Advantages of Developing Software Products on Qt

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A successful software product has such properties as efficiency, high quality, and accessibility. How to make your product to be accessible to more users? The best way here is to have your product developed with Qt – a cross-platform framework with a large number of features and tools.

Sure thing, there are a lot of other cross-platform frameworks and instruments for building multiplatform software: . NET, Cordova, Ionic, PhoneGap to name a few. However, Qt remains the most popular and widespread framework for implementing software solutions for various industries.

According to the statistics provided by Enlyft, Qt creator is used for building software products in such segments as Computer Software, Computer Hardware, Higher Education, and Information technology and Services.


Let’s find out what advantages we can get by developing a software product on the Qt framework and its tools.

  1. The Qt framework is cross-platform. This characteristic allows for the creation of mobile, desktop, and embedded applications that will be compatible with Linux OS, Windows OS, OS X, iOS, Android OS, and BlackBerry to name a few.

    With the means of Qt tools, you can make your software product reach a larger audience of users and, in so doing, increase the outcome.

  2. Qt is highly improved and completed. Qt framework was released in 1995 and has been improved and tested by experienced engineers since that time. Due to it, it has got new features, functionalities, and “internal” tools that make Qt comfortable and easy to use.
  3. Qt framework is open-source and it can help you reduce the development expenses and create a cost-efficient product. Besides, this open-source nature gave the possibility to contribute to the Qt framework and its tools to other engineers.
  4. Qt is based on the C++ programming language. C++ is notable for its incapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, and classes. Qt framework also has all these properties which let developers reuse the code.

    Another advantage of C++ is the possibility to develop software of various complexity: from simple applications to complicated programs.

    In addition to it, the Qt framework contains bindings to other languages: JavaScript, Python, Ruby, and so on. So, it’s not limited to using only C++.

  5. Qt framework ecloses special tools for building intuitive UI/UX designs. These tools are QML, QtGui, Qt Widgets, QtUiTools. They allow developers to develop look-and-feel user interfaces no matter what operating systems your customers will use.

To sum it up, creating software products using Qt framework can help you reduce time and cost of the development process. For more information on that topic and QT services, visit Integra Sources.


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