Best Sugar Daddy Sites To Meet Sugar Daddies and Babies in 2023

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Let’s be blunt: you’re probably here because you want to capitalize on your good looks and score a new partner via a sugar relationship.

No judgment!

Whether you’re a potential sugar daddy or a sugar baby, our list of the best sugar daddy websites and apps provide ample opportunity to meet the sweet mate of your dreams.

From free sugar dating sites to premium platforms that introduce you to dateable rich dudes or hot, young females, our list covers it all.

Top Sugar Daddy Websites Reviewed

  • RedditAbsolutely free to use

1. Secret Benefits – Best Sugar Daddy Site Overall

secret benefits


  • Stringent member verification system
  • Quick and easy account signups
  • Credit-based payments for premium stuff
  • Sugar babies use it for free


  • No mobile app version
  • Search filters need more categories

Price: Credit packages at $50 for 100; $160 for 500; $289 for 1,000

Secret Benefits is the kind of sugar daddy site where you can turn your daddy issues into a nice romantic setup with one of their successful members. 

That is to say, SB is one of the best sugar daddy sites out there if you’re a sugar baby looking for an older benefactor to fulfill your dreams. There’s a great male to female member ratio here as well that ensures there’s a daddy for every sugar baby on this platform.

One of the top features is its strict member verification system. It uses photo verification to ensure that you’re a legit user and not a “tourist”.

The fact that this process is quick just makes this online dating site all the more attractive for both younger women and wealthy men looking for romance. Sugar babies also have reason to rejoice here, as this sugar dating relationship site offers 100% free membership to babies. 

Meanwhile, sugar dads simply need to purchase the site’s currency and use them whenever they need more premium features like DM and unlimited photo viewing capabilities.

2. What’s Your Price – Fun, Unique Sugardaddy Website

whats your price


  • Credit-based system
  • Lots of available daddies (and mommies!)
  • Helpful customer support team
  • Gives male and female babies tons of control


  • Somewhat small community
  • Some joy bidders found here

Price: Credit packages at $50 for 100; $150 for 500; $250 for 1,000

They say you can’t put a price on love. Well, What’s Your Price proves the exact opposite of that, because this sugar daddy website is about helping the highest bidder find romance.

If you’re a baby, you can find the most lucrative sugar relationships here by putting yourself on the auction block. You even have the opportunity to set your starting bid that sugar daddies have to abide by if they want to get some of your lovin’. 

As such, this has become one of the best sugar dating sites for both male and female sugar babies looking to cash in on their good looks. There are a lot of sugar poppas and sugar mommas on this platform, so don’t be surprised if your prices skyrocket in a matter of minutes. 

And in cases where your winning bidder reneges, don’t worry: this dating site’s super efficient customer support team will take care of that.

Lastly, WYP is one of those uncommon sugar dating sites that doesn’t use a monthly membership structure. To access DMs and other features, you have to buy site credits and spend them accordingly.

3. Miss Travel – Best Sugar Baby Website for Jetsetters 

miss travel


  • Customize your ideal vacation
  • Made specifically for luxury trips
  • Super secure dating website
  • Find both mammas and daddies


  • Only sugar daddies can customize trips
  • No virtual gifts

Price: Premium account for $39.95 for 1 month; $209.70/3 months; $179.70/6 months

Miss Travel stands as the most unique sugar dating website you can find online today. 

Instead of hooking up a sugar baby with designer bags or straight-up allowances, this sugar baby site allows you to go on the hottest, most lavish getaways with the help of the hunky sugar daddies here.

Miss Travel allows sugar daddies to create and customize ideal vacations, and then post them on the site. After which, it’s up to you sugar babies to choose from the list of available trips that you’ll find here.

You’re going to find that this sugar daddy website is a godsend if you have a case of wanderlust!

To further cement its place as the finest, travel-oriented sugar baby site at the moment, MT makes sure that all its members are legit and you get efficient customer support.

Signing up to this dating website is free, which allows you to view the available trips on offer. However, you’re going to need to upgrade your membership to hook up with any sugar daddy or sugar baby on this top sugar daddy sites platform.

4. Reddit – Best 100% Free Sugar Daddy Site



  • Everyone can use it for free
  • Has an active community
  • Lets you post ads to meet dates
  • Super popular with lots of people


  • Lots of fake users
  • No search filters available

Price: Free for everyone

Reddit’s sugar lifestyle section might not technically be a sugar dating platform (it’s more of an online forum) but it’s nonetheless a helpful resource if you’re looking for a rich man to help you fulfill your fantasies.

First and foremost, it’s 100% free to use just like any other Subreddit out there. So, you can invest more on beauty products and sexy lingerie to keep your sweet poppa happy instead of paying for membership fees here.

There’s a large, active community here that’s made up of legitimate babies and daddies looking to hook up with one another. However, there are a noticeable number of fake users and trolls as well, so take note of that when using this site.

