Belly Fat Burners in 2022 – Best Pill to Lose Belly Fat Fast


Fat burning pills offer the user a chance to try out an effective and affordable weight loss solution for anyone who wants to burn belly fat and lose excess weight in quicker way. In this review, we will help our readers to analyse the important factors to look for while buying the belly fat burners supplements. Also, we will also suggest the best belly fat burner supplements that are available in the market. We have compiled and evaluated this review on the criteria of the supplements’ efficacy, ingredients, price, and customer reviews. 

Best Belly Fat Burners in 2022

  1. Trimtone – Best Pill to Lose Belly Fat Fast for Women
  2. Primeshred – Best Belly fat burner for Men

If you are a struggler for losing excess weight, you must agree that belly fat is that one area of the body that seems to be the toughest and most resistant to diet and exercise. 

Losing weight from belly fat is a daunting task, as even calorie reduction and regular exercising routine are sometimes not enough to get the desired results. If you are already done with your caloric deficit diet and workout routine to lose belly fat, you can surely seek help from the best fat burner supplements that can help reviving up your weight loss process. 

So, if you are all set to lose weight and burn that stubborn belly fat, read the complete review below.

Natural Ingredients That Burn Belly Fat

While there are many weight loss supplements available in the market, not all of them can work towards reducing your belly fat. There are certain natural ingredients that are meant to dissolve the fat from even the most stubborn parts of the body. If you are targeting your belly fat area, you should always check following powerful ingredients in the fat burner supplement to make your weight loss journey easier. 

Check out the ingredients below that can melt away your belly fat like crazy. 


This ingredient is included as a dietary fiber in the fat burner supplements. Glucomannan is backed by scientific studies for being helpful for suppressing appetite and weight loss. Being a potent appetite suppressant, Glucomanna expands in your stomach when it comes in contact with fluid or water, which eventually results in helping you feeling fuller for longer. This feeling of satiety will help you in avoiding snacking and overeating. In addition, Glucomannan has a positive impact on controlling your blood pressure as well. It also regulates your cholesterol and glucose levels, which can all have a major impact on weight gain. 

Caffeine Anhydrous 

Caffeine Anhydrous is one of the most popular and known ingredients included in almost every fat burner and weight loss supplements. Caffeine is greatly known for promoting the process known as thermogenesis in the body, which helps in burning more calories and contributes to the breakdown of fats known as lipolysis. The whole activity of thermogenesis will help you lose weight. Caffeine is a potent ingredient in best fat burner pills, as it stimulates your metabolism to boost the fat burning process by increasing the production of key fat-burning hormones that break down fatty acids inside your fat cells. Along with assisting in fat loss, Caffeine also helps in improving your alertness, energy and focus, while enhancing your cognitive and physical performance. A single dose of caffeine can aid in improving your mood and helping you break down stored fats easier. However, people who have caffeine sensitivity should avoid taking extra cups of coffee and tea while taking such supplements. Also, it is advisable to avoid taking caffeine related supplements before sleeping in the night, as it can disturb your sleep quality and increase wakefulness. 

Green Coffee bean extract

These are the unroasted, raw green coffee beans that are enriched with antioxidants. such as chlorogenic acid that is believed to be effective at reducing down the insulin levels, while improving your body’s natural metabolism. Green coffee helps in triggering thermogenesis in the body for fast fat burning and reducing the absorption of fat. The intake of Green coffee increases the release of neurotransmitters that reduce tiredness and exhaustion, thus helping you stay active, energized, and focused. This ingredient is known to provide you with more energy, so that you can improve your performance while working out, reduce inflammation and help you avoid fatigue. A good belly fat burner supplement should include 100 mg of Green coffee bean extract to provide a natural boost of energy and great belly fat-burning results throughout the day. 

Rhodiola Rosea Root 

This is a botanical ingredient that helps in triggering fat burning by activating an enzyme that forces the breaking down of stored fat. This is a potent ingredient to improve your energy levels while enhancing your performance by boosting oxygen transportation to your muscles. This in turn will make your tough training sessions more manageable and effective. 

