7 Tips to Achieve Your Financial Goals

By Eric Reyes

Most people make financial resolutions or goals but never realize them. Why is that so? Because they often make unrealistic goals. It is important to ensure that the financial goals you make are realistic in nature. Do not just make goals for the sake of it.

Below are tips that can help you achieve your financial goals:


1. Record your finances

One of the first things when it comes to achieving financial goals is to track and record your finances. Before deciding on how much you want to save, track and record all your earnings as well as your expenditure.

You need to know the difference between your income and your expenses and then set saving your goals. It will be difficult to know how much you are able to save without proper information regarding your income and expenses.


2. Know your debts

Debts often come in the way of achieving your goals. If you aren’t able to properly manage your debts, then it would also be difficult to realize your financial goals. Take note of all your debts and come up with a proper repayment plan. This will help you to know which debts to pay first and which ones to delay.

Writing down your debts can give you a clear perspective regarding your financial status. The best way is to organize debts according to balances and interest rates. After that, you can then decide on how to trim them down.


3. Evaluate your current financial situation

This is another important point when it comes to achieving your financial goals. Sometimes it might not be easy but for the sake of your own good, it would be important to sit down and evaluate your current financial position.

Try to evaluate your assets and liabilities to get a clear picture of your financial status. Understanding what you own and what you owe others will play a crucial role in setting and achieving your financial goals.


4. Track your daily spending

This is the part that most people often fail. After evaluating your financial situation, it is important to track down your daily spending. Doing so will help you determine if you are spending more than what you earn or not. One of the reasons why many people fail to achieve their financial goals is living beyond their means.

For you to achieve your financial goals, ensure that what you spend is less than what you earn. The only way you can achieve this is by tracking and recording your daily expenditure. Try to find out where the extra expenses are coming from.


5. Set SMART goals

Another reason why most people fail to realize their financial goals is setting unrealistic goals. Ensure that you set financial goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound. Write down all your goals and place them where you can see them every day. You can also break down your goals into long and short-term.


6. Confide in a friend

Another great way of achieving your financial goals is by getting someone to hold you accountable. Having someone to hold you accountable with regards to your financial goals will in some way motivate you to stick or abide by your financial resolutions. Find a trusted friend and share your financial goals with. You can agree with him or her how often to review your progress.


7. Celebrate/Appreciate your success

Sticking to your financial goals is not an easy thing. Many people often start and fail to finish even the first step. It is therefore important to recognize and appreciate your small steps and celebrate them.

You can even decide to reward yourself by purchasing a small gift. This will not only motivate you but also encourage you that it is possible to achieve the goals you have set.

In a nutshell, we all want to be financially independent at some point. The best and only way to achieve that is by setting tangible financial goals.

However, most of the time we fail to achieve those goals because of a lack of commitment and proper planning. It is always good to seek advice and support from financial experts such as Townsville financial planning in order to increase the chances of achieving our goals.

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