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The perks and amenities that an Arrowhead Stadium VIP box offers its fans can’t be rivaled. If you wish to enjoy the company of your friends or family in your own seating area, get the best suites and live your dreams. Arrowhead Stadium suites make the perfect choice for anyone looking for a way to entertain clients and chill with loved ones. With world-class amenities that offer spectacular experiences, you’ll be glad you reserved these luxurious suites.

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Arrowhead Stadium suites are the best options for the ultimate experience at an event. With so many amenities that come with these VIP boxes and suites, it would be a shame not to grab the chance to live the lavish experience while you can. A VIP box is a private seating area that offers fans a one-of-a-kind experience that lets you enjoy a premium and grand treatment. You don’t have to go through the pain of dealing with huge crowds of fans to watch the events taking place on the field. You’ll be able to enjoy a highly luxurious experience in private in the company of your loved ones. 

Arrowhead Stadium suites offer many privileges that make the experience a wholesome one. There are lots of amenities that include in-suite catering to the guests in luxury suites. Catering is provided by Levy Restaurants. Some of the suites come with included food and beverages. Luxury suite ticket holders also have the perk of accessing VIP parking. These premium lots can be accessed in Lot M and Lot E. In addition, fans will also find dedicated VIP entrances at the Tower Gate and the Founder’s Plaza. Make the most out of this wonderful premium experience and make grand memories with the people who matter to you.

Arrowhead Stadium suites offer five options for guests to choose from. If you’re looking for a space that offers close-up views of the actions on the field, the Field Box Suite makes a tempting choice. This private luxury suite lies below the lower bowl and offers a fantastic viewing angle. They are open-air and come with 18 tickets with 7 VIP parking passes. The Signature Suite lies at Midfield on the CommunityAmerica Club Level and provides great views of the actions. This suite features a larger seating area and can fit up to 32 guests. It is furnished with world-class furnishings and features several countertops and open interior space.

The Sideline Select Suite comes with 18 tickets and lies on the lower suite level on both the sidelines. The capacity is expandable to 26 guests. They are placed under the lower bowl seating concourse. The Corner Select Suite is the most recent luxury addition to the stadium and features 16 tickets. This all-inclusive Arrowhead Stadium VIP box also features an in-suite bartender. If you wish to experience the thrill and convenience of these premium boxes and suites, the best thing you can do is reserve an Arrowhead Stadium VIP box in advance because they have a good chance of selling out quickly. 

Given the popularity of events at the stadium, it can be hard to find and book an Arrowhead Stadium VIP box. So, get them early. Placed above the lower bowl on the main Club Concourse, the Club Suites surround the entire stadium. These suites have various seating capacities and fit up to 11 to 27 guests. They feature Gold or Red and offer VIP club access to the CommunityAmerica Club Level private restrooms and lounges. Some of the traditional perks and amenities of these club suites include HDTVs, a kitchenette, interior and exterior seating, and more. 

Guests who hold tickets to the luxury suites have exclusive access to CommunityAmerica Club Level. This includes access to the North Club and the Tower Club. You’ll be able to enjoy and have the time of your life with your close ones in these luxurious spaces. Some of the typical perks and amenities that Arrowhead Stadium VIP Club seats offer are an in-seat attendant, VIP parking, private restrooms, and VIP event entrance. With these premium amenities, you’ll be able to secure a truly memorable and enlightening experience at your favorite event. 

Opened in 1972, GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium is one of the most prominent NFL stadiums, with its popularity intact after even five decades of existence. The stadium lies at 1 Arrowhead Drive in Kansas City and is the home venue of the professional NFL team, the Kansas City Chiefs. It is one of the largest stadiums in the US, the 6th-largest football stadium in the US, and the largest stadium in Missouri, with a seating capacity of 76416 fans. This gigantic stadium boasts 80 executive suites that offer fans a unique experience while watching their favorite events. If you wish to access a VIP club for a memorable experience, be sure to score tickets to an Arrowhead Stadium VIP box.

Arrowhead Stadium provides one of the most entertaining experiences while attending an event. It is also considered one of the loudest NFL stadiums with the best tailgating experiences. In addition to exciting sporting events, the venue has also staged the performances of various world-class artists like Taylor Swift, Cole Swindell, Ed Sheeran, Jason Aldean, Snow Patrol, and more. Many exciting events are lined up for the year where you can catch great shows from performers like George Strait, Kenny Chesney, Little Big Town, and Chris Stapleton, among others. Watch your favorite performers in style by reserving great Arrowhead Stadium suites in advance. 

Arrowhead Stadium VIP Box & Suite Prices And Details

How Much Do Arrowhead Stadium VIP Boxes & Suites Cost? 

Single tickets to Arrowhead Stadium VIP Boxes & Suites cost between $156 to $730. If you’re booking the whole suit, you can expect to pay around $15,200 to $30,700. But the price can depend on the type of event, the suite level, the day of the week, and more. 

How Many Guests Can Fit In A Arrowhead Stadium VIP Box Or Suite?  

An Arrowhead Stadium VIP Box Or Suite has an average capacity to fit 10 to 28 guests. The Field Box Suite and the Sideline Select Suite feature 18 tickets each, the Signature Suite includes 32 tickets, the Corner Select Suite comes with 16 tickets, and the Club Suite includes 11 to 27 tickets.

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