Best Sites To Find Korean Singles And Korean Women Dating Guide

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There are hundreds of Korean dating sites. It may look like you can choose any of them and find a girlfriend on it. But it’s not exactly true — too many Korean dating websites are not worth your time for different reasons, from poor design to the absence of customer support. Here, we’ll talk about the best platforms for dating in Korea that have all you may need on the path to successful dating.

10 Best Korean Dating Sites to meet Korean Singles 

  1. EasternHoneys — easy-to-use Korean dating site for foreigners with a fast registration
  2. DateAsianWoman — video chat and voice calls to enjoy interaction to the fullest
  3. AsianMelodies — a perfect choice for those who have never tried international dating before
  4. FindAsianBeauty — one of the best Korean dating sites with a video chat
  5. OrchidRomance — perfectly simple Korean dating website 
  6. LoverWhirl — dating platform with thousands of Korean singles
  7. KoreanCupid — works fast, looks clean
  8. AsianDating — plenty of search filters to find the one and only & interaction tools to start a conversation with her  
  9. EastMeetEast — a dating & live streaming app worthy of the attention of active singles
  10. AsiaMe — a great Korean dating site with a lot of messaging tools



  • Members: 200,000
  • Main features: Credit system, fast registration, advanced search tools
  • Free features: Registration, profile browsing, search tools
  • Price: $20-$150

If you’ve always wanted to find a decent Asian dating website with thousands of beautiful Korean women, EasternHoneys may be the right place for you. It’s a simple website that works great both on computers and on smartphones, so if you prefer mobile dating, you won’t have any problems with EasternHoneys. This website has a “credit” system — you buy some credits with your credit card, and then, you exchange these credits for various services e.g live chat or emails. You can also send gifts to your Korean girlfriend on EasternHoneys!



  • Members: 820,000
  • Main features: Video chat, voice call, gifts, profile videos
  • Free features: Registration, profile viewing, search tools
  • Price: $4-$400

If you’re searching for a top-notch dating website that would have a lot of premium features, DateAsianWoman is exactly what you need. If you want to have a video chat with a beautiful Korean girl, it’s not a problem with DateAsianWoman. Want to call your Korean date and hear her voice? It’s possible here, too. Or, maybe, you want to send a Korean girl a brand new iPhone? Not a problem at all! DateAsianWoman isn’t the cheapest dating site in the world, to be fair — but something that could be described with the phrase “top-notch” just can’t be cheap, let’s admit it.



  • Members: 350,000
  • Main features: Credit system, simple interface, virtual and real gifts
  • Free features: Registration, profile browsing
  • Price: $20-$150

Tired of all those Korean dating websites with a lot of premium features? Want something simple, fast, and working? Then, AsianMelodies might be a great option for you. It’s a large Korean dating website with a simple interface and a great mobile version of the site. It’s not a 100% Korean-American dating site, but the number of women from this country is still incredibly high here. By the way, the mobile version of AsianMelodies is just great, so you can chat with thousands of Korean women on your smartphone!



  • Members: 750,000
  • Main features: CamShare (two-sided video chat), gifts, live chat
  • Free features: Registration, viewing photos, search tools
  • Price: $4-$400

FindAsianBeauty is a great option literally for any man interested in Asian brides. First of all, it’s popular — although not all its members are from Korea, there are still thousands of even tens of thousands of beautiful ladies from this country. Second, it’s reasonably priced — some premium features are quite expensive (e.g sending gifts and bouquets), but live chat and EMF mails are not that costly. And third, FindAsianBeauty has a big assortment of messaging tools, from live chat and emails to voice calls and video chat. FindAsianBeauty is definitely worth trying — especially given that the registration is 100% free here.



  • Members: 350,000
  • Main features: Live chatting, credit-based system
  • Free features: Registration, profile browsing, search
  • Price: $20-$150

OrchidRomance is a perfectly simple Korean dating website for those looking for a girlfriend online. It has a lot of search tools and a wide assortment of messaging tools — on OrchidRomance, you can send messages and use a live chat. These services are not free for men — if you want to communicate with women, you need to buy “credits” first. OrchidRomance has a great mobile version of the site which works great on almost all smartphones and tablet PCs. The number of members is high here, but it’s not that all of them are Korean girls — there are also lots of Chinese, Japanese, and Thai women here. 



