8 Best Bitcoin Poker Sites and BTC Poker Casinos

Bitcoin Poker

Bitcoin allows for quick transactions with minimal anonymity and little cost, which is beneficial to both players and poker rooms. Online poker enthusiasts in restricted regions such as the United States, Australia, and Canada would otherwise have to wait a long time for payouts to arrive or face hefty surcharges.

We combined our considerable cryptocurrency expertise with a sprinkle of love for poker to discover online casinos that combine the best of both worlds.

Top Bitcoin Poker Sites and Casinos: Quick Look

Site Signup Bonus Editor’s Notes Score

150% up to $10,000
Regular deep-stack tourneys

Anonymous tables protect players from sharks

Numerous banking options

Red Dog
225% up to $5,000 No withdrawal fee

Secure and crypto-friendly

Practice games are available

100% up to 100 USDT or 1 BTC + 180 FS – 40x Generous welcome package

Daily Jackpot contest
Reward programs

Bovada 125% up to $1,250 Mobile-friendly site

Easy-to-use interface

Multiple crypto bonuses

Slots.lv 300% up to $1,500  VIP program
Best Chat Room CasinoEasy to use interface
BetOnline 100% up to $1,000 Excellent Omaha tournaments

Variety of games to choose from

Crypto-friendly banking system

Las Atlantis 280% up to $14,000  Most payouts are within 24 hours

SSL encryption
Variety of daily tournaments

Cafe Casino 350% up to $2,500 Multiple jackpot games

Various bonuses to choose from

Payouts in as little as an hour



8 Best Bitcoin Poker Online Casinos

1. Ignition – Overall Best Bitcoin Poker Casino


  • Every month, there are MTTs worth millions
  • Regular deep-stack tourneys
  • Anonymous tables protect players from sharks
  • Numerous banking options

Ignition Casino balances newbie friendliness with the ability for professionals to earn a living at it, making it the finest overall poker site we’ve encountered.

They also have a weekly multi-table tournament named “The Monthly Milly,” which has a million-dollar prize pool guaranteed. There are also daily monster stack events in which each player starts with a huge stack of chips, allowing skilled players more chances to outperform their competition.

There are also features designed to make new players feel welcome. For example, they have a fast-seat option in which you simply enter your favorite game, stakes, and table size, and they’ll seat you right away so you don’t have to waste time looking for tables.

Ignition Casino also has anonymous tables where usernames are obscured, which helps to minimize the use of HUDs and other suspicious software.

2. Red Dog – Best Live Video Poker Casino

Red Dog

  • 20 different types of video poker available
  • There is no withdrawal fee
  • Secure and crypto-friendly
  • Practice games are available

If you’d rather compete against a machine than a live person, Red Dog Casino is the place to go. They provide 16 different video poker variants, and all of them allow you to play for free, so you can get a feel for things before risking any money.

Their banking procedures are just as player-friendly as their game products. They provide a number of deposit and withdrawal alternatives, and they’re extremely crypto-friendly (for example, there are no deposit limits when using cryptocurrencies). Even better, they will not interfere with your withdrawals in any way.

The only drawback to this approach is the time it takes to get your money off the site. While a few transactions are completed in around 24 hours, others might take up to 5 business days.

3. Bitstarz – Best Poker Bonuses


  • Offers 40% rakeback
  • Loyalty program with generous rewards
  • You can choose from 3 different no-deposit bonuses

There’s nothing more frustrating than watching a poker game and not being able to participate because you don’t have enough money. Bitstarz Casino, on the other hand, strives to keep this from happening to you.

They provide excellent rakeback terms of 40%, and that money is directly transferred to your account, allowing you to get back into the game fast. Their loyalty program is also kind, and it’s simple to advance through the various stages.

You can also get one of their three no-deposit bonuses if you’re a regular player. These utilize frequent player points rather than your own money to boost your account instead. They also safeguard tournament players, as they provide several tourneys in which your buy-in will be returned if you bust on the bubble.

They appear to have a decent mobile experience, but you’ll need to play on your browser since they do not provide iOS or Android dedicated applications.

4. Bovada – Most User-Friendly Interface for Bitcoin Poker


  • Mobile-friendly site
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Multiple crypto bonuses

If you’re an action junkie, Bovada Casino allows you to fit a lot of hands into a short amount of time. Zone Poker in Bovada Casino ensures that you always have a hand to play, since after folding, you’ll be moved to a new table with another hand.

