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nest nectar collectors for sale

As legal medicinal and recreational cannabis use continues to grow, so does the popularity of cannabis extracts and concentrates. High in THC and other cannabinoids and terpenes, concentrates like crumble, wax, rosin, and shatter offer a fast hitting and powerful cannabis smoking experience. The growing popularity of dabs have given rise to alternatives to the dab rig. These options include Nectar Collectors and Honey Straws for sale.

Nectar Collectors and honey straws are portable dab rigs that give users the entirety of a dab rig in a vertical handheld device. Full size dab rigs are very effective in THC delivery, but quality rigs can sometimes carry a price tag. Often times, if someone has never dabbed concentrates, they are hesitant to buy a full rig to start. Nectar Collectors and Honey Straws give beginners an opportunity to try the potent effects of concentrates and how to properly vaporize them without committing to a full rig right out the gate. They also give expert users a portable option for on the go use.

These new types of portable dab rigs are typically have a glass body with a glass straw for inhaling at the top. The bottom of the device is a quartz or titanium tip that, when heated by a torch or electric power, vaporizes the concentrates and allows the user to inhale the smoke through the glass straw on the top. The straight, vertical design of these devices also allow users easier access to reclaim, as there are no twists and turns in the tubing like there are in traditional dab rigs. 

The World of bongs online smoke shop is a top-rated, extremely popular online head shop that are experts in all things glass and cannabis accessories. World of Bongs is owned and operated by fellow longtime stoners who know how these products work firsthand and place a massive emphasis on quality and customer service.On top of a strong selection of honey straws and nectar collectors, they also carry a large variety of dab rigs, bangers, nails, bongs, glass pipes, and much more from some of the biggest names in the business. 

These products are available for the best prices on the market, and are shipped quickly and discreetly. These are the top Nectar Collectors and Honey Straws available online now.

5. 5” Quartz Glass Honey Straw by White Rhino Glass

glass honey dab straw

This 5” Honey straw is the most user friendly of the dab straws on this list due to the simplicity of its design. This quartz glass honey straw is quite literally a straw, void of any of the more complex features of many of the other designs on the market. This may sound like a con, but it is actually its greatest pro.

Being made from Quartz Glass, this product is extremely durable and can withstand overheating, dropping, and most other challenges that come its way. The lack of any complex features and low price make this one of the absolute best options for those who are new to dabbing cannabis concentrates. However, its sturdy design also makes it a good choice for more experienced users who want something simple to take with them when they leave the house.

4. WorldofBongs Silicone RPG Nectar Collector

silicone nectar collectors for saleMade and distributed exclusively by World of Bongs, this RPG shaped Nectar Collector helps users add a touch of personalization to their lineup of accessories. This nectar collector may be fairly simplistic in design (in terms of use), but that does not mean that it is not an extremely reliable portable dab tool. This silicone nectar collector is also exceptionally durable and flexible, making it a favorite for those who are on the go.

Find these nectar collectors for sale at their online smoke shop too!

3. 4” WorldofBongs Glass Nectar Collector 

small nectar collector

This unit is not quite as simplistic as some of the others listed, but remains an extremely simple and effective dabbing tool. This glass nectar collector comes with a 10mm titanium tip, and the tube portion of this tool is bulbous on each end. This extra space allows users to take bigger hits of their concentrate than those offered by many other honey straws. The 4” length helps the smoke to cool before reaching the mouth of the user, making for a smoother hit during use.

2. 3” Cactus Nectar Pipe with 10mm Tips by WorldofBongs

nectar collector for sale

There is often debate in the cannabis community of which is better between quartz and titanium tips. Quartz tips are the less durable of the two, yet heat and cool faster and do not alter the taste of cannabis concentrates. Titanium tips are sturdier and offer a better retention of heat, which allows for multiple hits after being heated once. This comes at the cost of quality of taste and a much longer heat up and cool down time. Ultimately, this comes down to preference.

Luckily with the Cactus Nectar pipe, users don’t have to make a decision. This nectar collector comes with a quartz and titanium tip. Coming in at 3” it is a great option for those on the go. 

1. Eyce Silicone Nectar Collector

silicone nectar collector

Taking the top spot is Eyce’s Silicone Nectar Collector. This silicone nectar collector is exceptionally durable and able to withstand bumps, drops, and anything else that is thrown its way. Using a titanium tip, this piece also utilizes a water percolation system that makes for extremely smooth draws. It also has a built in silicone dab container, making storing and inhaling concentrates even easier while on the go.

This is the perfect cannabis concentrate device for those on the go as it offers storage, unparalleled durability, and water for cooling the smoke as the concentrates vaporize. These high quality tools are available in five different color schemes: Camo, Fuego, Blue Marble, Camo Green, and Purple Gusher.

Online Head Shop 

World of Bongs have been making waves in the cannabis world since first establishing in 2016. Since then, this online head shop has built an astonishingly large social media following, with over 4 million followers across their social media platforms. With their large selection of bongs, dab concentrate rigs, weed pipes, and more, it is easy to see why they continue to grow their following. We recommend learning how to clean a nectar collector, and the many products available for doing just that!

The mission of World of Bongs isn’t just to be a top rated manufacturer and distributor of cannabis accessories. This online head shop is aiming to become the go to for all things glass and accessory related in the cannabis industry. When one looks at the massive success they’ve achieved in less than a decade, it is safe to say they are well on their way to doing just that.

If you’re looking for heady glass, World of Bongs recently opened their own gallery called Cloud7, located in downtown Zürich, where they mainly sell heady glass and glass art.


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