An Innovative Solution for an Age Old Problem


With massive growth over the last few years, the luggage and parcel industries are facing unprecedented challenges. Customers often face high shipping costs, expensive airport fees and lost, stolen or damaged luggage. AiroLuggage is on a mission to provide the highest level of customer service, helping to reduce stress and remove the hassle of travelling with heavy or awkwardly shaped luggage.

You’ve been offered your dream job in a new country, and while you’re excited to get moving, you’re faced with a problem. How do you get your favourite pieces of furniture, that trusted set of golf clubs, or your bike to your new home? It’s an age-old problem that can be a logistical nightmare. Faced with hefty fees, shipment delays and the rigmarole of navigating customs requirements, it can often prove a better option to sell your possessions and start all over. A process that can be disheartening, long-winded and stressful. So much so that it could leave you questioning the decision to relocate. That’s where AiroLuggage has stepped in to create an innovative solution to the problem. 

“The majority of people are used to sending a letter or package around the world, but when we are shipping something larger or unusual in shape, the options become limited. That’s where we come in,” says John Catterson, Founder of AiroLuggage.

Starting from just £37 for worldwide delivery, AiroLuggage will collect your luggage from your office or home and deliver it straight to your hotel or new home. They do all the hard work, allowing you to travel hands-free and hassle-free. 

The company was founded by a group of travellers with other travellers in mind. And that deep understanding and appreciation of their customer needs means they have created an unrivalled platform that revolves around a critical element; the customer experience.

The shipping industry has transformed in scale over the last few years. In 2014 43 billion parcels were shipped in the world’s 13 major markets; by 2020, that figure had ballooned to 131 billion parcels, a tripling in size in just six years. By 2026 the industry is expected to double in size again. This enormous growth has brought increased complexity and pressure points for logistics companies. 

With such a sharp increase in demand, space and weight have become significant factors for courier businesses. “Unfortunately, a lot of shipping providers charge a premium for larger or unusual sized shipments as they take up more space in transit. We make sure we find the most cost-effective solution for our customers. However, they don’t impact on quality. We audit all our partners to reassure them that their package arrives safely and swiftly.” says Catterson.

The company found a space in the market where customers were being let down with high prices and poor service. And they are on a mission to change perceptions and provide the highest level of customer service, helping to reduce stress and remove the hassle of travelling with heavy or awkwardly shaped luggage. AiroLuggae knows that by getting the customer experience right, their customers will have a stress-free and more enjoyable travel experience.

That’s why their solution revolves around delivering a more personalised service to the luggage delivery industry. Their dedicated team provides direct technical support, personalised customer service and live luggage tracking, giving customers the peace of mind that their luggage is in safe hands. They have partnered with global courier companies and can guarantee excellent service at exceptional rates. This focus on the customer experience has been key to the business’s success. As John Catterson explains, “the business success has just been exceptional customer service. We take all the hassle out of the shipping process, and we do it at a price other shipping providers cannot compete with”.

With those awkward, bulky items, AiroLuggage’s service at industry-leading prices is unrivalled. As Catterson puts it, “some of our biggest discounts would be for items like bikes, golf clubs and furniture. Items that others might have considered selling before moving now can be shipped anywhere safely and securely”. 

AiroLuggage isn’t just ideal for those moving home. Holidays are meant to be times of relaxation and recuperation. But travelling with heavy luggage or awkwardly shaped items, like golf clubs or ski equipment, can often prove stressful and expensive. At airports, one in five UK travellers exceeds their baggage allowance, leading to an average fee of £135. It’s estimated UK holidaymakers spend £395m in excess luggage fees each year. On top of this, 22.7 million bags were lost, stolen or damaged in 2017, so not only is there an added cost, there’s no guarantee your luggage will be delivered safely to your destination. The last thing anyone wants is to begin or end their holiday with that gut-wrenching feeling of waiting for their luggage at the carousel only to find out it’s been badly damaged, lost or stolen. 

AiroLuggage takes the hassle and stress out of the experience, allowing holidaymakers to travel comfortably with peace of mind. Not only that, but their live luggage tracking platform allows holidaymakers to monitor their luggage on its journey, knowing it will be at their hotel when they arrive. This increased visibility and personalised customer service have been crucial features of the company’s success over the last few years and will be critical to the company’s continued growth.

AiroLuggage’s pioneering, customer-centric approach has disrupted the luggage baggage industry. And with the company’s continued expansion, stress-filled days worrying about lost luggage or the logistical nightmare of relocating countries will become a thing of the past.


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