Art and Craft Supplies You Can Buy Online in Melbourne

Art and Craft Supplies in Melbourne

The city of Melbourne is home to many art exhibitions. For example, the National Gallery of Victoria or NGV will be hosting the French Impressionism event this winter. Moreover, there are dozens of art galleries in the city. So it’s easy to get influenced by this culture and develop an interest in arts and crafts.

If you or your kids are into artwork, you should ensure you have adequate stock of supplies. During this pandemic, it’s wiser to procure art and craft supplies Melbourne from online dealers. It is both safe and convenient. In this article, you’ll learn about the art and craft supplies you can buy online.

Crayons and Pencils

Irrespective of the medium of choice, you’d need crayons and pencils. These are used both for initiating the drawing process and providing the finishing touches.

Especially for the paper surfaces, you’d need a variety of crayons and pencils. Drawing pencils come in different forms. The 2B pencils are used for sketching and shading. 6B pencils are for drawing dark shadows, and 4H pencils are meant for light areas. You wouldn’t necessarily need more than 3-4 pencils, but it’s essential to have one from each type.

Similarly, crayons come in a variety of shapes and colours. You’d have two types of crayons to choose from, either colouring crayons or chalk crayons.

Paper and Cardboard

You must stock an adequate amount of paper and cardboard to practise drawing uninterruptedly. You can bring your imagination to reality without having to worry about the availability of papers.

Litho or lithograph papers are the most common type of drawing paper. They are prepared from bleached wood pulp. They’re primarily used for lithographic art, but you can use them for sketching as well. When buying papers specifically for drawing or sketching, you should look at the surface texture, weight, and material used for making the paper.

For cardboard art, you can buy cardboard. As opposed to drawing papers, these are bulky and heavy. It is to ensure strength and curl resistance. Moreover, they come in various vibrant colours.

Beads and Jewellery

Beads and jewellery are found in the arts of many cultures. If you’re practising beadwork, then you must purchase quality beads. You can attach them or string them together to create beautiful art. With creativity, you can also make jewellery and adornment for personal use.

Beads come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Which ones to buy depends on what you want to create. Along with the beads, you’d also have to purchase reliable strings, threads, and needles.

Clay and Dough

Clay and dough work best for the basis for sculpting. Sculpting goes back to 202 BC when it was first used in current-day China in the Han Dynasty.

So if you’re preparing sculptures, buy high-quality clay and dough. Clay comes packed in a plastic jar or wrapper. But they may also come in the open, which is usually not recommended since they can get contaminated during shipping.

Terracotta clays are usually the best for sculpting. You can mould them easily with minimal effort. Other than clay, you should also purchase dough used for modelling.

To work with these easily, get a set of cutters.

Paints and Accessories

No artwork can be complete without vibrant colours. Besides pencils and crayons, you’d also need paints for your project. But there are different types of paints you can buy online. Those are:

  • Acrylic paint: These types of paints are ideal for brushwork. Their colour strength and pigment quality make them perfect to use on canvases.
  • Oil paint: To get a glossy finish, you should buy oil paints. These also blend well with others and offer long-lasting coverage.
  • Watercolour: If you need fluidity and transparency while working on your art, then get watercolour paints.
  • Gouache: If you need something chalkier than watercolours, then go for Gouache colours. As opposed to watercolours, they absorb light rather than reflecting it.
  • Encaustic: These are wax-based paints with concentrated colour pigment. It’s best for absorbent surfaces.

Along with paint, you’d also need accessories like brushes, palettes, charcoals, and markers.

Educational Colour Sets

If your children are learning arts and crafts, you should get educational sets/ kits for them. These kits include most of the items to get started with the basic art. They come with manuals that your kids follow along to build their things. Try including these sets if your kids want to pursue art as a serious hobby.

When buying art and craft supplies in Melbourne, go for reputed vendors. Check if they are registered in the country and have a physical presence. Also, learn about their return policies; they should be able to accept or replace faulty products.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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