7 Useful Resources and Products Every College Student Should Know About

Attending college is the start of an exciting journey. If you’re just entering into this higher education arena, you’re most likely still learning the ropes. As with everything, time, experience, and resources will only make your collegiate experience easier, smoother, and overall, better. Here are seven useful resources and products that every college student should know about.

Diversifying your works cited page.

Writing papers and researching can actually be interesting if you know what kind of resources to use. According to one of the professional assignment help services, most teachers will require some of your source materials to include academic books, but after that, you’ll be in charge of how you get your information.

CuriosityStream is a factual media and entertainment company with programming like documentaries, TV shows, and short-form video content. If you’re worried about credibility, you’re thinking like a college student. CuriosityStream has you covered by sourcing their content from producers like the BBC and NHK. You can learn, be entertained, and have exciting and unique resources for your works cited page.

Writing the perfect midterm paper.

There’s always pressure to write the perfect paper, especially if you have to work on it for half of a term or even a whole term. Thankfully, there are resources in place to help you meet all of the criteria on your syllabus. Are you wondering, “how many pages is 500 words?” With The Word Counter, you never have to guess again.

The Word Counter is a dynamic online tool that you can use for counting words, characters, sentences, paragraphs, and pages in real-time. It will also check your spelling and grammar, because sometimes your regular writing programs just don’t catch everything. Make sure your writing is bulletproof by using The World Counter. By the way, 500 words are two pages, double-spaced.

Making (and keeping) your memories.

While you’re in college, you’re going to meet new people, experience new things, and discover new places. It isn’t all just about studying all the time. You’ll want to keep and share your photos and videos from this time of your life all from one place. In order to private photo share easily with your friends, consider buying an IBI.

IBI is a personal cloud device that can store over 250,000 photos or over 100 hours of video. You can ask your IBI to back up social media accounts, so when your friends tag you in a picture, you’ll have it forever. Make your mom and dad part of your inner circle, so you can share videos to let them know you’re still alive and well. Capture every moment, because college will go fast.

Keeping track of your keys.

It’s difficult to keep track of everything in your life. Between homework assignments, study materials, and remembering to eat, you might just put your keys down somewhere and forget them while you’re running to class. The Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker can attach to your key ring, and help you track them down through an app if you ever lose them.

Keep track of your luggage, too.

Attending college inevitably entails a lot of moving around. Chances are between your home and dorm room and other places you might end up staying; your life will resemble a nomad’s journey at times. To make moving baggage or boxes easier, consider looking at student shipping options to save you all the hassle of carrying your suitcases from one place to another.

Planning your passion.

Time and goal management is very important in having a successful college experience. The Passion Planner can help you come up with a game plan every month and day to make sure you’re reaching all of your goals, both long and short term.

Checking in at home.

If you go to college a few hours away from your family, you might get a little homesick. That’s perfectly normal. In order to keep in touch with your family a little better, make sure your family downloads video app devices so you can easily call home and see everyone’s faces. The video quality should make it feel like your family’s actually sitting in your dorm room with you.

Getting squeaky clean.

It might sound straightforward, but you’re going to need a shower caddy when you move into the dorms. You can’t keep your products in the communal shower, and it’s probably a walk down the hall to get to the bathroom. Don’t try to carry everything in your arms, cart it around with a caddy.


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