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is a popular weight loss ingredient used in many fat burning supplements that aids in firing up your metabolism and increasing thermogenesis in the body. The faster metabolism will help you burn more calories and fat. Thermogenesis in the body will boosts the activity of key fat-burning enzymes and hormones to further speed up the rate of fat breakdown. 

Green Tea Extract 

Another popular ingredient that you must look for in the fat burning supplements is Green Tea extract. It is a natural ingredient that is filled with antioxidants such as catechins. It plays an important role helps in reducing the carbohydrates absorption and fat storage in the body, which results in a direct promotion of weight loss. Green Tea extracts also contains caffeine that helps in boosting up your metabolism and stimulate thermogenesis. It also assists in stabilizing the hormones that are responsible for fat breakdown in the body. The good dose of green tea extract in the fat burner supplement will accelerates the fat-burning by activating hormones such as norepinephrine. This ingredients has also been found to reduce triglyceride levels, which is a form of fat stored in your fat cells. 

Fat Burning Pills that Actually Work to Burn Belly Fat 

While there are so many brands of fat burning pills available in the market that claims high to target your stubborn body fat, it is quite confusing for the users to choose the right supplement. If you don’t want to waste your money in trying out different belly fat burner supplements, here are we suggesting the two most powerful and trustworthy fat burning pills that can actually work to melt away your belly fat. Check out our suggestions below:

1. Trimtone – Best Belly fat burner for Women

TrimTone is one of the best fat burning pills that helps women in losing weight and fat even from the toughest body parts. These pills works best for appetite suppression that helps in controlling cravings and hunger. TrimTone formula is especially designed for women. This is known as one of the best-selling weight loss and fat-burning formulas for women who want to control their hunger pangs while burning fat. Many weight loss supplements use stimulants to induce the effect of appetite suppressions. However, some of the stimulants and substances included in these formulas can temporarily curb cravings and may leave you jittery and restless. On the other hand, TrimTone formula allows the user to lose weight without feeling overstimulated. 

Though, TrimTone weight loss formula contains stimulants like green tea extract, green coffee beans, and caffeine anhydrous, but all of them are used in balanced proportion. Also, it contains Glucomannan, which is a popular dietary fibre to make people feel full so that you can limit your calorie intake and reach your weight loss goals easily. In addition, TrimTone contains Grains of paradise as well, which is from ginger root family and helps in burning fat speedily. With the powerful ingredients of this formula, you will be able to burn fat and calories while you rest and your body will be busy converting stored fat into energy to keep you all charged up throughout the day. 

All the natural ingredients of this fat burner will deliver round-the-clock support you need to burn belly fat and from other parts of the body. The capsules may trigger faster metabolism while reducing appetite and breaking down stubborn fat. The additional energy boost will give you the stamina to perform even the most daunting workouts. Swiss Research Labs Ltd. have created the TrimTone supplement so that you can take just one fat burning pill per day and get your dream results. You need to require one weight loss pill per day and all the natural fat burning ingredients will do their job of supressing appetite and boosting metabolism. Also, every purchase of TrimTone comes with free shipping and a 100-day money back guarantee. 

2. Primeshred – Best Belly fat burner for Men

PrimeShred is the best belly fat burner supplement for men that is an ideal choice to lose weight. PrimeShred is considered as the potent thermogenic supplement for bodybuilding, as it is a hardcore fat burner for men. The use of PrimeShred will boost your metabolism and increase thermogenesis in the body. Thermogenic fat burner formula of PrimeShred can provide the help you need to add muscle and get shredded look. This supplement is vegan friendly and a highly powerful formula to maximize the gains every time you hit the gym and weight lifting sessions. 

PrimeShred works significantly towards weight loss by activating thermogenesis, a metabolic process that requires dissipating energy through heat. The process of thermogenesis involves the burning of calories to raise the body temperature. Once the body burns out all carbohydrates, it will burn fat stores for energy. Thermogenic fat burners target all types of fat even the most stubborn ones. PrimeShred can help in melting the tough fat of belly and aids in making it disappear with diet and exercise. The supplement contains the ingredients that not only helps in burning fat, but also aids in enhancing focus and mental clarity. 