Despite the high pace, the interface is clean and easy to understand, making it simple to follow the action. It plays well on mobile devices, and their Rabbit Cam software even allows you to view what the turn or river would have been if the hand were to end before those cards are dealt.

While the game is undoubtedly amusing, all of that pleasure will cost you because they charge prohibitively expensive (15%+) credit card fees after the first one.

5. Slots.lv – Best Bitcoin Poker Casino for Grinders


  • $4.5 million in weekly tournament guarantees
  • Offers one free check payout monthly
  • Pro players are openly catered

Slots.lv Casino is one of the most pro-friendly casinos on the internet, and grinders will find a welcome home there. They provide $4.5 million in weekly tourney guarantees (and there are a lot of tours to join), and they proudly accept HUDs and hand trackers.

Gamblers will be delighted as well, most notably with the bomb pot tables. Every hour, a set amount is deducted from each player’s stack at these tables, generating a huge pot. The action will then fast-forward to the flop, with everyone putting forth whatever hole cards they were dealt.

Their banking alternatives are a mixed bag. They provide rapid processing times and a free check payout each month, but they charge a hefty 10% fee on certain credit card deposits.

6. BetOnline – Best Variety of Poker Types

Bet Online

  • Excellent Omaha tournaments
  • Variety of games to choose from
  • Crypto-friendly banking system

No-limit hold ’em is still the most popular game, and BetOnline has a lot of no-limit hold ’em. However, it offers far more than just NLHE games; for example, stud, Omaha, and even 32-card draw and 6+ hold ’em are all available.

Their tournament action is also diverse, with several excellent Omaha tournaments published on a regular basis. You may win big if you lose, since their awful beat jackpot grows often quite large.

You can use a variety of coins on Changelly, which is a crypto-friendly platform that enables you to utilize several cryptocurrencies in addition to Bitcoin. However, be careful when utilizing plastic since they charge a 7.5% fee on all credit card transactions.

7. Las Atlantis – Most Secure Software

Las Atlantis

  • Most payouts are processed within 24 hours
  • Utilizes encryption of the highest standard
  • Offers a variety of daily tournaments

If you’re concerned about your financial stability while gaming online, Las Atlantis’ Cardroom has your back. They utilize bank-grade encryption technologies to keep your data safe, and their security staff checks for bots on a regular basis, lowering the chance of being cheated at the tables.

It’s not just about the site’s security that earned it a place on this list. Their banking choices are excellent, and the majority of payouts (with the exception of cheques) are completed in less than a day. They also have a variety of tournaments every single day.

If you want to play anything other than no-limit hold ’em, this isn’t the casino to go to. Outside the micro limits, there’s not much Omaha action, and stud games are rare.

8. Cafe Casino –Best Mobile Bitcoin Poker Casino

Cafe Casino

  • Multiple jackpot games
  • Various bonuses to choose from
  • Payouts in as little as an hour
  • Players can convert their points into cash

Cafe Casino does not feature live poker, but if video poker machines are your thing, it’s a great location to visit. They have over 30 different kinds of video poker, and each is entertaining and gratifying.

Jackpot Poker titles, which have lucrative payouts, are a few examples of these. They also have a variety of intriguing bonus possibilities, including a “mystery bonus” that is credited to players’ accounts every Thursday. It’s also simple to trade player points for money.

It’s quite simple to get your money off the site, as most payments take less than a day and some in as little as an hour. While they just accept credit cards and cryptocurrencies, don’t expect many deposit and withdrawal choices because they only accept them.

What Is Bitcoin and how it works for poker?

Because some of our readers may not be familiar with the idea of Bitcoin, we’ll start from the beginning.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that was created in 2009 based on peer-to-peer technology for the purpose of processing quick payments. It’s the newest development in cryptography, digital anonymity, and crypto-currencies. Satoshi Nakamoto, according to some reports, invented this currency; however, its creator’s real identity remains unknown. The fundamental concept behind Bitcoin is to give users almost complete anonymity while using their bitcoins.

The most significant thing to understand about Bitcoin is that it does not have a physical form; rather, it is made up of balances that are kept on a public ledger accessible by all. Because bitcoins are not linked or backed by any bank or government, they’re extremely appealing to real-money poker players who can’t use traditional payment methods at governmental-restricted sites because of banking limitations.