  • Members: 320,000
  • Main features: Fast registration, convenient messaging tools, various search filters
  • Free features: Registration, viewing profiles and photos, search
  • Price: $20-$150

If you want something simple yet working, LoverWhirl may work great for you. This is one of those Korean date platforms that don’t have dozens of messaging tools and extra features — but the beauty of it is that it’s extremely simple and reasonably priced. All you can do here is send messages, chat with women, and send them gifts — but we can’t say that LoverWhirl lacks anything. It’s a convenient Korean dating website that will work great both on your PC and on your smartphone, it has thousands of exceptionally beautiful Korean girls, and it’s definitely a good choice for those who are interested in women from the Republic of Korea.



  • Members: 150,000
  • Main features: Two types of premium subscription, live messaging and chat
  • Free features: Registration, search, sending interests
  • Price: $30-$120 (Gold), $35-$150 (Platinum)

Advanced search filters, great translation tools that will help you solve the language barrier problem, thousands of beautiful women from Korea — this dating website looks great. The number of messaging tools isn’t that high here, but you can send mails and use a live chat — that’s a classic set of messaging tools for a dating website. There are two variants of premium subscription here: Gold and Platinum. Gold users can send messages without limits. Platinum users can get their messages translated, they can use extra search filters, and their profiles get more space in search results.



  • Members: 200,000
  • Main features: Gold and Platinum premium membership, live chat
  • Free features: Registration, search tools, sending “Interests” to women
  • Price: $30-$120 (Gold), $35-$150 (Platinum)

AsianDating isn’t a 100% Korean dating website because there are hundreds of women from other Asian countries here. But it’s still a great option for those searching for a Korean girlfriend — it’s a popular dating website with lots of search tools, free registration, very detailed and active profiles, and lots of extra features. Thus, you can buy a Platinum membership to get your profile highlighted, translate messages, and use advanced search filters. Gold membership, in turn, allows users to send messages with no limits.



  • Members: 700,000
  • Main features: Free for women, monthly premium subscription
  • Free features: Registration, sending messages (but not reading them) 
  • Price: $23-$144

Unlike the previous websites, EastMeetEast only has one premium membership level — once you buy it, you can use all the extra features offered by this website. This means you can send “smiles” to women (you’ll get 200 smiles per month) and send them first messages with “coins” (you’ll get 275 coins per month). While this might look a bit confusing, everything is pretty simple here — you spend “coins” to send the first message to a new woman but you don’t need them after sending the first message. If you need more coins or “smiles”, you can get them for a reasonable price. The website is simple, it’s quite cheap, and non-Asian men can use it without any problems (this can be surprising taking into account it’s called East Meet East).



  • Members: 800,000
  • Main features: Video chat, real and virtual gifts, voice calls
  • Free features: Registration, profile browsing, search, reading Admirer mails
  • Price: $4-$400

Registration on AsiaMe is a must for every man interested in Korean online dating. This is one of the biggest and one of the oldest Asian dating platforms (AsiaMe was created in 2012). The biggest advantage of this dating platform is the number of messaging tools it offers — here, you can send messages, use a live chat, call women, and even have a two-sided video chat with them. Other than that, you can send them real gifts — this feature is quite costly, but it’s really cool! Unfortunately, all messaging tools are not free to use here: you will have to buy credits to use them. But AsiaMe is 100% worth the money.

Why choose Korean women for dating? 

Korean women

Korean women are extremely beautiful — they have fair skin, black hair, and slim bodies; they know everything about fashion and they have great makeup skills; they like fitness and healthy food and this is another reason why they look so great. Their beauty is probably the most common reason for American men to date them. However, it’s not the only reason why dating a Korean girl is a good idea. Let’s talk about some other reasons.

Korean women are open-minded and open to foreigners

Korean women don’t have any prejudices against dating a foreign man, they love learning new things and exploring new cultures, and they often think that men from the US make much better boyfriends than men from South Korea. That’s why Korea is a perfect option for every American man who wants to date an Asian girl — because here in Korea, there will be no problems with it. Another cool thing about Korean women is that they speak English quite well — and this is great news because this means you won’t have to overcome that language barrier problem with them.

Korean ladies are very intelligent and hard-working

We understand that being hard-working isn’t the main thing you pay attention to when you’re looking for a girlfriend, but it’s really important because it’s much deeper than just being willing to work hard. The point is, young Korean women have very modern views on relationships and gender roles — they are not as family-centered as the previous generation and they don’t think that having kids is something they have to do as soon as possible. They want to live their lives to the fullest, they want to build a career, and they want to have fun — basically, dating a modern Korean woman is pretty similar to dating a woman from the United States in this regard.