PrimeShred contains fat burning ingredients like Green tea extract, Green coffee bean extract, Caffeine anhydrous, L-Theanine, L-Tyrosine, Rhodiola Rosea root, Cayenne pepper powder, Vitamin B Complex, MAE and Bioperine. The formula not only burn fat, but will also eliminate the brain fog to help you progress better. PrimeShred has become one of the top most choices of bodybuilders worldwide to lose weight and add muscle. This formula will deliver natural fat burning benefits to people who need to break through from plateaus. PrimeShred is considered as all-in-one fat burner formula to accelerate the fat loss and help you achieve the shredded, lean, and ripped body. With just three pills a day with water, PrimeShred can deliver you amazing body transformation by burning fat without losing energy or muscle mass. The formula is vegetarian and vegan-friendly with its advanced and high potency formulation. This fat burning supplement is great for bodybuilding and cutting cycles. It also comes with 100 days money back guarantee. 

How We Chose the Best Fat Burners?

There are many important factors to consider while choosing the best fat burners among so many choices. We have shortlisted and chosen these two options on the basis of ingredients, dosage, price, and reviews. All these factors are important to judge and analyse the efficacy of any fat burner. 

Let us check out the following factors to analyse these belly fat burners more closely. 


Ingredients are one of the important factors to consider before buying any fat burner supplement, as it plays a noticeable part in the efficacy of any formula. Both TrimTone and PrimeShred have natural ingredients that are the potent enough for fat burning. These fat burner supplements are went through extreme levels of research and robust trial periods before manufacturing to attain the perfect formula. The powerful fat burning ingredients included in these pills are Caffeine, Green coffee bean extract, Cayenne pepper, and Green tea extract. In fact, PrimeShred also utilizes ingredients like B Vitamins, L-Tyrosine and L-Theanine that are not often seen in many other supplements. However, it is important to know that gelatin is used to make TrimTone capsules, which makes it unsuitable for vegetarians or vegans. All the ingredients combined in TrimTone and Prime Shred are backed by scientific studies to attack on stubborn fat. 


Following are the benefits that can be attained and enjoyed after using TrimTone and Prime Shred supplements:

More Energy 

TrimTone and Prime Shred have a reasonable amount of caffeine that offers an energy boost and increases the oxygen-carrying red blood cells. More red blood cells means your body will be able to function at higher capacity, while providing you better energy.

Burns Fat

All the ingredients included in these two supplements offer faster metabolism and thermogenesis that will lead to fat burn. The body will be using more energy than it is consuming by burning the stored body fat. This process is known as fat oxidation.

Suppress the Appetite 

The main part of weight loss is eating less calories, as weight loss cannot happen without it. Both these formulas makes sure to make you feel fuller with the consumption of less calories throughout the day, thus assisting fat loss. 

Accelerate Metabolism 

The faster the metabolism, the more calories the body will burn. Ingredients in TrimTone and Prime Shred are clinically studied and proven to increase the metabolic rate, which helps in transforming your physique from chubby to ripped and muscled. You will lose weight while increasing your mental capacity and focus. Both these supplements will help to make you fit with the simple usage method. Even if you are combating to lose the last toughest body fat, these supplements will even help you to push your body to perform beyond your limits in the gym. 


The dosage and method of use should be simple, so that the fat burner supplements should be easily incorporated in the daily routine. To get the most benefit out of Prime Shred, you have to take three capsule around twenty minutes before you eat your morning meal. Further, you should take this supplement on training days and rest days. Similarly, TrimTone is also very easy and convenient to use. The user has to take just one capsule of TrimTone daily with 8 oz of water 30 minutes before your breakfast. The simple dosage methodology will avoid the chances of missing the dosages and will be convenient for you to take daily. 


