Best Insta Viewers and Stalkers of the Net


Have you ever wondered how many people are using Instagram today? Believe it or not, based on the latest Facebook research, this social network has over 1 billion active users.

People use Instagram for several reasons. Firstly, their application is free, it helps to communicate with a large number of people all over the world. Moreover, many people use Instagram to view aesthetic photos to get inspired and come up with their own content plan. And of course, this social network is one of the most convenient and popular online marketing platforms.

It is interesting that the posting that is familiar to everyone fades into the background. People are no longer interested in flipping through their Instagram feed for hours, reading long posts. Speed – ​​is the main feature of a modern person’s life. Therefore, launched in 2016, Stories became the most popular Instagram feature. More than 500 million people share Stories every day. Just think about these numbers!

If you watch another person’s stories in the Instagram app or web version, the view will be captured and the account owner will see it. At the same time, sometimes it is undesirable to appear on the list of viewers.

Now we will narrate about best insta viewers and stalkers of the Net. 

Yes, you read that right. With the help of these services, you can not only watch stories anonymously, but also download your favorite videos and posts!

Firstly, let’s be clear what we mean by anonymous browsing.

  • The account owner will not know that you have watched his stories
  • Stories can be downloaded to your computer or phone, without the risk of being noticed
  • Downloading and viewing Stories is free and without registration
  • There is no need to install additional programs and applications on the device
  • To view other people’s stories, you do not need to enter your username and password from your account
  • No need to create an empty (left) account
  • You want to create your archive of stories from other users’ profiles

Now let’s move on to an overview of the tools available online today for viewing stories anonymously.


The real finding for those who appreciate the stability and quality of anonymous viewing of the stories of a certain user on Instagram. After all, we do not need to hide from everyone and watch all the stories secretly, but we need someone specific not to know about our surveillance.


It`s a software package created for the purpose of working with Instagram, as well as having the function of anonymous viewing of other people’s stories. Stories can be downloaded to your device.


To start using the GreatFon service, follow the link, then enter the profile name or a link to your account in the search box. The service will show all published stories, posts and tags of the selected user.


InstaStories is another one of the huge community of apps for public viewing Instagram accounts. Several functions are available to you on this platform: watch Stories and Highlights, live and saved broadcasts, posts, likes, comments, subscriptions and subscribers. And all this is absolutely anonymous!


The Anon IG Viewer allows you to watch all the information you are interested in online and without downloading any application. The service is available for both PC and mobile phone. No one will ever know that you have watched his or her Stories or Instagram posts. The only secret is James Bond in the movie “Agent 007”!

Now you will learn information about a service that stands out from the rest with its convenience, features and user interface.




It is a new unique Instagram story viewer with a huge number of possibilities. With the help of this software each user can browse online:

  • profile picture
  • stories of Instagram profiles
  • direct messages
  • posts
  • IGTV likes 
  • Comments

The main condition is that the viewing insta account must be public and open to everyone. 

What if somebody has private insta account? Don`t worry! Here the spy app solution comes to the rescue, with which you get full access to any closed Instagram account and get everything that open accounts have. 

Important: this functionality is available only for IOS. If you are the owner of Android OS, then you will receive all the information you are interested in in the form of screenshots (likes, comments, direct m, posts, stories, etc.).

To see the story of any profile on Instagram and remain unnoticed, you need to act according to a certain algorithm:

  • go to Glassagram
  • enter profile, location or tag into the search bar
  • look at the text, publication date, number of likes, comments and views
  • press the “Download” button
  • wait for the loading of the Stories

Benefits of using Instagram story viewer Glassagram

• Private Instagram 

With Glassagram you can watch Instagram Story without registration, providing personal or account data

• Anonymously

Browse Instagram all day and night – nobody is gonna know it. There is no notification about downloading content from a personal insta account.

• Download

Do you like any picture? Download posts or stories ig to your smartphone. Use the dedicated arrow button to do this. It could not be easier!

• Free story viewer

You can view Instagram stories anonymously for free. The person will not see you in Stories Viewers or anywhere else.

The service is multifunctional and allows not only viewing, but also downloading Stories, and viewing profile statistics. It is not only a cool anon ig viewer of Instagram stories but also a good service for collecting and analyzing profile data. This will be useful for social media workers.

There are a lot of ways to follow posts on Instagram anonymously, you can try everything and choose a convenient one. The main thing is to use reputable services and plugins. Let it be small, but a safety net will not hurt.


  • Do I need to provide my own Instagram profile to view someone’s posts or stories IG?

Having done all the manipulations without providing any personal data about your Instagram account using our Instagram viewer. Your profile remains completely private.

  • Is it possible to download someone else’s Instagram stories anonymously?

Yes! Click on the “Show stories” button, select the one you need and click on the button with the arrow in the upper-right part of the screen. Well done, the right story has been downloaded to your computer!


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