Agilis Jet Tenders – The Manufacturer`s Story

Agilis Jet

Do you know what a jet tender is? Maybe it is exactly that thing you lack. So we will tell about it and show one of the best manufacturers.

A jet tender is a small inflatable boat with jet propulsions system which is used for transfers from larger ships or yachts, especially when they cannot dock at some port or marina. Additionally, tenders can be used for sports or fishing.

“A jet tender should meet all your needs”, Maxym Starchenko is convinced and he knows exactly what he is talking about, because he is an owner and founder of the yacht tender manufacturing company Agilis Jettenders GmbH. Headquartered in Jülich, Germany, the company manufactures and supplies luxury rigid inflatable boats worldwide.

But everything started as a family business. Mr. Starchenko was passionate about boats since his childhood, and he decided to turn it into a business of his life and involved all his family in this.

Now there are six models in the Agilis model range, each of them is designed to meet the specific needs of customers. First model Agilis 355 was presented at 2018 and became a hit of the trade fair in Düsseldorf. Innovative technologies, luxury and high quality materials, little features for greater convenience and a piece of soul invested in it, all of those very quickly made a successful and sought-after player in the jet tenders market from the small family company.

“We try to meet diverse needs of our customers and comply with world-class quality standards, using only materials from leading global suppliers and cutting-edge technologies” – Maxym Starchenko.

Thanks to his experience, Mr. Starchenko knows what the consumer wants and Agilis has created the perfect product that meets three key needs – the engine, the ability to customize everything just for yourself and premium technical solutions with the best quality materials. Agilis jet tenders have significant advantages over the competitors. First of all, it is a powerful jet engine which provides higher speed and more control stability. There are no external propellers in engine design, thus being near the tender is safer and with lower risk to damage propeller when beaching.


Second benefit is an ability to choose everything on your boat from color of hull to useful gadgets. Even engine options are available for some models to fit client expectations. Customer can select or remove every detail on the section Configurator on website. Your tender – your design – your rules.

Third advantage of Agilis is the top quality of every dinghy’s part. Tenders are designed for first class yachts and meet the highest standards of yachting industry. Agilis uses the materials only from verified global vendors of luxury class. Tenders are equipped by innovative and high-tech technique and gadgets.

“Custom, luxury, jet. These three words fully describe Agilis tenders and our product strategy” – Maxym Starchenko emphasizes.

Custom luxury jet

Let’s look at the opposite models of the range. If you need tender only to reach the yacht quickly and comfortably, take a look at Agilis 280, which is the smallest boat, but no less comfortable than others. If your goal is spending a great time with family and friends, you should try Agilis 560. It’s a luxury jet tender for 10 persons which can be characterized as the industry standard of splendor, comfort and safety. Now the whole team is preparing to present the smallest jet tender in the world with diesel engine – Agilis 360.

Agilis history tells us that great success starts with passionate idea and support of loved ones.

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