TrimTone and Prime Shred have premium prices due to the high-quality ingredients and formulation. You can easily buy TrimTone and Prime Shred from their official websites respectively. There are many discount offers as well on bundles purchase. The price packages of both TrimTone and Prime Shred are as follows:

TrimTone Cost:

  • 1 month supply is available at the price of $ 49.99
  • 2 months’ supply + 1 month Free is available at the price of $ 99.99
  • Big Savings Package: 3 months’ supply + 2 months FREE is available at the price of $ 149.95

Each bottle of TrimTone contains thirty capsules that is enough for a month supply. 

Prime Shred Cost:

  • 1 bottle of Prime Shred is available at the price of $ 49.95 + $ 7.95 Shipping 
  • 3 Bottles of Prime Shred are available at the price of $ 99.95 + Free Shipping 
  • 6 Bottles of Prime Shred are available at the price of $ 199.95 + Free Shipping 

Each bottle of Prime Shred contains 90 capsules, which makes it last for you for thirty days. 

Both TrimTone and Prime Shred fat burning supplements come with 100 day money back guarantee, so that if you are not satisfied with the product, you can just return the unused bottles within 100 days of purchase and get all your money back. 

Customer Reviews

It is very important to check real customer reviews about any fat burning supplement before investing your hard-earned money into it. TrimTone and Prime Shred are backed by many positive customer feedbacks, as they offer incredible fat burning and weight loss results to their users.

How Do Thermogenic Fat Burners Work?

The term thermogenic means to generate heat. It is the natural phenomenon that when our body burn calories, our metabolism gets triggered and heat is generated within, which requires calories as fuel. Thermogenic fat burner supplements with your metabolism and cause it to accelerate and become more efficient. Eventually, you will burn more fat and calories from your exercise and workout. Thermogenic fat burners actually cause our bodies to speed up these natural processes either by boosting metabolism or by enhancing your capacity of performing exercise. Usually, thermogenic fat burners contain a potent combination of ingredients that help in efficient fat burning, while keeping the energy levels high. 

The most common thermogenic ingredients in fat burners include caffeine which gives a buzz on energy to stimulate your metabolism. Thermogenic fat burning supplements most often include a number of fat burning ingredients along with other vitamins to help balance nutrition and to enhance workout performance. Thermogenic supplements work by enhancing two complimentary processes. First they trigger metabolism speed and secondly will provide you massive energy to work out at a more intense level so that you can also burn more calories and fat. Thermogenic fat burners are designed to cause your body to evaluate your resting metabolic and thermogenic state, which means that you will burn calories even when your body is at rest. When you add the dynamic rate of metabolism from exercise your metabolic rate will increase more, thus giving you a substantial edge on burning fat. 

While thermogenic fat burners comes with the combination of increased resting metabolism and substantial boost of metabolic rate because of exercise, some of these supplements claim to suppress appetite as well. The ingredients of these fat burners inhibit the body’s ability to store fat and calories. These fat burners reduces the process of lipogenesis that is the formation of fat while reducing the body’s ability to absorb glucose, which can become fat. The way the thermogenic fat burners work depends on the type of fat burning supplement you use. Not all fat burners work like appetite suppressants, however, some thermogenic fat burners can suppress appetite in order to enhance the weight loss results. However, one should understand that these supplements do not replace exercise and healthy diet, as they are the primary factors for burning fat. 

Trimtone Before and After Female Belly Fat Burner Results

The women named Jennifer always struggled to keep her appetite under control and lose weight. Within just few weeks of using TrimTone supplement, her energy levels were elevated higher than ever, and the pounds started to fall off on the weighing scale. 

TrimTone makes her feel fuller all day and she says that the fat just melted away. With the use of TrimTone, she find it easier to stick with calorie controlled diet and feel tons of energy, which helped her in pushing more during exercising and lose weight faster. 

After three months of TrimTone, Jennifer successfully dropped five dress size and about 8 kg weight. 

PrimeShred Before and After Belly Fat Burner Results

Prime Shred is an ideal supplement for men to use in cutting cycle, as it really could help them get shredded fast. 

