7 Business Ideas for Students: Lockdown Edition


The COVID-19 pandemic has long-term implications for many industries and individuals alike. However, it also left us with extra time in our hands and nothing much to do with it.

Thanks to students being mandated to stay home, many found this a new opportunity to venture into the business space. If you find yourself looking for entrepreneurial roles during the lockdown, here are some ideas that might interest you. 

1. Online Courses

The lockdown period saw a surge in the number of people signing up for online courses and certifications. If you are good at a specific skill set, do not hesitate to capitalize on it.

For instance, if you are good at writing, you can create a course as an essay helper for college students. As both students and professionals are looking to upgrade their skills during the lockdown, you will have no trouble finding customers interested in your online tutorials. 

Here are some niches where tutorials are rising in demand:

  • Writing and editing 
  • Business and marketing 
  • Fitness and exercise
  • Cooking courses
  • Photography courses

2. Online Tutoring

The pandemic has significant consequences on the quality of education. Though schools and colleges offer online courses, the majority of students feel more productive in a classroom setup. Moreover, many parents are also looking for tutors to help their children cope with the shift to online classes.

As such, there is likely to be a high demand for online tutors soon. No matter what college degree you have, you can find school and college students seeking help with specific subjects or assignments. You will be required to make study materials and notes to help your students. But if you have the time, it is an excellent way to make use of your teaching skills.

3. Food Delivery Business

Staying at home has encouraged many to explore their passion for cooking. But on the other hand, there are still lots of people who don’t want to or cannot cook at all. With restaurants closed, everybody is relying on the food delivery business to curb their cravings.

If you enjoy cooking when you take a break from writing your cause and effect essay, why not try to make a bit of money off it. Starting a food delivery business does not mean you have to buy a whole restaurant to cook your meals, Instead, you can rent a private commercial kitchen to cook meals for your delivery business. And for the marketing, you can start by spreading the word in your neighborhood that delicious brownies, cakes, or even heath drinks are just a phone call away. This way, you can take more control over the deliveries, setting up delivery times to match your daily schedule.

4. Crafts and Gifts

While one part chose to go for food therapy, others discovered their interest in crafts. Personalized gifts are making a comeback as a way to offer support to friends and family during times of uncertainty. When you are weary from reading writing services reviews at https://nocramming.com/, it might be a good idea to shift your attention to something more creative.

The online gift market is booming for hand-painted ceramics, bookmarks, greeting cards, and even jewelry. If you have a knack at the craft, try creating small hampers of such gifts. You can start showcasing them on an Instagram account or with an Etsy profile.

5. Freelance Work

Say you do not have enough time to prepare a course or curate study materials, but that doesn’t stop you from selling your skills in some way. Plus, freelancing work will also count as valid work experience. It is not necessary that you freelance in your field of study alone. There are plenty of opportunities available in writing, editing, web design, and more.

If you need a bit of help, why not sign up for a Dan Chaon writing school or take an online course in coding. Freelance work can be an excellent fit for a student schedule, as you can choose your own hours whenever you feel the most productive. 


6. Virtual Assistants 

With most businesses moving online, so do their associated services. If you are confident with your organization and communication skills, you can operate as a virtual assistant from the comfort of your room. You would essentially be assisting others on their needs, but only online. This might include creating word files and spreadsheets, transcribing audio, managing their communications, or even simple data entry.

The current market has a lot of room for virtual assistants. You can also narrow down your niche by working for academic services, college professors, or a business related to your field of study.

7. Become a YouTuber

Not so surprisingly, vlogging is emerging as one of the most popular and profitable business ideas these days. With the scope for entertainment limited, everybody is turning towards online content to keep themselves occupied. If you have been putting off vlogging due to the lack of time, the lockdown might be the perfect time to launch your YouTube channel.

You can start slow by adding Reels on Instagram or sharing Tiktok videos and creating a following before entering the YouTube market. This will give your videos more exposure.

Wrapping Up

There you go! You can take advantage of your enjoyable activities and turn them into a business opportunity these days. All you need is enthusiasm and time – well, there is no excuse for either during the lockdown.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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