7 Things To Know Before Hiring a Professional Resume Writing Service


A strong resume is an essential part of obtaining the job you want. Whether you are keeping your resume up-to-date for potential opportunities, looking for a career change, or want to secure that promotion, you can benefit from having your resume professionally written. 

Many job seekers, in hope of landing that next job, outsource their resume writing to business writing service providers such as executive resume writing services. Before you off seeking your own resume writer here are seven things to know before hiring a professional resume writing service.

Writing Your Resume May Take Longer Than Anticipated

Carefully crafting a well-written resume requires time and effort. It does not happen at the snap of a finger. The process should be a diligent one with effective communication and collaboration to achieve the best result. When you share all the needed information for writing your resume the work does not get done in the blink of an eye. 

Considering that you may want to review drafts of your resume in between and give time for correction, it may take anywhere from 48 hours to a whole week to receive your completed resume. Remember you do not want to rush as your job is depending on this piece of the job-seeking process. Quality over speed.

Every Professional Resume Writer Has Different Resume Practices

Add color. No color. Don’t include lists. List out your achievements. One page. As many pages as needed. You are sure to have heard contradicting points when it comes to writing a resume from different professionals and that is not without reason-the professional resume writers do not agree on what to do when it comes to writing a resume.

There is evident conflict on the best practices when it comes to writing a resume. Of course, your resume should include the basics: work experience, education background, and name. But how should that all be organized and presented? There are numerous points to consider when it comes to this.

While all professional resume writers may not agree on the best practices when it comes to writing a professional resume, it is critical to recognize who is writing your resume as an expert and proceed knowing that the format may just not be everyone’s cup of tea.

It is Important to Verify

Before working with any service, it is important to verify the legitimacy and credibility of the service. Look out for any red flags like unbelievably low rates and 24-hour turnaround. Research the service provider to avoid getting an experienced writer. Get samples and reviews.

Once you have verified the credibility of the writing service and legitimacy of the business, it is important to also verify the qualifications. With the rise of employee exodus and social media career counselors, there is a lot of noise that must be filtered through so you do not get bamboozled out of your money.

A professional resume writer should undoubtedly be a skilled, college-educated, and experienced writer. They should also have experience in HR hiring, career counseling, making a proposal and recruiting. 

Review what their writing portfolio looks like. Does it include resume writing books, job-related articles, or blog posts? Do they have additional credentials? Are there stellar testimonials?

Ask the Important Questions


When you are hiring to fulfill a service, ask as many questions as you need. It is within the answers to these questions that you will realize if you really need to hire a professional resume writing service, which service you want to go with, and if the service is worth the price.

It may be believed to be easier to simply hire someone to do a service that is needed, but if certain questions are not asked, it can be more of a headache than just doing the task yourself. It is important that you speak with the service provider to discuss the entirety of the objectives of writing a professional resume.

Before you give the go-ahead, make sure the writer understands your career. There is no point in having an excellent writer who cannot articulate the requirements of your desired job position. A professional resume writer should be knowledgeable about a variety of careers. Ensure that they are with yours.

Know Whether You Need Design, Review, or Writing

There are different aspects to resume service offerings that sometimes get grouped under one big umbrella of professional resume writing when they really are different services. These aspects are review and design or format. Resume writing, reviewing, and design often get interchanged. It’s important to know which one will best suit you in your current career position.

You May Have the Greater Ability to Write Your Own Resume

Having the option to hire a professional resume writer is great, but the best choice for your resume writer might just actually be you. Hiring a resume writing service isn’t always the answer and there are different variables that impact the decision to hire a professional resume writer.

Some of the variables to consider when choosing whether or not to go with a professional resume writing service include your own qualifications for the job, desired outcome, your current salary, and your own writing ability.

Leave it Open for Updates

If your resume is written well, be prepared to use it again in the future. Once you land the job, you will be turning to your resume once more to update it with all of the new responsibilities and achievements you have in your new role and to prepare you for any future career advancement,

You never know when a new opportunity will present itself, so it’s important to always be ready and you can do that by keeping your resume strong with up-to-date changes. Your resume will take shape and adjust as needed depending on what changes occur on your career path. Whether that be making space to add new responsibilities, a redesign, or a career pivot.


Having a professional resume writer can be advantageous to your job search. Before you hire a resume writer, properly vet them so you are receiving quality service. Review what your requirements and expectations are and collaborate with your resume writer for the best results.

While having a beautifully crated and written resume is important in your job seeking it is not the most important. Your resume can get you in the right door, but you must connect the right individuals to your resume. By adhering to these tips and collaborating with an online English tutor (화상영어), you are on the path to realizing your career aspirations.


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