A Full Guide to Platforms You Need For Invoice Templates


The most exciting thing for any business owner is to land their first customer or client. Much more than that is the thrill of receiving an initial deposit and a commitment that seals the deal of a business partnership. 

A professional invoice helps you to keep records of your accounts and legal documents. Free invoice software and free invoice templates can help keep you up to date with your financial records and build trust and integrity with your customer. Not to mention the ease of receiving payment for rendered services and products.

Since having branded invoice templates helps you receive faster payments from your business, you need to understand how to create, write and design them. 

Most business owners usually keep late nights to process their payments. Research records that late payments attract a cost of $3 trillion annually for most businesses. Hence the need to learn how to use invoice templates for accurate bookkeeping and financial accountability. 

We’ll guide you through a full process of the platforms that you can use t create your first invoice template for your business. 

Whether you are a new business owner or have been running a business for a long time without proper financial accountability. This post will get your foot in the door and get you started on what you need to do.

Before we get into the platforms that you need and how to use them, first, let’s consider the meaning of invoice, the advantages, and the elements that are invoiced in a professional invoice template.

Ready? Let’s get started.

What is an invoice

What Is An Invoice?

An invoice is a formal tender or document that a business owner, freelancer, or service provider sends to their customers after the purchase of a service or product. The invoice for your business is a legally binding agreement that includes the list of what the person bought or services rendered with individual prices for each and a total amount of the agreed payment. 

Your invoice template means that you’ve made the sale and includes the terms of the agreement for said sale which the customer or client must agree with and sign their signature as proof and seal of the agreement.

Each invoice that you use in your business must be legally potent and binds both parties that are involved. Using that invoice, you can now request a compensation and payment for the product and services that you’ve rendered. 

Take, for example, an online clothing shop that will always send the customer an invoice for their purchase and shipping of their products.

The same applies to their professional serviceman who offers services whether online or offline, the person needs to send an invoice for each rendered service. The invoice protects you especially when you request a percentage before the complete project is delivered.

Fundamental invoice

The Fundamental Aspects Of An Invoice

The fundamental components of a professional invoice template include the details and information that you must include in the invoice to make it simpler for the customer to process the payment request that you’ve sent to them.

When you use an invoice format, this adds important information to the template and makes for faster remuneration of products and services.

The following should be seen in your invoice:

Official business name

Contact details, for example, business logo email, number of registration, and physical address (if any)


Name of the customer

Email, address, and mobile number

You need to also include the following:

Date of the sold products and services and the duration

A complete list and analysis of the sold products and rendered services

Price of the services and products including the quantity (number sold)

A generated and original invoice number.

Invoice template

What do you need an Invoice template For?

An invoice template is often used by professional service providers and business owners to demand payment for rendered services and sold goods. These invoice templates are blank forms that can be filled by the business owner for each customer.

Business owners use these invoice templates when they need to customize the template for the demands of their business.

Product sellers and service providers also make use of an invoice template when they need an easy template that they can use easily edit and customize to suit the need of the business and include the features or tools that they need when necessary.

Invoice platforms

The platforms you need for invoice Templates

There are several platforms that you can use to create an invoice for your business. Some of them may require that you fill in the details manually while the rest have done that. So, all you need to do is to fill in the necessary details whenever you need to use them.

The best thing about using these invoice templates is that you save time, money, and resources for yourself. Instead of creating an invoice from scratch every single time. You can simply use an invoice template.

Most of these platforms like Simple Books, Fresh Books, and the rest usually have a simple and professional list of different invoice templates that you can use in a matter of minutes.

You can easily download, format, and use your invoice templates when you are ready to send the details over to your customers and clients.

Here are a few of these platforms that you need to invoice templates:

Microsoft Word/Google Docs

If you’re looking for a free invoice template platform for your business, you can start with a hands-on template that is easily available on your phone and laptop regardless of where you are or live. 

Microsoft and Google Docs have different options of templates that are available for use and easy customization. The templates have different uses as well tailored to meet your individual needs.

  • Simple open the Microsoft Word or Google doc on your laptop or phone
  • Open the menu file
  • Choose ‘New’ and search for the invoice in the box
  • Select your preferred invoice
  • Enter the necessary information and details that you need depending on the template that you selected
  • Review your information and save the invoice in PDF format for your customer

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel likewise is available for use even without an internet connection. You can choose from a variety of invoice templates, all free on the software.

  • Click on the menu when you open the Microsoft Excel Invoice
  • Select ‘New’ and search for the preferred invoice in the box
  • Select your preferred invoice and customize it for the business


FreshBooks invoice templates are created and designed to meet the needs of small business owners, freelancers, and service providers. 

The free templates can be easily customized to fit the need and demands of the business. Simply use a preferred generic invoice template and fill in the details of your business and of your customer or client in the provided spaces. Finally, download the template as a file of your choice: DOC. Excel or PDF.

Adobe Express

Adobe Express or Adobe Spark is designed to fit the needs of business owners with their selection of invoice templates for use. You can easily select your collection of choice and customize it to speed up your workflow and ease of payment processing. For preference, simply add business details such as your brand logo, colors, and even details of payment.



Canva is one of the few graphic design software that provides business owners with a full load of graphic files and invoice templates that can be customized for use. 

The professional invoice templates make it easy for anyone to add their details, build from scratch and download for use. You can also use your logo, colors, fonts, and other brand identity details of your choice.


Wave is a cloud-associated service invoice template for generating invoices and customizing them for your customers. The software is tailored to satisfy the demands of small businesses and service providers. One can easily use their available invoice templates to solve accounting needs, scan receipts, and design bills for payments. Most importantly, you can easily track your payments. 

Wave is a free invoice platform that you can use to create as many invoice templates as possible, add your payment details and download for sharing with your customers.

Finally, Wave invoice templates allow you to receive payments within days. Additionally, the software can be integrated with other payment platforms like PayPal and Zapier.

Zoho Invoice Templates

Zoho invoice software is a multi-available invoice platform across devices such as Android, Windows, and even IOS. Their automated tool makes it easy to generate invoices and track payments across several devices.

The invoice template also has a layout that enables one to use the templates for their preferred delivery and payment processing.

Finally, you can easily download and share the invoice with your customers and use any language of your choice and currency. The free version allows you to create invoices for at least five clients while the basic plan allows you to create up to 500 invoices at an annual renewal rate of $90.


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