BestGameHosting Has All The Game Hosting Providers For Every Game

Game hosting has continued to become popular throughout lockdown, and even throughout the years. Best Game Hosting has been providing it’s readers with comparisons of game hosting for a year now, for example the best Rust server hosting, etc.

Ark, Rust, Minecraft and Space Engineers are among the most popular game hosting options around.

Game Hosting Providers Reviews

There’s some game hosting providers that are well known in the industry such as Survival Servers and which are both highly rated by comparison sites like and

Some hosting providers like McProHosting focusses on a single game. However, you can see in this McProHosting review here about the quality of the host due to it’s single-market targeting.

There are tens of thousands of reviews of game hosting providers. Both positive and negative. You could also take a look at TrustPilot or a different review platform.

Game Server’s Available

There are obviously hundreds of game hosting providers out there and different types. Throughout comparison sites and review sites, you can see which one will suit you best, for example, if you’re into Minecraft Hosting, you’ll likely want to choose a Minecraft dedicated host, as they’re specialised in Minecraft.

Another point is the actual server performance, which relies on hardware and software. Things like fast internet speeds at the data centres and sufficient hardware is key.

Game hosts like Nitrado use AMD CPUs, alongside plenty of RAM. Hardware is very important for speedy performance on your game server.

Game Hosting History

Game server hosting is the place where all began for online gaming when the first gamers started to play on the internet only by hosting games on their own computers.

All the players had to do was purchase their game and build a server from home that was frequently simultaneously played on the home PC on a dedicated server app similar to the server alternative for most games such as the Counter Strike Source for days. Because of the low speeds and specs of home computers, the player machine is always placed under immense stress and only offers players a low deterioration server efficiency and playing games.

Even if internet providers offered a faster and bandwidth-based connexion to maintain their server loading, most home computer systems still needed to handle the data that they needed computing. In the early stages of online gaming machines, it was simply not feasible to process such high speed and comprehensive data needed for high end online gaming and hosting. The highest standards for good online gaming couldn’t be reached in factors such als 3D graphics, game physics and network details sorted and distributed that were expected to be sent to each player connected to the game server.


All in all, BestGameHosting as a business and a comparison website is highly useful, and recommended. Lots of gamers like playing with their friends and BGH helps you find the best and cheapest host for any occasion.

They list all the games that have server’s available. From Rust hosting to Ark hosting they have it listed.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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