We’re not going to get into the technical specifics of Bitcoin since it may be daunting. And, in reality, you don’t need to know all of the lingo in order to utilize Bitcoin for playing online poker. As a result, we’ll simply show you how to deposit and withdraw Bitcoins on poker sites right away.

How Do Bitcoins Work?

It’s possible to obtain and sell bitcoins using regular money from any currency. For example, there are several websites that may be accessed online and which offer bitcoins for sale.

The significance of this trend is how to explain it. Overall, one may see inherent value linked to the genuine bitcoin. It can change in terms of its supply and demand ratio, much like everything else on the market.

Which Legal Bitcoin Poker Room Should You Choose?

So, now that you know what the top bitcoin poker sites will be in 2021 and why you should even consider playing on an online Bitcoin poker site, what is the actual crypto poker site to choose?

We encourage you to test out all of them.

Even if you’re not a seasoned poker player, I recommend attempting to join crypto poker sites in nations where it appears they don’t exist. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Another benefit is that it’s simple to quit playing if you get bored with the game. However, because there are so many different sorts of online crypto poker, no two people have the same level of expertise.

5 Tips For Choosing A Bitcoin Poker Room

Everyone thinks that American internet poker players will benefit the most from gambling with bitcoin. Even though poker is classified as a game of skill in the United States, authorities have gone to great lengths to shutter U.S.-friendly poker rooms like PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker.

Bitcoin poker sites do not require the assistance of US banks or credit card providers, and they can accept real-money players from all over the world. When picking a bitcoin-friendly poker site, be sure to check out these criteria.​

Large Player Pools

There are several bitcoin-friendly poker sites if you just Google “bitcoin poker.” Unfortunately, the majority of these rooms have little traffic, so creating an account is not worth it. As a result, we only suggest locations where you’ll find active tables at all levels both day and night. The Chico Poker Network, the Winning Poker Network, and the Pai Wang Luo network are currently the most popular crypto poker networks.

Mobile Poker

The popularity of mobile poker has soared in recent years, due to the prevalence of smartphones like Samsung Galaxy and iPhone. Despite this, some casinos that accept cryptocurrencies have yet to develop a real money app that will work on any iOS, Windows Phone, or Android device. If you enjoy playing games on your phone, make sure the poker room provides native or web-based apps. Bovada Mobile’s Sit & Go tournaments and other sophisticated features are now available through many major poker applications.

U.S. & Australia Friendly

Some bitcoin gambling sites do not accept real money poker players from the United States or Australia, so double-check before depositing. Poker rooms that welcome U.S. players have more users and less rivalry, making them an excellent choice for serious gamers. Ignition is an Australian poker room within a bustling poker network that offers fast and reliable PC or Mac software, as well as $100k guaranteed major tournaments. American gamblers will be relieved to learn that real money poker at Bovada is once again available to them in the United States.

Low Rake

Poker rooms that only accept Bitcoin, on the other hand, have considerably smaller overhead costs than traditional online poker sites, allowing them to offer lower rake on cash games and tournaments. The standard 4% to 5% rake imposed by larger offshore poker rooms such as Americas Cardroom and Bovada is not uncommon.

Free Deposit & Withdrawals

If you’re new to bitcoin and gambling, don’t worry: you’ll never have to pay exorbitant deposit costs again. Withdrawals should also be free of charge. We advise against using any BTC poker site that attempts to charge fees for utilizing its cashier facility. All of the poker rooms listed on this page charge nothing when you use crypto currencies to make a deposit or withdraw money.

What are the Main Benefits of Using Bitcoin

Since its inception, Bitcoin’s popularity has grown dramatically, with an increasing number of merchants now willing to take bitcoin. If you use Bitcoin for poker, you’ll be able to take advantage of many of these perks.

  • There are no third parties required in peer-to-peer transactions.
  • Untraceable transactions
  • Secure payments
  • The value increases over time
  • Low transaction fees
  • There’s virtually no danger of counterfeit or fraud.

Best Bitcoin Poker Online Casino FAQs

Are poker sites that accept crypto legal?

Yes. Crypto is, in the end, just another kind of payment. You can play on a crypto poker site with real money if you can legally do so using fiat currency. So double-check their rules to see whether your citizenship and location will allow you to participate.

Is Bitcoin an advantageous choice for online poker?