The user share that the 30 day supply of Prim Shred changed his body and help him burning off the stubborn body fat clinging to his abs. He took 3 capsules of PrimeShred 20 minutes before breakfast on both, training and non-training days. He felt an instant boost of energy after just 30 minutes of taking capsules. Though, it had caffeine but it didn’t make him feel jittery or buzzed. Instead, it helped him to stay alert and energized throughout the day. Working out and exercising was like a breeze, even he was eating less. He was able to perform intense workouts without feeling sluggish or fatigued at all. PrimeShred helped him recover faster from workouts. The user shared that he usually get sore and stiff when working out during cutting cycles, but PrimeShred made it easier for him with no signs of fatigue at all. After a month of using PrimeShred, he successfully lost 15 lbs of excess weight and tons of definition in upper abs. 

Another user shared PrimeShred review and named it as the best pill to lose belly fat. The user shared his before and after results after using Prime Shred for 3 months. He also took 3 capsules of Prime Shred daily prior breakfast. He purchased 2 months’ supply and get 1 month supply absolutely free. His goal was to reduce at least 18 to 20 kg; that is 3 stones. Below are his three month cycle result. 

PrimeShred Results – After 30 Days Cycle

Within the first month of using PrimeShred, this fat burner accelerates the natural fat burning process. A slight elevation in the body temperature was also there, which helps in weight loss as the process of thermogenesis. He also perform workouts in the gym with the regular PrimeShred dosage. This mechanism burn more fats for energy and make the energy levels high. In the first 30 days, he lost 4 kgs on the weighing scale.

PrimeShred Results – After 60 days Cycle

After 60 days, the user noticed that his mental performance got elevated and the weight loss cycle reinvigorates positive feelings. After completing a month, he reached down to the stubborn fat area which was the hardest part to lose. Diet and exercise along with PrimeShred helped him so much that he lost almost 10 kg by 60 days. 

PrimeShred Results – After 90 Days Cycle

By this time it seems that I would be able to abolish every fat particle from my body. The user shared this review that he got ripped abs and a flat belly and wanted to perform even harder. PrimeShred had really helped him in getting his hard work paid off. Overall during 90 days cycle with PrimeShred fat burner, the user managed to lose 12 kgs of excess weight, which is more than expected from a fat burner supplement. 

Concluding Thoughts 

Many people have struggled hard to reverse their weighing scale and get the physique of their desire, but most of their efforts goes in vain. Also, some people were even disappointed after using fat burners supplements, after they were unable to deliver them any good weight loss results. As a natural fat burner and cutting cycle agent, we must give 100% points to PrimeShred in terms of effectiveness, ingredients quality, and user-friendly purchase and scientifically researched. Many diet pills are usually not recommended, as they are not being used generally by every individual because of many side effects and limitations. 

We definitely recommend PrimeShred weight loss supplement as the best option for men to lose weight, as it is the hardcore fat burning supplement at its finest class. 

This supplement offers great results for every person who has been facing problems in losing fat and retaining muscle mass. Also, PrimeShred also caters the factor of stabilizing mood while your body is in fat burning mode and is burning an extensive amount of fat. The nootropic ingredients included in the PrimeShred formula are the great mood enhancers that sort of controlled the grumpy and cringe attitude of people while they are on calorie deficit diet. Instead, the formula focuses on loading the user with better motivation and determination to achieve their goals. 

At the same time, TrimeTone weight loss supplement is also a safe, effective and all-natural fat burner formula that delivers tangible results. 

It is specifically designed for women who are struggling to lose weight due to different hormonal or post-birth issues. The use of TrimTone boasts impressive health benefits because it is powered up with antioxidants that are immune boosting. Also, this thermogenic fat burner has ingredients that lower blood sugar levels. Another important advantage of using TrimTone is it suppresses your appetite, accelerates your metabolism, which helps you burn more body fat and help you lose weight easily and quickly within short span of time. Also, both PrimeShred and TrimTone formulas comes with the money back guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction and trust. 

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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