9 Tips to Make 100 Hour Work Weeks Less Stressful


If you work long hours, you probably know how much stress you can acquire during this time. In fact, some people even work 100 hours per week. This can negatively affect your health, relationships, work performance and anything else you may have going on. You can make 100 hour work weeks less stressful with these tips.

Love Your Career

Working 100 hours a week isn’t worth it if you don’t genuinely love what you do for a living. Not enjoying your career enough can make your days even more stressful and unsatisfactory. On the other hand, if you do love your career, it’s probably worth all of your hard work.

Stay Organized

Keeping your environment organized can improve your focus and productivity. It’s easier to clear your head when your environment is clean. Additionally, you’ll be less frustrated, because you won’t have to waste time searching for essential items when you need them.

Get Enough Sleep

One of the biggest causes of stress can be lack of sleep. Firstly, make sure you have a comfortable mattress that’s the right size for you. Next, avoid excessive use of technology before bedtime, because the blue light from the screen can make it harder to sleep. Another way to enhance sleep quality is to do calming activities, like reading or meditation, before you go to bed.

Have Healthy Habits

Having healthy habits can be helpful in staying focused and boosting energy. Further, make sure to drink plenty of water, eat healthy meals and exercise regularly. Eating one unhealthy meal later in the day, such as pizza, a hamburger or tacos, could result in lack of sleep and not enough energy to get through the next day.

Create a Strict Schedule

You can stay organized and disciplined by creating a strict schedule and sticking to it. Your routine should include time with loved ones, coffee breaks, cooking meals, naptime, waking up and exercising. Committing to a strict schedule will help you be more successful and productive. Furthermore, you can gain a sense of control and lower your stress levels by adding structure to each day.

Appreciate Early Morning Hours

You can use the early morning hours to get even more done, or take this time to relax. Since this time is usually known as the most productive time of the day, you can work out. Alternatively, try writing in a journal, going for a walk, art therapy, aromatherapy and others. Doing relaxing techniques can lower blood pressure, slow down heart rate, lessen fatigue and improve mood, among other things.

Make Time for Family and Friends

Maintaining healthy relationships can help you endure your long work hours efficiently and effectively. For instance, you can try taking a few minutes out of your day here and there for loved ones. Consider making a phone call to your mother, taking a coffee break with a friend or something else that resonates with you.

Be Grateful

While you may have the luxury of working long hours at a job you probably love, some people can’t even do this much. You can take time out of each day to write down a few things you’re grateful for, or say a prayer of thanks. Another idea to be more grateful for what you have is to donate money to a charity you admire.

Maintain Inner Peace

Not having inner peace can cause anxiety, depression, stress and other issues. Instead of allowing negativity to consume you, take control of your own mental health. You can do spiritual techniques such as meditation or basic yoga poses for a few minutes a day. Other than this, try breathing exercises, or just go outside to breathe some fresh air.

No matter what, always remember that you need more than just work to be truly fulfilled. For instance, you need family and friends to spend meaningful time with, hobbies you enjoy and anything else that makes life worth living. Although work is important, taking care of your personal needs and wants is also worthwhile.


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