Yes. It is frequently significantly less expensive and faster to pay with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies rather than fiat currency.

Users can remain nameless on sites that allow them to do so, as long as the deposit and withdrawal are both in cryptocurrencies and no fiat money is mixed in.

In which countries can you use Bitcoin to gamble?

The greatest bitcoin poker site is one where I can play safely and the games are provably fair. It’s also beneficial if the customer care is prompt and equitable if there’s a large online community, and if withdrawal limits aren’t too tight.

Why do people enjoy bitcoin poker?

Poker players may deposit and withdraw funds faster and more cheaply than fiat currency. It also allows certain gamblers to enjoy anonymity. The advantages listed above are not accessible to fiat-only bettors.

What Happens to My BTC When I Deposit in a Bitcoin Poker Site?

Before being credited to your account, bank-deposited bitcoins are converted into U.S. dollars at traditional poker rooms. This is because the games are denominated in dollars rather than bitcoin.

Is it true that when the price of bitcoin rises or falls after I deposit, my poker balance is impacted?

Once you make a deposit and your funds are changed to American dollars, they will remain the same amount of dollars no matter what happens to the price of Bitcoin.

What Happens When I Withdraw Using Bitcoin?

When your request is fulfilled, the USD amount of the payout is exchanged for bitcoins at a fairly good rate, and these BTC are transferred to the wallet address you specified. Note that when you make the request, the exchange rate used is based on when the site actually transmits your coins, not when you submit your request. This saves you from some of crypto-currency’s volatility because of the short time gap between when the poker room sends and confirms the transaction.

Is there a requirement to verify my identity when withdrawing funds using Bitcoin Cash?

Yes, the same Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks that apply to players using legacy forms of payment still exist at most major internet poker sites. Before an offshore poker site gives you your winnings, you’ll almost certainly have to submit a photo ID and proof of residency.

Is it possible to deposit directly using an exchange?

We strongly advise you not to send your bitcoins from an exchange directly to a gaming operator. This is especially true for people in the United States.

Always transfer your funds to an intermediate wallet before depositing them at a gaming site, just to be safe. The blockchain.com wallet is highly recommended because it is free and allows you to maintain control over your own private keys.

Is it possible to withdraw funds directly to an exchange?

It’s not recommended to send your winnings from your favorite online poker site to your exchange account, especially if you reside in the United States. It’s quite probable that the exchange has language in its terms and conditions prohibiting its services from being used in connection with gambling products.

While most Bitcoin transactions are difficult to trace, and there is no “smoking gun” that would alert anybody when a coin arrives at an exchange, analyzing the addresses that a coin has passed through before reaching the exchange might occasionally provide information about the businesses that have accepted it. It’s safest to use a third-party wallet, such as blockchain.com

2 Wallet: Why Should I Use It?

If individuals send money to a gaming site directly from an exchange or to exchange directly from a gaming site, they’re playing with fire in their home country if such activity is illegal. We’ve received numerous complaints from clients who claim that because of this, their exchange accounts were frozen or closed.

In many cases, users who have been defrauded will receive their money back after their account is closed. However, this procedure might take time and isn’t always successful. Always move your poker funds to or from a wallet in the middle before mixing them with cash in your exchange balance for the greatest outcomes.

What Is the Best Bitcoin Wallet for Personal Use?

There are many types of Bitcoin wallets available, and the best one for you will be determined by a variety of factors, including your personal situation, the computer you’re using (desktop or mobile for example), whether you want to hold control over your keys, and so on. While we can’t recommend one wallet over another, we’ve put up a page that explains the finest Bitcoin poker and gaming wallets to assist you make an informed decision.

Is It Possible to Take Advantage of Other Cryptos Besides Bitcoin for Online Poker?

Yes, internet card games accept a variety of digital coins. Some of these varieties of cryptocurrency are quite popular (although not as popular as Bitcoin), while others are only supported by a few online gaming sites. Check out our Ethereum gambling guide and our page on the top Bitcoin Cash gaming sites if you want to learn more about two of the most commonly accepted cryptocurrencies for online poker.

Final Thoughts: Best Bitcoin Poker Casino

There’s no wrong answer with any of these options. The only real issue is whether or not the site has the kind of poker you want to play. So all that’s left now is to create an account and see what happens!

Now you have a trustworthy list of the top Bitcoin poker sites to help you continue to enjoy your hobby safely and securely.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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