On the whole, Reddit’s sugar lifestyle section might not be perfect, but it sure as hell beats not having a platform that can help you find a dreamboat to spend cold nights with!

5. AdultFriendFinder – Top Sugar Daddy Website for Casual Meetups 

adultfriend finder


  • Largest dating community online
  • Nifty articles about sugar dates
  • Tons of in-site groups and cliques
  • Great LGBTQ+ option


  • Lots of fake and inactive profiles
  • Not exclusively made for sugar dating

Price: Premium membership at $39.95 for 1 month; $80.85/3 months; $239.40/1 year

AdultFriendFinder is hands-down the largest dating platform that you can find on the internet right now. That’s all thanks to the fact that it caters to any and all types of relationships – sugar dates included.

This is also what makes it one of the best hookup sites all around.

Having said that, you’re in for a treat if you’re looking for a huge, diverse community of sugar dads and sugar moms. On the downside, there are a lot of dubious profiles here, so you have to be extra careful when trying to set up a sugar relationship.

AFF’s main draw is how it doesn’t just help you find a sweet partner to meet in real life; it also offers exclusively online services like helpful sugar baby daddy guides, live cam features and even a section for movies!

Basic membership on this site is free. However, accessing unlimited profile views, matchmaking capabilities and full use of their search tools require that you upgrade to a premium account.

6. Ashley Madison – Best Sugar Baby Site for Married People



  • Prioritizes discretion and privacy
  • Nicely customizable profiles
  • No monthly membership required
  • Great option for sugar mommas


  • Not exclusively for sugar dating
  • Few sugar daddy singles

Price: Credit packages at $59 for 100; $169/500; $289/1,000

Ashley Madison might not be exclusively made for sugar dating, but you can definitely look for hot sugar dads and moms on this platform with ease.

First and foremost, Ashley Madison is specifically designed for cheating. That said, you’ll discover that nearly all the available sweet parents on this platform are either married or in a committed relationship.

This makes Ashley Madison one of the most ideal sugar dating websites if you want more taboo sugar relationships. Plus, male sugar babies are welcome here as well; it’s not just a place for “traditional” sugar dating.

Expect some of the most customizable profile and security settings here. As far as sugar dating sites go, you’d rarely find a platform that allows you to filter out your audience as efficiently as this one.

Signing up on AM is completely free and there are no monthly memberships required for DM features. All you need are AM credits, which you can buy in packs of 100 and up.

7. Established Men – Best Sugarbaby Site for Sugar Daddy Gifts

established men


  • Easy account creation process
  • Amazing customer support
  • Lots of available gifts
  • Free for sugar babies!


  • Male to female ratio a bit unbalanced
  • Sugar daddies pay for membership

Price: Premium membership at $79/1 month; $147/3 months; $300/1 year; Sugar babies use it for free

Established Men is one of the best sugar sites if you’re looking for a rich benefactor who can quickly deliver presents straight from the platform. Babies can easily create a wishlist of preferred gifts, which sugar daddies can send if they want to get some quality time with you.

That’s not to mention that sugar babies can use this platform without having to pay for any fees. Only sugar daddies are required to opt for a premium membership. It’s the same reason why there’s a nicely large community here.

You can take advantage of nifty features like automatic notifications when new sugar daddies join, posting discreet photos and unlimited DM capabilities all for free if you’re a baby.

8. SugarDaddyMeet – Top Sugar Daddy Website to Find Rich Men



  • Features lots of rich dudes
  • No fake accounts guaranteed
  • Superb customer support
  • Richest cities are in luck


  • Noticeably small sugar dating community
  • Not available worldwide

Price: Gold membership at $50 a month; $90/3 months; or $144/6 months

If you’re a sugar baby who’s looking for top-shelf hunks to date, SugarDaddyMeet is one of the best sugar daddy sites out there.

For one, SDM is a sugar dating site that only allows the richest dudes to join their platform. As such, sugar babies can expect only top-notch sugar arrangements here. SDM is only available to users living in the top 20 richest cities in the world right now.

Given the exclusivity of this top sugar daddy dating website, you’ll find that SDM’s overall user base is significantly smaller than other sugar baby sites out there. However, it’s a classic case of quality over quantity.

There aren’t any dubious daddies or sugar babies floating around this dating site. So, feel free to meet other members here without any reservations. And if you’re having trouble with any of the website’s services, you can easily contact the super efficient, customer support team.

There aren’t any free memberships on this top online dating site, but sugar babies and daddies will be glad to find out that the membership rates are somewhat reasonable, going for as low as $50 a month.

