

Many players that couldn’t see MatchPay as an available option, solved the issue by contacting Bovada’s customer service and therefore were able to use the service without any trouble.

Depositing through MatchPay

First, you will need to create a MatchPay account in order to access its services. So, in order to deposit or withdrawal through this useful banking service, your need to register and sign in into its online site. 

Signing in is quite easy. You will just need to get into the Match Pay website and select the option to create an account. Some basic information will be requested and an authentication process will be done. After the registration process is done, you will have to create a MatchPay ID and password. 

Next, if you don’t have a Bovada account, you will have to create it through their website and select MatchPay as the deposit method. After doing so, you will be able to select an amount of cash you wish to deposit and your Bovada deposit request will automatically become a MatchPay order.

So, once you are signed in Bovada’s website, your MatchPay account will be automatically linked to your Bovada account. The money on your account won’t be available for outside trades until your get it out of your Bovada account. After doing so, you will be able to move it to other online payment services.

Even though, the procedures to use MatchPay may sound difficult, it’s interface is very user friendly and intuitive. As soon as you get in you will understand it straightforward.

One of the things that make MatchPay a convenient financial service is its bonuses. Gamblers that make their first, second and third deposit on MatchPay will receive a 100% deposit bonus up to $1000. 

To access your bonuses, you will need to use the coupon code. For the first deposit, use CAWELCOME100, and for second and third deposit the coupon code is BV2NDCWB. By using these coupons, every dollar deposited provides a $1 bonus cash you will be able to use for gambling.

It’s important to know that Bovada has a $20 – $1000 deposit limit for MatchPay, so you won’t be able to go beyond those limits.

Withdrawal with MatchPay

Another benefit of MatchPay services is that it allows gamblers to withdrawal their winnings through many payment services commonly used, such as PayPal, Venmo, Cash App and Zelle.

So, even though, with MatchPay you won’t be able to collect your winning directly into your bank account, you will be able to get them into your payment service and then send it through payouts to your bank.

To do so, you need to make a payout request at Bovada. The amount your selected for withdrawal will be removed from your balance and become a MatchPay offer. This means you are selling your MatchPay credit for cash.

After creating your MatchPay offer, you can sell it for cash. Once you have done that, your MatchPay cash will be available for moving it to another payment service that has access to your bank account.

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