Africa’s Top-ranked La Liga Players in the 2022 Season

Africa's Top-ranked La Liga Players

Spanish football is one of the matches that is played with the utmost flare and directness. The full swing of the La Liga predictions is also felt in Africa, with the best La Liga players in the 2022 season. Just like in the previous games, the focus is on growing and expanding football talent in the African markets because the region has an active presence of stars in South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Angola, Egypt, and Zambia. That said, below is a list of Africa’s top La Liga talent:

Inaki Williams

Williams, at the age of 27, comes off successfully at the end of one of his best seasons of the 2019 season. He has eight goals and five assists in the last month for Athletic Bilbao. The outperformance made him the team’s top scorer. Then, Williams interacted with Iker Muniain to give room for a great display of strength for the Basque. The latter ended their campaign in the eighth position.

Currently, Inaki Williams is being connected to a switch to Ghana as he has previously represented Spain as one of the greatest field attackers. His field quality in the middle or outside is also a significant asset for the Black Stars.

Samuel Chukwueze

The Nigerian man Samuel Chukwueze was on the safe side of the teams that reached the Champions League semi-final. One of his most highly and blessed and unlikely runs was in the yellow submarine where he scored two goals to the final four. The situation at hand was not very good and straight forward although Samuel Chukwueze had an assist in 6 goals during the contest. Previously, he struggled to make a statement for himself and secure his own space on Unai Emery’s XI. The winger made it to the Spanish team of the Week La Liga predictions three times.

Yassine Bounou

Yassine Bounou ranks, after Edouard Mendy, among the best African goalkeepers worldwide. The previous season was consistent for the Arab players, with Sevilla nurturing them for the Champions League qualification. Notably, Bounou has an incredible defensive record in his division, having conceded 30 goals throughout his campaign. He is also the first Arab footballer to take home the Zamora trophy.

Geoffrey Kondogbia

One thing that Geoffrey Kondogbia is known for is effective tackling in his division. He played a significant role at the altar of the park for Atletico Madrid and assisted the Rojiblancos to find their way again to the Champions League. Geoffrey Kondogbia exchanged France for the Central African Republic and has begun to appreciate the credit he is enjoying as destined for his career. Moreover, La Liga predictions have it that Aston Villa are courting him for the Premier League, which might not be very long from now.


The aggressive international player from Mozambique has made a bold statement as an astute addition to Diego Simeone’s squad. For a while, Reinildo went missing in action for a while when he exchanged LOSC Lille for Atletico Madrid. That was after he made a great impression in the French top-flight in the previous term. Atletico conceded 14 goals in 19 starts against 40 goals in 32 matches when Reinildo was not in the picture yet.

La Liga brings Spanish football closer to fans in Africa. The players above have their eyes on the race for the upcoming season’s league, with the anticipation for greater achievements being higher than ever.

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