Korean girls are very easy-going

In spite of the fact that Asian women are mostly quite shy ladies and prefer to be reserved, Korean girls are rather an exception, and for some foreigners, it is a win. These ladies are very interesting to talk to and great to spend time with. They have a lot of gift and date ideas (these women are very romantic, by the way), they love cooking (and they love doing it together), and they have a lot of activities and hobbies. 

How to date a Korean girl 

Korean girl 

There are no rules and tips that would work for 100% of Korean girls — each of them is unique and has her own personality, values, and preferences. Basically, most of the tips you’ll find online will not help you — but there are some rules that are not so useless. Here they are:

  1. You must look great on a date with a Korean girl. Looking attractive on a date is extremely important when it comes to dating Korean women — after all, that’s how you make a great first impression.
  2. Don’t forget about anniversaries — and we’re not talking about one-year anniversaries. 100 days, 200 days, 300, 500 — all these marks are very important for Korean women. You don’t need to buy an expensive gift, of course, but you have to show that it’s important for you, too.
  3. Small gifts are a big thing when it comes to dating Korean singles. Flowers, chocolate and candies, books… There are lots of small gift ideas, so why not utilize them?

How do you know if a Korean woman likes you? 

It’s quite simple: like any other woman, a girl from Korea will show her attraction with body language (eye contact, smiles, stroking her hair, touches, etc). However, there are also some specific signs that show that a Korean girl is interested in you:

  • She responds instantly to your messages. Korean women are always busy, so if she replies to your messages instantly (or nearly instantly), it’s always a great sign. 
  • She asks a lot of questions. We all know that turning a date into an interview is a bad thing, but there is no such concept in Korean dating culture. Korean women always ask a lot of questions if they are genuinely interested in a man. 
  • She wants to introduce you to her family. It’s actually not just a sign she makes, it’s a big red flag saying “I LIKE YOU” she waves.

Where to meet Korean women 

Korean women 

You can meet Korean women online — they are often interested in foreigners and they are quite open to meeting foreign men. However, there are 5 problems you need to be aware of:

  • It’s expensive. A one-way ticket from New York to Seoul will cost you around $1,000 and 7 days in Korea costs around $1,300-$2,500. 
  • It’s quite hard and uncomfortable, especially if your pickup skills are not perfect.
  • It’s not guaranteed that you’ll get a number from at least one Korean girl. Lots of them don’t speak English, lots of them are not interested in dating a foreign man, lots of them have a boyfriend/husband, and lots of them find it creepy when a stranger tries to meet them on the streets.

Offline dating is not the worst idea in the world and it may even work for you. But it’s expensive, uncomfortable, and there are no guarantees that you will find a woman who wants to date a foreigner and speaks English.

Korean dating services culture 

To be successful on Korean dating websites, you need to follow these simple rules: 

  • Forget about that 3-day rule, no matter if you’ve met already or not. The absolute majority of Korean girls would take it as a sign you’re not interested in dating them. 
  • Be cute and make compliments. They really love it and they think it’s very important. 
  • Don’t stereotype them. This rule works for both online and offline dating — if you want to have a successful date, forget about the stereotypes (both about the positive and about the negative ones).

Are Korean dating sites popular?

Yes, but not that much. The percentage of dating app downloads vs all app downloads in Korea is around 0.11% while it’s around 0.25% in the US and 0.39% in Russia. An interesting fact is that the most popular dating app in this country is the app designed for blind dating — this might mean that Koreans who use dating apps are typically not searching for something serious online.

How much do Korean dating sites cost? 

They are not too expensive — most dating sites cost around $50 per month. However, it always depends on the messaging tools and premium services you’re going to use. A live chat, for example, is always quite cheap, while a video chat is typically the most expensive messaging tool on dating websites. The same goes for gifts — there are lots of expensive options, so $50 or even $100 will certainly not be enough if you decide to buy your Korean girlfriend a brand new smartphone.

What is the best dating service in Korea?

There are lots of good Korean dating sites, but we highly recommend you start with one of the sites we offer in our rating above. Any of them have a lot of beautiful Korean girls, they have a free (and very fast) registration, their interface is easy-to-use, and they offer enough messaging tools to interact with any woman you like and plan to meet.

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