A Review of Spike: The Best New Email App for Your Business Needs

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If you’re looking for ways to boost your productivity and do business more efficiently, look no further than Spike, the world’s first conversational email app. Spike is a collaborative email app designed to help teams of all sizes connect, create, and collaborate in real time — to ultimately get more done in less time.

We highly recommend Spike to anyone who wants to transform their traditional email experience and unify all their messaging and project management into one optimal tool. Keep reading to find out more details about all the features we love in Spike!

Spike Features Reviewed

Conversational email

The flagship feature of Spike is its conversational email functionality, which is something so new on the market that you might not have heard of it yet. Here’s how it works…

Spike syncs with your existing email account (such as a Gmail or Outlook email account) and turns your inbox threads into a chat-like interface, similar to the interface of other popular instant messaging apps.

We absolutely love this feature for doing business because it eliminates the need to sift through cluttered inboxes and long, confusing threads to find key pieces of information or read the latest replies.

Spike conversational email facilitates real-time, natural communication and lets you and your team take back control of all the time normally wasted on dealing with your traditional email inboxes.

Priority inbox

Spike’s priority inbox feature is another way the app helps you get rid of unwanted inbox distractions. The feature automatically filters out low-priority emails, such as newsletters, promotions, and notifications, so you only see the emails that are most relevant to your business needs.

This helps ensure that you don’t miss the most important messages and can get the information you need, when you need it.

Video meetings

Spike has something that most email clients are missing — fully integrated video meetings. With Spike, you no longer need to use a separate app to hold team meetings or jump on a call to discuss an action item from an email.

This helps reduce the need to switch apps throughout the day, which can really drain your team’s productivity, especially if there are any login issues or other technical problems getting everyone connected on different platforms.

Spike offers such a range of different ways to connect and communicate with team members, clients, vendors, and other key individuals that there really isn’t a need to use any other team chat or video meeting app.

Group chats

In addition to conversational email and video meetings, Spike also allows you to create multiple group chats. We especially find this group chat feature useful for creating chat channels related to particular tasks, projects, or teams.

Collaborative notes

Spike’s collaborative notes provide another way for teams to stay organized and collaborate in real time. These online notes live in the cloud and as many people as you want can contribute to them, no matter where they are located. 

The collaborative online notes also have built-in sidebar chats, so you and all your team members can discuss the contents of notes right within them.

Tasks and to-do lists

No business should be without a way to create to-do lists to organize/assign different tasks. Spike functions as an all-in-one workspace that allows you to efficiently manage all your different professional projects and track the progress of tasks to identify bottlenecks and improve your team’s efficiency and productivity.

Voice messages

For when instant messaging isn’t quite enough, but video meetings are too much, we appreciate the ability to send voice messages in Spike. Sometimes it’s just easier to verbally explain something or ask a question, instead of taking the time to type it out, and Spike’s built-in voice notes let you do just that.

Super search

Of course, no email client would be complete without the ability to search for past messages and content, such as attachments. We were particularly happy with Spike’s super search feature that lets you search by keyword, subject, or person and layer on filters, including tags, keywords, people, or files. 

The ability to conduct detailed searches sounds so simple, but it can really save you and your business so much time when you don’t remember exactly where to find something.

File management

Along with Spike’s super search feature comes the app’s handy file preview feature, which allows you to preview the contents of an email attachment without actually opening it up to see what’s inside. We find that this makes finding the right file even more of a breeze!

Calendar syncing

Finally, we couldn’t complete a thorough review of Spike and its features without mentioning the ability to sync multiple calendars in the app. If you find it hard to stay on top of all your important dates and deadlines on different email calendars, such as a work and a personal Gmail calendar, simply sync them all in Spike to view everything in one central location.


There are many great productivity apps and tools out there, but few of them combine as many useful features in one platform as Spike does. If you want to drastically reduce the number of apps you and your team use and unify and streamline your workflows, we suggest you try Spike for all your business needs today!

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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