Automated Parking Assist and Other ADAS to Improve Road Safety and Driving

Automated Parking Assist

Most accidents are a result of human error. To ensure a safer driving experience, automotive companies are incorporating Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) into their cars to make them future-ready and improve the safety and comfort of driving. From the alerts produced by the systems, drivers can tell of an impending collision and other potential hazards, allowing them to take timely control of the vehicle.

The top 3 ADA technologies in the automobile industry include:

Parking Assistance Systems

Imagine leaving your car before it’s done parking itself! How cool is that? Parking assistance technologies comprise ultrasonic sensors fixed onto the rear and front bumpers to measure available spaces on the roadside and detect suitable parking spaces. After, the driver will receive an alert, and the automated parking system will take over the accelerator, brakes, and the steering of the vehicle for autonomous parking.

Some advanced systems even let you control the vehicle’s movement with your phone while outside the car.

Pedestrian and Night Vision Systems

About 50 percent of pedestrian-related accidents happen at night despite a 75 percent decrease in traffic during the night. All this is attributed to low visibility.

Effective pedestrian detection systems combine infrared sensors, thermal cameras, and night vision technology to curb this menace. This helps sense thermal radiations approaching the vehicle from the front and differentiate living from non-living objects even in dark environments. If the vehicle detects a person within a certain range, it will automatically come to a halt, significantly reducing the chances of accidents.

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

Alternatively known as the radar cruise control, the ACC keeps an optimum distance between cars and automatically adjusts the vehicle’s speed when approaching others. The system comprises a longitudinal controller, digital signal processor, and radar headway sensor integrated into the vehicle’s engine and breaks. When the system detects a car on its path, it momentarily breaks the vehicle and accelerates to the initial speed when the roadway is clear. Everything is autonomous.


Invest in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) to improve vehicle safety and driving comfort. The 3 must-have Smart technologies include the parking assistant systems, pedestrian and night vision systems, and adaptive cruise control. While some vehicles come equipped with some of these ADAS, others will require you to pay for installation assistance from professionals.


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