9. RichMeetBeautiful – Best Sugar Daddy App



  • Features all legit profiles
  • Optimized sugar daddy app
  • Available for both Apple and Android


  • Signup process take time
  • Not the most intuitive user interface

Price: Premium membership at $179.97 for 3 months; $299.94/6 months; $479.88/1 year

RichMeetBeautiful is a sugar daddy app that will help you find a rich guy safely and quickly. 

This is one of the best sugar sites if you’re a baby who’s always on the go and would like to meet legitimate sugar daddies in every state. 

Aside from the convenience factor that RMB provides, what truly makes it stand out among the competition is their airtight verification system. This ensures there are absolutely zero trolls, bots, and fakers that you’ll meet here.

In exchange for that, you’ll just have to wait longer compared to other sugar daddy platforms when you create an account with RMB. It takes an average of a week to get you all set up and ready to mingle here.

However, you really can’t complain once you’re able to take advantage of everything they have to offer, from 100% legit sugar daddy members to security features that make sure only your prospects can see your profile!

10. SugarDaddie – Top Sugar Daddy Site User Interface



  • Streamlined site interface
  • All members are vetted before joining
  • Ad-free experience
  • For those with exclusive taste


  • Small user base
  • Only allows photo sharing

Price: Premium memberships at $33.99 for 1 month; $67.99/3 months; $118.99/6 months; $203.99/1 year

SugarDaddie is home to some of the wealthiest daddies and hottest sugar babies online at the moment. As such, the whole SD crowd is rather exclusive and an absolute joy to be a part of.

What truly makes this one of the best sugar daddy websites around is its highly intuitive user interface. Getting from your own profile to your inbox is extremely easy here, allowing you more time to focus on sugar daddy relationships than navigating the platform.

It also doesn’t hurt that this is one of the few sugar sites that delivers a totally ad-free experience whenever you visit. 

Convenience, thy name is SugarDaddie!

Every member here is verified prior to signing up to ensure a legit community. It might be smaller compared to other sugar daddy websites, but that’s more than a fair trade.

You’ll mostly be chatting and sharing photos on this sugar baby website, so don’t forget to prep up before hooking your sugar daddies with some nice boudoir shots!

As far as their fees go, SD is more of a premium sugar dating site. Thankfully, their membership rates are nicely affordable, starting at $29.99 for 1 month. So, if you actually want to connect with other members, you have to upgrade your account.

How To Find a Sugar Daddy FAQs

Where can I find a sugar daddy?

You can find a sugar daddy on top sugar daddy sites like What’s Your Price and Secret Benefits.

What’s Your Price lets you put yourself on the auction block and have sugar dads and moms bid over you. Secret Benefits is the best place if you’re on the lookout for rich older gentlemen who like to date young women. 

So, feel free to check any of these sites out if you’re looking for a sugar daddy.

Can I find sugar daddies for free?

Yes, you can find sugar daddies for free.

Established Men is one totally free, sugar baby-friendly online site that you can use for free. Only sugar daddies are required to pay for upgrades and premium features here, which helps you appear more valuable to your prospects.

There’s also Reddit’s sugar lifestyle section if you want an absolutely free place to meet sweet dads, but this is more of a forum than a dedicated sugar dating website.

What are sugar daddies looking for in a sugar baby?

Sugar daddies are looking for genuine companionship in a sugar baby. In return, they shower you with gifts that come in the form of material goods, legal tender or even luxury vacations. 

It’s mutually beneficial: the daddy gets your affection while you live a lavish lifestyle!

Is having a sugar daddy safe?

Yes, having a sugar daddy is safe, insofar as using these sites is concerned.

Sites like RichMeetBeautiful, Established Men or SugarDaddie provide you with a safe and secure online environment to meet prospective sugar dads. However, you must take extra caution when dealing with people you just met online. 

Here are a few tips:

  • Run a background check on a potential partner before meeting them in person
  • Keep communication in-site until you’ve built enough trust to use personal lines
  • Sugar dates aren’t prostitution, so be wary of men who outright ask for sex

What should I look out for in a sugar daddy?

The first thing to look out for in a sugar daddy is whether this person is the real deal or not. You can easily do this by checking out their profiles on whatever site you’re using (like Ashley Madison).

Depending on what kind of relationship you’re looking for, you might also find daddies who are either looking for NSA (No Strings Attached) flings or ones that prefer long-term relationships. 

As such, just make sure you and your sugar daddy’s expectations match before proceeding with your date.

Ready To Get Sweet on The Top Sugar Daddy Sites?

Sugar dating isn’t the oddball out anymore when it comes to different hookup dynamics one can enjoy as an adult – whether you’re a wannabe sugar baby or sugar daddy, the top sugar daddy sites offer up prime locations to snag a partner.

Our top spot goes to Secret Benefits since the site is made by and for sugar sweeties specifically.

With the help of our top picks, living a life of romance and luxury is just a click away. Just remember to keep yourself safe and, most of all, enjoy the experience.

Have fun, you sweet things!


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